Dedicated Servers for Small to Mid-Sized Business Security and Data Needs Dedicated Servers for Small to Mid-Sized Business Security and Data Needs

3 Reasons You Should Choose Dedicated Server Hosting

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A reliable and reputable web presence is paramount to success today, and this often involves finding a dependable hosting solution. Owning and maintaining your own server is a daunting task, mainly because of the number of responsibilities and risks that come along with it. Many professionals take these into account and decide that it is a better idea to use high quality dedicated server hosting with JaguarPC. Among numerous other reasons, here are three of the most important benefits that show JaguarPC Dedicated Server Solutions are the right choice.

We give you the chance to dictate the terms of your dedicated server hosting arrangement with us, so you are paying for exactly what you want and need. You shouldn’t be hemmed into one or two options for an operating system or hardware. Instead you should have the option to choose from many of today’s popular options, like CentOS, Debian, Fedora Core, Suse, and Windows. Also, by choosing a dedicated server you gain administrative access to arrange and rearrange your own infrastructure, configure custom programs, and essentially run the show. When you share a server with others, this option is no longer possible. You don’t have to sacrifice your control in order to gain superior management and technology.

Professional Management and Tech Support
Purchasing, housing, and maintaining your own server is a huge responsibility that can greatly interfere with your day to day operations and existing set up. The space and resources required can be tough to provide without adding greatly to your business expenses. When something goes wrong, it’s up to you to work out the problem. This could mean hiring a repair service to troubleshoot, handling the problem yourself, or even adding the expense of a full-time employee. The cost begins to pile up over the initial purchase price quickly. Instead, you can make the whole process hassle-free with the expert management and 24/7 technical support of JaguarPC. We handle the care and keeping of your dedicated server so you don’t have to, and if a problem occurs we are on hand immediately to resolve it.

Perhaps one of the most important considerations for server hosting is security, and who better to handle that than professionals who work in maintaining secure servers every day. There are many security standards that need to be met, especially for businesses subject to HIPAA or PCI DSS. JaguarPC protects your data to the greatest possible extent, and dedicated server hosting provides you with your own IP address for increased safety.

Dedicated server hosting doesn’t have to be challenge when you choose JaguarPC Dedicated Server Solutions. Gain advanced security, expert management, and excellent tech support while maintaining the control you need.

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