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Benefit from the Latest Microsoft Web Technologies with a Windows Hosting Plan

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One of the most important characteristics of modern websites and web applications is interactivity. Today’s Internet users like to participate, share their views, and express their opinions. By providing real-time interactivity, platforms such as forums, blogs, and wikis have transformed the way we share information and build communities.

In order to make possible the engaging experience demanded by Internet users, site owners and web developers can choose from several technologies. Some of the most popular web development technologies are open-source PHP and commercial ASP.NET from Microsoft and ColdFusion, developed by Adobe. Each technology has certain particularities that make it suitable for specific projects. In addition, PHP and ASP.NET technologies require specific hosting environments. For example, to host a .NET app you will generally need a Windows server, but you can host a PHP site without problems on both a Linux and on a Windows hosting solution.

To be able to make an educated decision about the multitude of hosting plans available, a site owner should know the capabilities and advantages of each technology. Learn the features and advantages offered by the Microsoft suite of web development technologies, starting from the web services, and continuing with the database system and scripting languages. And examine why Windows hosting is required if you want to take advantage of the powerful family of web technologies offered by Microsoft.

Ensure maximum compatibility with Windows hosting and the IIS web server

Every Windows hosting plan runs a version of Microsoft Windows Server, with the most frequent versions being Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. The Windows Server operating system includes by default the IIS web server. IIS, or Internet Information Services, is a software web server, meaning that it serves the pages requested by an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. IIS is the second most popular web server application in the world, being installed on many of the busiest servers on the Internet.

The latest version of the IIS web server is IIS 7.5, running on Windows Server 2008 R2. If you opt for a Windows hosting service you will probably enjoy the advantages offered by this version of the IIS. Among many improvements, IIS 7 offers a modular design that allows deep customization, an improved level of security when compared with older version of IIS, as well as better support for the .NET Framework from Microsoft.

IIS was designed to provide full inter-operability with the ASP.NET application development framework. If you plan to develop or install a .NET web application, or run a site built with ASP.NET, you need to choose a Windows hosting plan running IIS. But IIS is not limited to .NET applications as the latest versions of IIS implement the FastCGI access protocol, which lets it interact with PHP or ColdFusion web apps and websites. Therefore, by using a Windows web hosting plan and IIS, you can install .NET, PHP, and ColdFusion applications on a single server and let them run simultaneously.

IIS 7.5 greatly enhances the compatibility of Windows Server with all major web technologies. By selecting a Windows hosting service, you can be sure that your server is prepared to run any type of web application or web site, no matter if it was built with Microsoft technologies, or open-source software such as PHP. Although it is possible from a technical point of view to install a .NET application on a Linux server, the installation will be affected by compatibility issues that reduce the stability of the environment.

For security and extensive features choose Microsoft SQL Server on a Windows server

Although many people never realize it, behind most web applications and websites there is a database server. A database server is a computer program that stores, processes, and delivers data to another application. Databases are everywhere, from small personal blogs to gigantic social networks such as Facebook. The database server stores each piece of information in a table structure. For example, each comment that you post on a blog is stored on a line in a special table.

There are several database servers currently in use, with the most popular being Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) and the open source MySQL. Microsoft SQL Server is well-known for its stability, security, and abundance of features, which make it the first choice for projects where a large amount of data (up to millions of table lines) is manipulated.

MS SQL is natively compatible with Windows Server, so if you plan to install a web application or website that communicates with a MS SQL database, it is highly recommended to purchase a Windows web hosting solution. As with web servers, a Microsoft web hosting solution ensures that your server is compatible with numerous database servers, including MySQL.

Build dynamic and attractive web applications with the .NET framework and Windows Server

IIS and MS SQL provide the underlying infrastructure needed by a web application to run, but to build a web application or website it is necessary to have a development framework. Complementing IIS and MS SQL, the Microsoft.NET development framework gives web developers the possibility to create dynamic web applications with excellent levels of security and flexibility. There are several advantages that make .NET a powerful framework, used in high-profile enterprise websites, such as or

Among the benefits of using Windows hosting services and the .NET framework, is the interoperability and compatibility with several important programming languages, including C#, C++, Visual Basic or J#. Developers can write code in any of the supported languages, which is then compiled and made accessible to the components written in different languages.

Another unique characteristic of the .NET framework is its modular construction. Developers have a wide collection of predefined classes at their disposal, that let them achieve results faster and with less effort. Programmers can also create their own re-usable modules, improving the efficiency, security and stability of the web application. All of these benefits are accessible if you opt to develop your application with the .NET technology, and host it on a reliable Windows web hosting server.

Get Windows web hosting with the best Microsoft technologies at JaguarPC

At JaguarPC, you will discover that quality Windows hosting solutions can be affordable. JaguarPC has extensive experience in working with Windows Server systems, and is ready to share its hosting expertise with you. By opting for a Windows hosting plan, you will gain access to cutting-edge web technologies, built with robustness and flexibility in mind.

The Windows hosting services offered by JaguarPC are powered by Windows Server 2008, an operating system that is recognized across the industry for its reliability and capabilities. No other hosting environment provides the level of flexibility and stability offered by Windows Server. If you need maximum compatibility with all types of technologies, from .NET to ColdFusion and even PHP, the best solution for you is JaguarPC’s Windows web hosting services.

Please visit or call 1-800-659-9585 to learn more about the latest web technologies supported by Windows Server or to order a Windows hosting plan.

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