5 cPanel Themes for your cPanel Hosting Account with JaguarPC 5 cPanel Themes for your cPanel Hosting Account with JaguarPC

Top 5 cPanel Themes for Your Hosting Panel

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cPanel is one of the world’s most popular control panel solutions. Despite its popularity, users have an excellent opportunity to enhance their cPanel experience by using either a paid or a free cPanel theme to brighten up their control panel. One popular step to take is to pay a developer to create a branded cPanel theme based on our business so that it clearly associates with what you do. Naturally, branded cPanel themes are all going to be different and specific to the specifications of each business, and may contain images, logos, marketing slogans, or something else relevant to the company. However, several generic themes are available to give your cPanel account a fresh look and make your site in general easier and more fun to manage. What are the top 5 cPanel themes for your hosting panel?

Clean Panel

This cPanel theme is one that definitely lives up to its name. Available in three colors, this theme is simple and to the point, making it easy for cPanel users to find their way around their control panel and make updates as and when they need to do so. Clean Panel makes use of the space available on the control panel page to make everything stand out, and it is compatible with all third party cPanel add-ons. At the same time, users can continue to customize their Clean Panel interface however they want to do so, while anyone who also uses cPanel’sWeb Host Manager (WHM) receives the theme for that platform, too.


RVSkin is one of the more advanced examples of cPanel themes, allowing you to fully customize all aspects of your interface. RVSkin’s own control panel does offer a number of pre-installed themes, however, so you can take advantage of these and upload your logo, a photograph, and other branded assets to feature on your cPanel should you wish to do so. Although it can give a distinct appearance specific for your brand, it is probably not as good as Clean Panel in terms of smartening up the cPanel interface and really driving the user-friendly aspect of the control panel. This is definitely better for aesthetics rather than making cPanel easier to use.


This cPanel theme is available from cpskins.com, and is the best of the 13 that they have on offer. ‘Element’ will give your cPanel interface a complete makeover and give it an intuitive, easy to understand and navigate appearance so that you and other users can find exactly what they need with the minimum of fuss. For a modern, stylish looking cPanel, this theme is a great choice.


X4 comes from cPanel itself, and is definitely a theme worth considering. While it will eventually become the front-end cPanel theme, those who already use cPanel will be able to download it and add it into their account. For those who struggle to find what they are looking for, the built in search function will prove to be a great help, while the way X4 is laid out into three columns with data, icons, and finally news is sensible and ensures that users never miss anything they need to see.


Another cPanel theme from CPSkins, this one is better for advanced users who do not need to have icons in front of them at all times in order to find what they are looking for. It does allow users to specify their own quick links, however, so any features that are regularly used can be collated in one place on the main screen.

Your cPanel Theme

cPanel is an excellent control panel solution. Using a theme, either an updated one from cPanel themselves or a third party one, will help to smarten up your cPanel interface and make the whole service a lot sharper and easier for you and anyone else to use.

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