Does Your Web Hosting Plan Improve Your Customer Service? ~ Jaguarpc Does Your Web Hosting Plan Improve Your Customer Service? ~ Jaguarpc

Does Your Web Hosting Plan Improve Your Customer Service?

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Whether online or in-store, customer service is crucial to the success of every business. You may be able to convert interested leads into customers, but if you are unable to deliver the best possible customer service, you will quickly lose future sales to your competitors. If you have one obligation as a business owner, it is to care for your customers. This is what will keep them coming back for more.

Sometimes, web hosting can get in the way of your freedom to serve customers. At worst, poor web hosting services will damage your reputation with irreversible long-term effects. It is important that your hosting gives you the freedom to do your absolute best for every customer, and offers the features you need to be consistent, engaged, and helpful.

Here are two areas of a web hosting plan that can play a role in your ability to offer great service. If your web hosting provider does not offer these features, consider the potential impact on your customers and your future revenue.

Reliable web hosting creates a consistent, always-accessible website

In customer service, nothing is worse than unpredictability. Corporations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars ensuring that every employee always gives the same answer to any query, according to clearly defined policies and procedures. They notify customers of any changes to opening hours long in advance. They employ enough staff to cover employee sick days.

If your web hosting plan is inconsistent, so is your customer service. Increasingly, existing customers turn to the Internet for support and advice – if your website performs slowly or becomes completely unavailable, your customers encounter a barrier to getting the answers they need.

Leading web hosting services provider JaguarPC offers a blanket 100% network uptime guarantee. This means that your website will be online every single day of the year, ready to serve your potential and existing customers.

cPanel web hosting makes configuring points of contact quick and easy

Where should your customers go for information, advice, or assistance? Should they visit a dedicated support website or email a specific department? By sending customers to specific locations for each type of inquiry, you can be sure your customers will always reach somebody who is qualified to give an answer. That is why every major business has different phone lines for sales, support, marketing, and so on. You should do the same online.

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that allows you to work with your hosting account and configure a wide variety of settings. Two of the most commonly used features are mailboxes and domains. Here is how these two features translate into customer service benefits:

– Mailboxes: Configure different email addresses for the different areas of your    business. You could even create more precise addresses using a period – for example, “[email protected],” along with “[email protected],” “[email protected],” and so on.

– Domains: Why confuse the sales message of your website with content targeted at existing customers? A fantastic solution is to use a sub-domain, such as “,” to serve as an exclusive place for existing customers.

JaguarPC includes cPanel with every web hosting service, or a choice of alternative control panels for a small fee.

Improve your customer service with web hosting from JaguarPC

With a dependable network infrastructure to keep your website online and the tools you need to help customers get in touch with you, JaguarPC web hosting plans make it easier to deliver the high-quality customer service your customers deserve.

JaguarPC is a strong believer in the value of exceptional customer service. That is why, in addition to helping businesses improve their own services, JaguarPC invests in the best support in the industry.

Along with expert advice available 24/7/365 via online chat, ticketed support, and phone, JaguarPC provides a detailed knowledgebase covering issues surrounding not only web hosting, but also a wider range of tasks, including social media and image editing.

Whatever type of help you need, JaguarPC is always ready to lend a hand.

For more information on web hosting plans from JaguarPC, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit today.

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