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Easy SEO through your cPanel and WHM with Attracta SEO

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When you log into cPanel you may have noticed “FREE Search Engine (SEO) Optimization Tools”, or an icon that implies SEO tools, and wondered what it referenced. The SEO tool is called Attracta. It is bundled with cPanel and WHM. The SEO tools are included by default but you must opt-in to gain access and use. The feature can provide you with automated SEO tools which can increase your site traffic. An included crawler can also crawl your websites, and create as well as submit your XML sitemaps directly to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask.

An SEO report will also be generated. If you want to get started with this program then you only need to first open cPanel and then scroll down to Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools.  Once you click on the SEO tools icon and read as well as agree to the terms of service, Attracta will then gather your domain name, email address and create an account.

A robots.txt files will also be updated.  You will then have access to the services and the product lines which are offered by Attracta through cPanel and WHM. You only need to click on the SEO icons in cPanel or WHM. Attracta is considered to be one of the world’s most popular SEO tools. Some users claim that their website’s traffic doubled over the course of six months.

In addition to XML Sitemap submission, Attracta’s Free SEO Tools include a Google blacklist check, link building tools, social networking tools, SEO tips and tutorials as well as many other useful features to improve your SEO and make your website more successful. Enable Attracta today to begin adding the necessary SEO elements that you need for your website to succeed in today’s competitive market for information and products.

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