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Advantages of Managed VPS Hosting

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When businesses move to virtual private servers (VPS), they experience several advantages, especially if they choose a managed VPS hosting plan. In fact, businesses that move to a managed VPS hosting plan benefit in two different major ways: 1) they get the scalability, performance, and flexibility of VPS hosting, and 2) they get the support and ease of use that comes with a managed VPS service.

Compared to shared servers, shared web hosting, dedicated servers and unmanaged VPS hosting, managed VPS can provide you with enough value to justify the switch in nearly every case, even when (as is generally the case with unmanaged VPS hosting versus managed VPS hosting) the cost is slightly more.

How VPS Hosting Outperforms Shared Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers

When your small or medium-sized business is ready to support heavier Internet traffic and resource-hungry custom applications, VPS hosting gives you a much more viable platform than shared web hosting. While shared hardware resources are susceptible to server overselling that bogs down access speeds and hinders performance, VPS hosting services experience virtually no impact from other individual hosting accounts on the server, as disk space and memory are allocated independent of any other hardware functions.

VPS hosting is also, by definition, highly scalable. Shared hosting plans (and even dedicated servers) only support a certain amount of traffic before bandwidth and memory limitations take effect and you need more hardware resources allocated. Increasing these allocations with managed VPS hosting services is as simple as increasing the resources available with your VPS web hosting plan – in other words, a quick phone call, email, or chat with your managed VPS hosting service will get you more disk space and bandwidth quickly.

Managed VPS also offers a higher level of security than shared hosting, as virtual environments feature independent file systems, rather than the shared operating system that runs on a physical server. One rogue hosting account can shut down a shared hosting server, which makes shared servers less reliable and much more susceptible to down time.

Above all, managed VPS hosting gives you what is, in effect, a dedicated server, rather than simply a space to run your website. A VPS acts and executes just like a dedicated server, giving you the ability to perform server-level tasks (e.g., host multiple domains, install server applications, even act as a reseller using your virtual space) without the substantial costs of a dedicated server. Even better, with managed VPS hosting services, your VPS hosting provider will perform most of these services for you, giving you performance similar to a fully managed dedicated server.

VPS Managed Web Hosting Versus Unmanaged VPS Hosting

The idea of having a virtual dedicated server might seem somewhat intimidating to anyone who does not have server administration experience, and with good reason – it is intimidating. After all, a VPS server gives users their own dedicated environment, completely customizable, allowing users to set their own usage and configuration options.

Unmanaged VPS plans put the freedom to manage the VPS into the user’s hands. But if the user does not know how to manage their own VPS, the freedom becomes useless. Managed VPS web hosting plans give users a support system to help manage the VPS resources, from initial setup and instillation to assistance in moving data to the new environment and choice of VPS control panel.

If you do decide to go with an unmanaged VPS for your business, you have essentially decided to either load up your IT department with another set of tasks as well as a massive setup project or you need to start an IT department with all the associated expenses. And starting your own IT department can become quite expensive. Managed VPS servers remove the high costs of having to build your own IT department and replaces it with a relatively small monthly fee. Of course this fee is higher for managed VPS hosting than it is for unmanaged VPS hosting, but the costs of purchasing a managed VPS hosting plan is less than the expenses incurred with an unmanaged VPS hosting plan in terms of resources needed to manage the VPS.

A managed VPS hosting service can help you navigate the various options available for VPS servers and provides server maintenance so you can concentrate on building and running your business. Managed VPS services can help you:

  • Decide whether to go with a Windows managed VPS server or a Linux managed VPS server.
  • Secure your managed server with firewalls, rootkit monitors, and other security features.
  • Perform necessary system backups, reboots, and (when necessary) recoveries.

Above all, a managed VPS hosting service will give you peace of mind that an unmanaged VPS cannot, unless you are an expert system administrator or you have the IT resources to get the job done. With the right fully managed VPS hosting service in place, server management, maintenance and updates are handled by professionals accountable directly to you. You simply let them know what you want and it gets done quickly.

JaguarPC: Your VPS Managed Web Hosting Partner

When your business is ready to graduate to a managed VPS server, let JaguarPC help you take your web presence to an entirely new level. Every fully managed VPS hosting plan comes complete with an extensive list of benefits including:

  • Free assistance in moving from your current server to your new managed VPS.
  • Choice between Windows managed VPS and Linux managed VPS, along with the benefits and advantages offered by each one.
  • Free security as well as free web host billing and support.

JaguarPC’s managed VPS web hosting gives you the flexibility and power of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost, along with a first-class support system that will help you make the most of your managed VPS server. Let JaguarPC’s managed VPS hosting help you fulfill your current business or personal goals while giving you the ability to grow as your ambitions and aspirations do.

Whether you are looking for a Windows managed VPS, a Linux managed VPS, or advice in deciding which fully managed VPS solutions are right for you, JaguarPC can help. Call 800-659-9585 or check out JaguarPC’s VPS managed hosting plans today.

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