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Focus on your Business Instead of Server Administration with Managed Dedicated Hosting

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When you are busy running a business, you want to focus all your time and resources on the important aspects of your business operations without worrying about the intricacies of server management. Server administration and maintenance takes a lot of time and technical expertise, but not every business has enough expertise or the resources to hire IT professionals to take care of their server management.

Designed to reduce your total administration costs while improving server efficiency, managed dedicated server hosting offers you complete peace of mind that your web presence is taken care of and your website is being managed with the highest degree of care in a highly secure environment. Managed dedicated hosting frees business owners from managing and administering servers so you can focus on sales, marketing and business operations, leaving dedicated server maintenance to your web hosting provider.

In this article, we explore the concept of managed dedicated server hosting and analyze what managed dedicated server hosting is, why you should use managed dedicated server hosting solutions, and the benefits managed dedicated hosting solutions provide for your business.

What is managed dedicated server hosting?


Managed dedicated server hosting is an advanced form of dedicated hosting. In this type of hosting arrangement, a server is owned by the dedicated hosting provider, leased for the use of a single customer, and is managed and administered by the hosting provider’s technical staff. Managed dedicated servers are housed in a secure data center on the managed dedicated host’s premises and customers usually do not have physical access to them. The lack of control over your managed dedicated server is compensated by 24/7 technical support that includes proactive monitoring and maintenance.

With managed dedicated hosting solutions, the responsibility for system administration and application support is placed entirely on the managed hosting provider. The provider is responsible for configuring and deploying the server, installing the operating system, connecting the server to the network, providing server monitoring, and ensuring a secure hosting environment.

Managed dedicated server hosting includes technical services such as software installations, hardware replacements, operating system and application updates, security patches, vulnerability scans, data backups, and advanced services such as load balancing and firewalls. Managed dedicated hosting solutions can free customers from managing servers so they can focus on running their business and serving end-users, which is what makes managed dedicated servers the optimal option for web hosts and businesses alike.

How you can save on monthly expenses with managed dedicated server hosting


Employing IT staff to handle in-house server hosting, administration, and regular software updates and maintenance can prove extremely costly. For many individuals and new or small businesses, the cost to hire and provide the resources it takes to manage your dedicated servers can simply be too expensive. Instead, customers can take advantage of dedicated managed server hosting solutions and save drastically on monthly expenses. Outsourcing server administration to a professional managed host is actually very cost-effective as there is a fixed monthly rate you pay that usually does not add up to the monthly salary of the IT staff you would otherwise need to hire.

Most web hosting providers offer a wide range of managed dedicated hosting solutions to suit many budgets and different levels of complexity. Additionally, managed hosting providers have the framework in place to deal with seasonal fluctuations, major spikes in web traffic, and situations when an additional server is instantly needed to handle an unanticipated load spike. This feature is particularly viable for dynamic and database driven websites and businesses that are likely to incur unexpected growth.

One of the greatest things about having a managed hosting provider handle all of the server management aspects for you is that you will be able to focus on running your business without having to worry about server administration. Outsourcing server management to a professional managed host will take care of all server-related issues since they are well versed with server management and can quickly attend to any problems.

With 24/7customer service, proactive server hardware and software support, monitoring and backup, managed dedicated server hosting offers businesses the relief from what would otherwise be expensive and require complex server management tasks.

Business benefits of managed dedicated server hosting

Managed dedicated hosting is one of the most powerful hosting solutions available.  Ideally suited for businesses and growing e-commerce websites, managed dedicated server hosting assures that your web applications are running smoothly and your products and services are available to clients at all times. There are numerous business benefits of managed hosting:

  • Greater Value. Managed dedicated hosting provides greater value. You get fully trained experts who can take care of your server and provide efficient technical support round-the-clock. This will allow you to focus all your time and resources on strategic business issues (such as sales, financial applications, or customer relationship management)
  • Scalability. Managed dedicated servers are fully scalable and can be customized to suit your specific business requirements. The customization aspects, the ability to scale to address future business growth, and the fact that your servers are fully managed by highly trained professionals makes managed dedicated server hosting a particularly attractive option for businesses of all sizes.
  • Security. Managed dedicated server hosting ensures a high level of server security by providing off-site data backup and disaster recovery services.
  • Accessibility. Managed dedicated hosting offers high-speed accessibility and ensures high availability of your website. Proactive monitoring maximizes uptime and reduces IT issues.

There are many other benefits that managed dedicated server hosting can provide to your business. With managed hosting the need for onsite IT staff and technicians is eliminated and your overall administration costs are reduced. At the same time, managed dedicated server hosting improves server efficiency and guarantees that your website is always online and always available for customers and visitors.

Enjoy the benefits of JaguarPC’s managed dedicated server hosting services

If you are looking to leverage the expertise of professional technicians to administer your server, JaguarPC has a team of certified, highly skilled experts and a comprehensive suite of managed dedicated server hosting services to meet your needs. Extending far beyond what standard server management has to offer, JaguarPC delivers exceptional value by providing the most robust, customized management services to improve the efficiency of your servers and maximize the performance of your website and Internet applications.

With JaguarPC’s managed hosting services you can concentrate on running your business, knowing that we are hard at work 24/7 to give you the stability, reliability, and high availability that your business environment requires.

Get started with JaguarPC’s managed dedicated server hosting services today or visit for more information.


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