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Understanding Linux Virtual Private Server Hosting

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Numerous hosting options are available to businesses today including shared hosting, virtual private server hosting, dedicated server hosting, and cloud hosting. Virtual private server (VPS) hosting gives businesses a secure, flexible, and scalable hosting environment similar to that of dedicated server hosting, but without the price tag.

VPS hosting costs a little more than shared web hosting, but offers so much more in terms or resources businesses can use to grow their online presence. The combination of dedicated server resources at a competitive price makes virtual private server hosting an attractive hosting option for small and medium sized businesses that need a powerful hosting solution to accommodate future growth.

This article explores VPS hosting in general with a specific focus on Linux VPS hosting. You will learn why the Linux operating system works well with virtual private servers, important features and benefits of VPS Linux hosting, how to get the most out of your Linux VPS hosting plan, and you will learn when Linux may not be the right operating system for your virtual server based on what programming language you are using to develop your website and applications.

What is virtual private server hosting?

A virtual private server is a single physical server with a specific architecture designed for creating multiple virtual servers with independent server resources, all on the same server. Each virtual private server can have a different operating system, has root access, can be rebooted independently and can be configured with unique software and applications without affecting any other virtual server.

VPS hosting supports and enhances your Internet presence by offering you resources, flexibility, and power using a virtual private server. With a virtual private server, you can dedicate server resources based on your specific preferences and needs. Additionally, you are not subject to the security and performance vulnerabilities of shared web hosting. Virtual private servers run on either Linux or Windows systems, while the choice of user operating system, such as CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian, is completely up to you.

What makes Linux and VPS hosting a strong combination?

Linux is an open-source operating system and one of the most popular choices for running virtual private servers. Most open-source applications and software are designed to perform on Linux servers. Linux VPS hosting users have many advantages when designing and customizing their websites.

Here are a few advantages of using Linux VPS hosting:

  • Software programs such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many others are highly compatible with Linux. Some open-source programs only work with Linux servers.
  • Efficient databases such as Apache, MySQL, and PHP run on Linux servers.
  • Format your online programs to use fewer server resources, making your website more efficient in terms of capability and speed.
  • No licensing fees so Linux VPS hosting cost less (Windows VPS hosting requires additional licensing fees).

Things to know before purchasing a Linux VPS hosting account

As with every type of hosting, when choosing a web hosting provider for your VPS Linux website, look for a reliable hosting partner. The quality of the hardware, software, and data center network directly influence the uptime and data transfer speeds of your website. In addition, a quality VPS Linux web host will ensure ongoing maintenance services.

If you are used to a shared web hosting environment, you may not be ready to administer your own Linux virtual server. System administrators are responsible for both operating the server correctly and keeping it secure. Because of this, the level of technical support given by a Linux virtual private server hosting provider is crucial. Test out the service in advance and make sure the support staff is both knowledgeable and available. If you are not ready to administer the virtual private server yourself, obtain managed VPS Linux server hosting and your web hosting provider will administer and configure the server according to your requirements.

If you are building your website using the ASP or ASP.NET framework, choose Windows as the operating system for your server instead of Linux. ASP is a technology that is used by many web designers and it only runs on Windows with Windows hosting.

Getting the most out of Linux VPS hosting

JaguarPC Linux VPS offers you complete web features and applications such as blogs, forums, and ecommerce with your Linux VPS hosting account. You can also choose your preferred control panel and operating system. JaguarPC Linux VPS servers are top-of-the-line and meticulously maintained. Fully managed private servers include full root access, DataLockBox backups, and the JaguarPC 99.9% uptime guarantee.

For growing businesses the expense of additional hardware and software may impede strategic growth. JaguarPC Linux VPS hosting offers you the flexibility and control to grow your business without the enterprise prices.

Learn more about VPS Linux hosting for your business today by visiting www.jaguarpc.com/vps-hosting/.

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