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Mar 31, 2009
Want another TLD?

There are numerous TLDs out there, and now there's the .tel TLD, which is being billed as "the new way to communicate". Basically, this TLD is available from numerous registrars, and it, according to the registrar's websit...

Mar 26, 2009
Why go virtual?

You may have heard about VPS hosting. What is it, and why should you care? If you need the power of a dedicated server, but can't afford the price, there is an option. A "virtual" dedicated server uses software like Virt...

Mar 20, 2009
Interview with Greg Landis – JaguarPC CEO

Please tell us a little about yourself. Im 32, a father of 3, and when I’m not shackled to a desk I enjoy spending time with the family, fishing, and playing guitar. Anyone that knows me will tell you I’m very big on c...

Feb 12, 2009
A decade in hosting, JaguarPC 10 yrs old and going strong

Howdy loyal customers, We have some great new updates to report and too many to include in a single release or even a few. We have been experiencing some great growth the past few years and in these tough economic times we h...

Feb 10, 2009
Finally! Google Sync for the iPhone and Windows Mobile phones

One of the biggest gripes I had about my iPhone was that I couldn't sync my Google Calendar with the calendar function included with my iPhone. I ended up using the Google Calendar on the web, and setting up text message remi...

Jan 14, 2009
Google Changes – Good? Bad? Ugly?

Google has made several changes and/or added new features to their already existing features. For example, you can now Spice up your inbox with colors and themes. This change I embraced as I am always on the lookout for a new...

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