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Using Error Logs on Your cPanel Hosting Plan to Improve Customer Experience

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The Internet provides every business with an opportunity to reach new customers. However, the opportunity creates a competitive business environment that makes holding the attention of your visitors difficult. Although a visitor may have found your website and be interested in the things you offer, there are sure to be hundreds, or even thousands of other websites that provide similar services. And an error on your website is a guaranteed way to lose business.

Website errors come in a number of different types. The most common error is a “page not found” error, referred to as error code “404.” If you have outdated links on your website, customers can hit a dead end, where the resource you directed them to is no longer available. Even if you spend time searching your website for broken links, how can you account for other websites that may have accidentally sent traffic to a non-existent page on your website?

Many webmasters do nothing to identify and correct errors. As a result, the impact on customer experience and usability is significant. To help, cPanel web hosting features a tool called Error Log.

Understanding the cPanel web hosting Error Log

Error Log is easily found under the Logs section of your cPanel control panel, but few webmasters routinely check its contents. It is possible that some inexperienced webmasters do not understand the plain text they see when the Error Log is open. However, if you know what to look for, the log is very easy to understand and analyze.

If the Error Log box is empty, your site is completely free of errors. However, if any text does appear in the log, there are potential issues with your website.

The lines in the cPanel hosting Error Log tell you the following:

The date and time the error occurred
The IP address of the visitor who encountered the error
The type of error (Usually “page not found”)
Additional information – for example, if a page is not found, the log will tell you which page it is referring to

Every webmaster should check the Error Log regularly to identify errors. If you find a “page not found” error in your log, try the web address in your browser to see if the page exists. If the page does not exist, you should trace back to find where the traffic came from. You may find that the customer entered the address incorrectly, but more commonly, you will see a broken link on your own website.

Why does your cPanel hosting Error Log still show errors?

Many webmasters who do check their Error Log regularly often wonder why errors they have corrected continue to display in the control panel. Thankfully, this does not mean that the error is still recurring.

Remember that the cPanel web hosting Error Log records the last 300 errors on your server. Even after you have corrected the problem, the line will continue to display.

Do not be alarmed to find that errors remain in your log for months. After all, if your website is free of errors, your log may never change again. Instead, record the date and time of your most recent error, and if the date never changes, you can be confident that your entire website is error-free.

cPanel hosting with professional customer support from JaguarPC

At JaguarPC, we encourage all of our customers to check their Error Log on a regular basis. Of course, we understand that not every type of error can be easily remedied without professional knowledge.

To help, every JaguarPC cPanel hosting service includes 24/7/365 technical support available by ticket, email, and phone. If you have discovered errors in your website that you do not know how to fix, contact us and we will be happy to help get your website back on track.

JaguarPC currently provides a range of cPanel hosting plans, including shared web hosting, virtual private servers (VPS hosting), and dedicated server solutions.

To learn more about cPanel hosting from JaguarPC, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit now.

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