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Sep 17, 2006
Fantastico phpbb installation error.

Hello Everyone, If you are getting following error while installing phpbb from Fantastico ------------------------------------------------------------------ Warning: fileperms(): Stat failed for /home/qededu/.fantastic...

Sep 17, 2006
Installing PHP 4.4.1 – Windows 2003

Hey everyone, Here are steps on how to install PHP 4.4.1 - again, this is only if client has Helm or doesn't have a control panel. Login to VPS and browse to Make sure to download PHP 4.4.1...

Sep 17, 2006
Accessing domain before resolving nameservers

To access domain before nameservers resolve, I have a simple automated method for that. Lets asume that your main domain is and the ip fior shared hosting is on that server, then here is what yo...

Sep 17, 2006
Transferring Address Book from Neomail to Horde and SquirrelMail

How to Transfer the address book from Neomail to Horde and SquirrelMail ? hehe Good Question. Here is the solution : -------------------------------------------- From Neomail to Horde - If you had entries in you...

Sep 17, 2006
Disable the PHP for single particular user on server

Hello , Put the following code in a .htaaccess file for that user on Linux server as : php_flag engine off OR in httpd.conf file and for that particular doamin you can put following code in >directory> as php_a...

Aug 24, 2006
Backup is not a dirty word.

For your own piece of mind it is best to backup your own sites. All too often it happens that backups aren't correct because the time and date stamp for the files uploaded remains the same due to the incorrect method used to ...

Feb 15, 2006
Got nixcore?

We've been working on a new replacement system to consolidate and improve many of the missing or dated aspects of our operations. Thus began the nixcore project which is but a small part of much larger picture, our jaguar ope...

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