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Oct 09, 2013
How to Create Responsive Web Design/ Web Design for All Device Types

Responsive web design is one of the leading trends that designers and developers are working with today.  As the use of mobile devices continues to grow, responsive web design is becoming favored over creating separate desig...

Sep 18, 2013
Why Have a Social Media Strategy?

Social media isn’t a fad.  Certain social sites may well turn out to be a fad and become an irrelevance in the longer term, but betting the farm on social media collapsing isn’t a strategy that anyone interested in busin...

Sep 05, 2013
The Difference Between VPS Hosting vs. Cloud Server Hosting

VPS hosting and cloud server hosting are two of the most sought after solutions in the web hosting industry today.  With bloggers, business owners, and webmasters all more aware than ever of the importance of reliable, secur...

Aug 09, 2013
Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

Social media has taken over the world.  Even if you’re not a massive user of social media yourself, it is likely that your company uses it, or you have friends or family members who interact on various social media website...

Jul 30, 2013
JaguarPC Offers New Priority Support Option

JaguarPC is continually enhancing its services and hosting plan options to better suit the needs of all our clients. Here at JaguarPC we understand that some of our clients require additional monthly managed assistance that c...

Jul 18, 2013
Support Options for a Smoother Hosting Experience

Many of our clients have been with us for a number of years because they understand and appreciate the fact that our ultimate goal is to give you the most reliable, affordable and service oriented hosting experience that we c...

Jun 25, 2013
JaguarPC offers New Self Restore Features

While JaguarPC offers many great features with our affordable and reliable hosting one of the greater benefits that we provide you with is cPanel, the leading web hosting industry software to control your hosting environment....

Jun 03, 2013
JaguarPC Explains the Pros and Cons of Windows Web Hosting

Researching and finding a leading web hosting services provider can be an arduous process.  Naturally, you will spend a lot of time considering the various options and looking at how they fit the requirements of your website...

May 30, 2013
Pros and Cons of Linux Web Hosting

If you thought that choosing a web-hosting package was merely a case of deciding between shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting, then it is time to think again.  While those represent the biggest and most important choice that ma...

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