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Capitalize On Your Managed VPS Web Hosting

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Virtual private servers (VPS) give users all the power and flexibility of a dedicated server with the low monthly cost of a shared server. Managed VPS hosting in particular presents a significant value, enough to justify the switch in nearly every case—even when (as is generally the case with unmanaged VPS versus managed VPS hosting) the cost is slightly more than shared web hosting.

JaguarPC’s recently published article, Advantages of Managed VPS Hosting, discusses the edge that users get over dedicated servers, shared servers, and unmanaged VPS hosting by using a managed VPS hosting service. Once you decide to go with a managed VPS, you should take advantage of the low monthly fee you are paying by letting your managed VPS web hosting service work for you.

Working With Managed VPS Hosting Services to Maximize Your Web Presence

This is not always easy to do – you have to choose a VPS managed web hosting company that provides great services and support. But above all, you need a VPS web hosting partner you can trust. Look for the following services from your managed web hosting provider:

  • Full server maintenance: Your managed VPS web hosting provider should perform necessary updates, reboots, hardware repair, and all maintenance related tasks for free.
  • Security Monitoring: Managed VPS servers are inherently more secure than shared servers. However, your managed VPS provider should also offer strong security options, including firewall and rootkit detector installation, anti-spammer tools, and security assessments to determine how secure your system is on a regular basis.
  • Resource Monitoring and Optimization: Most VPS managed hosting providers can tell you how much drive space and CPU resources you are using. Great VPS hosting companies provide you with management tools, control panels, and technical support that will help you optimize your managed VPS abilities.

Great managed VPS hosting services will give you all of these services with your monthly plan. Note that if you see a variety of additional charges for simple services that should come with your managed VPS hosting plan, you should find new managed VPS hosting.

Unmanaged VPS hosting, by contrast, does not provide any of the services offered with managed VPS hosting services. Instead, you will need to handle these tasks yourself. If you do not have an IT department or the time to manage your VPS server, unmanaged VPS services will give you the freedom to manage your VPS yourself, which takes significant experience and dedication.

Let JaguarPC Help You Realize Your Potential

JaguarPC provides gold-standard service as well as everything you expect from a great fully managed VPS hosting service – stability, flexibility, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, in addition to a comprehensive list of services. When your business requires an enterprise-level web presence at a reasonable price, JaguarPC can deliver what you need.

To learn more about what JaguarPC’s managed VPS hosting can do for you and your business, call 800-659-9585 or visit our VPS hosting area today. JaguarPC representatives will answer all your questions and help you determine the best managed VPS hosting plan for you.

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