Upgrading Your Shared Reseller Hosting Account ~ Jaguarpc Upgrading Your Shared Reseller Hosting Account ~ Jaguarpc

Upgrading Your Shared Reseller Hosting Account to a More Powerful Solution with JaguarPC’s VPS Reseller Hosting Plans

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As a web hosting reseller, you want to be able to offer the highest level of reliability and service quality to your customers. VPS reseller hosting is able to deliver the ultimate performance, reliability, and service quality you need in order to effectively meet your customers’ needs and boost your reseller hosting business. With the flexibility of a dedicated server and cost-efficiency of shared hosting, VPS reseller web hosting provides a great in-between solution for hosting resellers that have outgrown their shared hosting account and want more power and resources at a fraction of the cost.

If you are looking to upgrade from a shared reseller hosting plan to a VPS server or if you are starting a new reseller hosting business and considering a VPS hosting plan, read JaguarPC’s recently published article, Give your Growing Reseller Hosting Business More Power, Performance, and Guaranteed Resources with VPS Reseller Hosting. The article outlines the concept of VPS reseller hosting and provides information on how resellers can benefit from VPS reseller hosting solutions and why VPS reseller hosting with cPanel is considered to be one of the best reseller hosting options.

Benefit from a more powerful and flexible solution with JaguarPC’s VPS reseller hosting

VPS reseller web hosting provides resellers with more flexibility and customizability than shared hosting. With a VPS hosting plan from JaguarPC, you can customize your hardware and software configurations and run your own applications. Each JaguarPC VPS web hosting plan is completely isolated from other users and includes unlimited accounts, JaguarPC VPS managed services, and your choice of brandable control panels.

JaguarPC’s VPS hosting packages come with an administration control panel to easily manage, fine-tune, and reconfigure your VPS account settings. As a VPS reseller host you have more power over your reseller hosting account, with the ability to control your own unique file system and CGI-BIN, server resources, disk space, bandwidth, and memory allotments.

With JaguarPC’s VPS hosting plans you will benefit from better uptime and reliable network performance in a safer, more secure hosting environment. And since you are not sharing server space with other users, their mistakes, bad scripts and resource usage will have no affect on the uptime and accessibility of your and your customers’ websites. With better security, reliability, and uptime a VPS reseller hosting plan from JaguarPC is the best solution for all your reseller hosting requirements and your customers’ hosting needs.

Easily upgrade to a more powerful VPS reseller hosting plan with JaguarPC

When it’s time for you to upgrade from a standard shared reseller hosting account to a VPS hosting plan, JaguarPC can help you quickly and easily upgrade to a VPS account with the extra resources needed to handle the increasing needs of your growing business. VPS reseller hosting plans from JaguarPC is the best way for resellers to grow and progress their web hosting business without taking on more costs than necessary.

By upgrading to JaguarPC’s VPS reseller web hosting plan you will be able to boost your reseller hosting business performance and increase customer satisfaction. Order a VPS reseller hosting plan from JaguarPC today or view JaguarPC’s unlimited reseller hosting plans by visiting www.jaguarpc.com.


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