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Sep 25, 2013
How to Design a Website

Designing a website, at an initial glance, seems like a difficult thing to achieve.  However, by keeping it simple and ensuring you’re catering to the needs of whoever the website is for, both from a client and end user pe...

Sep 18, 2013
Why Have a Social Media Strategy?

Social media isn’t a fad.  Certain social sites may well turn out to be a fad and become an irrelevance in the longer term, but betting the farm on social media collapsing isn’t a strategy that anyone interested in busin...

Aug 26, 2013
How to use Facebook for Marketing

Build an Attractive Page There is nothing worse than a page that might as well have the word ‘GENERIC’ stamped across it in bold lettering. Don’t be hasty in setting up your page if you’re still to come up with lo...

Aug 22, 2013
Malware Shield Seeks Out and Destroys Malicious Software

What is Malware? The term “Malware” includes many different types of malicious software such as computer viruses, ransomware, worms, trojan horses, rootkits, keyloggers, dialers, spyware and adware. Malicious attacks are...

Jul 10, 2013
Atlanta Data Center Power Outage

The recent power failure event has reinforced the fact that an amazing customer base has gathered around this company and a terrific and dedicated team is in place here. Some of you already know that JaguarPC recently experie...

Jun 25, 2013
JaguarPC offers New Self Restore Features

While JaguarPC offers many great features with our affordable and reliable hosting one of the greater benefits that we provide you with is cPanel, the leading web hosting industry software to control your hosting environment....

Jun 07, 2013
How to Install WordPress through cPanel

While cPanel is one of the most popular and easy to use control panel solutions available online, WordPress enjoys a similar level of fame as a content management system.  What started as a platform for bloggers – it still...

Apr 17, 2013
What is Web Hosting?

If you are looking to launch a website, for whatever reason, then you have probably heard of web hosting.  Those who are novices when it comes to online platforms might even have answered a question related to web hosting by...

Apr 09, 2013
Enterprise Expansion (Atlanta Cage3)

Before we begin, this has taken a long time to plan and I'm excited to share this story, provide all the tech specs and details we geeks love, and blast out pictures and video. Why the new cage? Thanks to all our client...

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