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Support Options for a Smoother Hosting Experience

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Many of our clients have been with us for a number of years because they understand and appreciate the fact that our ultimate goal is to give you the most reliable, affordable and service oriented hosting experience that we can. At JaguarPC we place an emphasis on supporting our clients and providing them with tools that offer benefits and that can make everyone’s hosting experience more smooth and streamlined.

Many of our customers may not be aware that JaguarPC offers an enormous support area in addition to our customer service and technical support team assistance options.  Our support area offers levels of assistance for beginners with our easy hosting setup guide as well as answers to questions that even advanced users may come across in the scope of their hosting experience.

Our voice narrated videos and knowledge base  area  covers an enormous range of subjects from the common DNS (domain name servers) questions to the finer details of control panels, file upload platforms as well as tips and tricks for those just getting started with Youtube or social media platforms. Our support area is constantly evolving and growing to bring you more answers to the questions we see our clients asking on a regular basis.

In addition to our support area we offer you additional tools to make sure you are receiving the latest technology tools to help you have a better hosting experience. CloudFlare was added to our fleet of servers last year and many users continue to overlook the benefits of this performance and security enhancing option. It is free and easy to use so explore the details of how this platform can make your site faster and eradicate the ever growing number of security threats websites face today are available with an easy click on Cloudflare.

JaguarPC also creates regular e-mails, blog post and reminders to our customers which place an emphasis on backups. Even though JaguarPC provides free backups for our clients, servers can have errors which can lead to corruption and errors in your data.  Your backup on our end could be damaged or lost simply due the many elements outside of our and your control.  Another great support tip for our clients is to make sure you always keep your own local backups and/or find an easy to use solution to create and keep your own backups on a regular basis. Data loss can cripple your website and multiple backups ensure your data is always safe in the event of a data loss situation.

Our community forum is another source for our clients to receive assistance. Feel free to sign up for our forum and reach out to other community members when you have questions about hosting. Our forum has an extensive membership base and many of its users are often willing to answer questions and provide solutions to other JPC community members who post their problems and dilemmas related to hosting. Use our community forums to ask other members what to do when you encounter issues that you find too complicated, out of your skill set or when you just want to improve your own hosting technology knowledge. Not only is this a terrific way to learn and get the information you crave but it is also another way to create great relationships from others who have years of hosting experience.

Over all you can have a better hosting experience when you use the tools we provide for you. Remember to look into our FAQs area and explore our voice narrated videos and other sources there when you have questions. Many common problems can be solved with a quick check of facts and solutions in this area.

We offer so many ways to improve your hosting experience and we encourage our uses to explore all of these options to improve your ability to keep your site online and to optimize your site to bring a better experience to you and those who use your website, blog or business site.

When you need answers reach out to one of these resources and you could have the solution in hand in a matter of moments. Explore all of our areas to learn more about the tools and information we provide to you so that you can have the best hosting experience possible.

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