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Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Combines the Power of Dedicated Hosting with the Latest Microsoft Technologies

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Why use the Windows platform for your hosting needs? There are plenty of free or cheaper UNIX alternatives like CentOS, RHEL, FreeBSD, and many other hosting solutions available, so why would you want to pay for Windows hosting? The Windows hosting platform is used by thousands of small, medium and large businesses, web developers, and individual users due to the technologies Windows hosting supports and the advantages and features Windows dedicated server hosting offers.

Are you looking for a stable and reliable hosting solution that supports the latest Microsoft technologies? Is your website built with ASP.NET? Do you want to achieve seamless integration of MSSQL or Microsoft Exchange Server with your company website? This article explores Windows dedicated server hosting, the benefits of the Windows platform and Windows dedicated hosting, describes the features and uses of Windows dedicated hosting services and provides tips on how to choose the right Windows dedicated hosting provider for a successful online experience.

Three reasons to choose Windows as a hosting platform

There are three main reasons for choosing Windows hosting. First, while smaller companies and individual users may sometimes hesitate before choosing Windows as their hosting platform, Windows hosting is essential for medium-sized and large businesses as it provides tight integration with enterprise-grade Microsoft software and services used in day-to-day workflow. Windows hosting is also a must for hosting websites created in the Windows environment with tools like ASP or ASP.NET.

Second, the Windows platform is more advanced because it is capable of running many Linux applications, while Linux is best suited only for Linux-based technology. And third, web hosts are now offering Windows hosting plans that cost the same or less as Linux solutions. But one of the biggest benefits of the Windows hosting platform is the wide variety of technologies it supports.

Windows dedicated hosting platform supports a wide variety of technologies


In addition to Microsoft-specific technologies like IIS, MSSQL, ASP.NET, Silverlight, etc., the Windows platform also supports Linux-specific tools like PHP, Perl, CGI, and MySQL. Medium-sized and large companies primarily choose Windows hosting. Why? Windows natively supports Microsoft products businesses use on a daily basis. For example, many businesses run Microsoft Exchange Server due to its powerful collaboration features. Therefore, they choose the Windows hosting platform because Microsoft Exchange Server can only run on Windows-based servers.

Below is a list highlighting some of the features available with the Windows hosting platform:

  • Support and seamless integration with all latest Microsoft technologies like .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Silverlight, MS SQL Server, SharePoint Server, etc.
  • Ability to install and run IIS web server capable of running websites developed with ASP.NET and PHP.
  • Support for many popular scripts including DotNetNuke, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, mojoPortal, nopCommerce, phpBB, etc.
  • Remote Desktop access for direct management of your Windows dedicated server.

Many enterprise-grade applications and services like MS SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and SharePoint that are widely used in corporations and government agencies, require Windows hosting in order to run successfully. So the main reason for considering Windows dedicated server hosting services is to make use of Microsoft-specific technologies. Linux tools like PHP and MySQL can also be used with the Windows platform, but is an option rather than a requirement.

Windows dedicated hosting solutions are the only choice for ASP.NET-powered websites

A growing number of dynamic websites are being created using popular ASP.NET technology. Many web developers consider ASP.NET to be the most advanced and best platform for developing web tools. ASP.NET is also faster than its UNIX counterparts like PHP and Perl, which makes it a cost-effective web development solution for businesses.

In fact, many larger websites are powered by content management systems (CMS) developed using ASP.NET. These CMS have been designed for handling high loads and achieving a high level of integration with other Microsoft products like MSSQL, MS Access, or VB Script, which is crucial for corporations and medium to large businesses. To successfully run under high loads, CMS websites require an increased amount of resources only Windows dedicated server hosting can provide.


Windows dedicated servers are preferred for larger websites


Smaller websites have smaller needs, so shared or VPS hosting may be sufficient to meet their requirements. Larger websites like popular or corporate websites require all the hardware resources they can get in order to run successfully. In addition, larger websites require increased stability and availability due to their high popularity, which results in large amounts of traffic. As a result, security is a major concern for larger, more popular websites that are often targeted by hackers than small, unknown websites.

If a popular website were to run on a shared or VPS platform, it would use up all of the server resources very quickly, thus bringing other websites to a standstill or even bringing the entire server down. Any website in a shared environment is also affected by other websites, which greatly diminishes its security and stability – unacceptable for large websites. Therefore, Windows dedicated hosting is the only viable solution for large websites because it provides maximum resources along with the highest security, stability, and availability.

Great flexibility, control and scalability are only available with Windows dedicated hosting services

Windows dedicated server solutions have no limits in terms of flexibility, control, and scalability. With Windows dedicated hosting, you get total control of your server and your website. You get to choose which Windows version to install on your server, which technologies to use, which types of software to install for your website, which control panel to use, which third party scripts to include, what number of databases is required for your website, and so on.

You are in no way limited by a certain set of technologies or templates when designing your website so you can develop and fine-tune it exactly to your liking. Windows dedicated hosting also gives you the ability to scale up the resources when your website grows in popularity or experiences a surge of traffic. Windows dedicated web servers also provide enough resources to get the most out of the latest Microsoft technologies like Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V, IIS 7.5, and SQL Server 2008 R2.

The many uses of Windows dedicated server solutions

Most of what you can do with a Linux platform can be done with a Windows dedicated hosting server, but then again – you can do things with a Windows server that cannot be done with a server running any other server operating system. Here are some examples of the unique things that you can do with a Windows dedicated hosting server:

  • Host corporate websites that require seamless integration with Microsoft products.
  • Host larger websites developed with ASP.NET.
  • Offer Windows reseller hosting services.

Windows dedicated server hosting services is the perfect solution for resellers to offer Windows web hosting packages. When used in conjunction with control panels like Plesk and Enkompass (from the creators of cPanel), resellers are able to create feature-rich hosting packages that can meet the needs of anyone looking to purchase Windows web hosting services.

Reliable Windows dedicated web hosting solutions from JaguarPC


There is one thing that is more important for any website than a powerful Windows dedicated server – the web host that provides the server. A reliable web host can make a world of difference for your online success. JaguarPC offers you the reliability that comes from our 13 years of experience in the hosting industry. We’ve seen technology evolve and we evolved, too. So now we can offer our clients services and solutions they can rely on.

All JaguarPC Windows dedicated server hosting solutions provide 100% support for all the latest Microsoft technologies as well as enough resources for your website to make the best use of these technologies. JaguarPC offers more than just solid Windows dedicated servers – we also offer solid customer support to match our servers. Our support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions regarding your Windows dedicated server.

Get started with solid JaguarPC Windows dedicated server hosting services today or visit for more information.

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