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How Reselling Hosting Can Help Your Web Design Business

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Often the first roadblock an independent contractor or new business owner will hit is the inevitable limitation of there being only so much time in the day. After all, it’s pretty necessary to actually relax and sleep once in awhile. But, other than increasing your rates or hiring outside help (which can cut into your bottom line if you’re not that truly busy yet), you can easily reach a plateau. How does a freelance web designer get over this hump of purely trading time spent doing creative work for money? The answer is the mostly passive income generated through cPanel reseller hosting. Passive income is always the goal. It’s a recurring source of income that doesn’t require you to put in physical work (for the most part) and it helps keep the lights on while you’re spending time doing your actual web design and development work. If up until now you’ve made a living doing one off projects and then having to find new clients all the time, consider adding hosting services to your offerings. They are a great way to keep income consistently coming in. With cPanel, fixes can be easily made by either you or the client (depending on comfort level). This minimizes headaches and keeps your hosting service as a relatively hassle free source of monthly income. Here’s how investing in some VPS space can positively impact the growth of your business.

Recurring, Reliable Source of Income

There are other ways to generate passive income as a web designer, but they often require at least some investment of time and energy. Maintaining a WordPress theme, for example, can open you up to having to do regular bug fixes and other customer service activities. When you resell hosting services, you’re adding a billable item that requires little to no work on your part. You may have to occasionally act as a middle man between your customer and your hosting company’s support team, but otherwise it’s money you’re receiving every month just to have your client’s site remain online.
Yes, you are technically the host. Therefore any service disruptions will trigger an email being sent to you, not the hosting company. But that’s fine because you’ll either have the know how to fix whatever issues come up, or you can just as simply contact customer support on behalf of the customer. Other than the unavoidable wait time when there is a “middle man,” this troubleshooting process should go smoothly.

Makes Your Business More Attractive

With so many web designers out there, there is a lot of learning to do in order to be competitive. Clients are always looking for the total package. Each additional vendor they need to keep track of only adds uncertainty. It’s like another moving piece that could break and put the entire operation in flux. If you create websites for people, it only makes sense to try and position yourself as “the web person.” That includes getting the hosting set up and maintaining it. Creating a site, handing the assets over to the client, and saying “Okay, good luck. Now you just need a host.” is not only a bad experience, it’ll cost you easily obtainable income. See the project through from beginning to end and see if your referrals increase.

A Wise Investment

You know the old adage “It takes money to make money.” It’s true. You do need to be willing to take on some overhead costs in order to be successful. Luckily, there are plenty of financial incentives in place for cPanel reseller hosting. Depending on the needs of your clients, you could get a machine for under twenty dollars a month that’s suitable for up to twnety-five clients. Assuming you charge each client let’s say fifteen dollars a month for hosting, two clients have already more than covered the cost of the server. If you use all twenty-five free client spots on that twenty dollar a month investment, you start to see how much real income potential there is in reselling hosting services.

Good Practice

A good businessperson is always learning. Even if you’re the best coder in the world, there is always more to learn about your overall business to make you stronger and more effective. Managing hosting will add yet another skill under your belt. Sometimes even something as simple as being forced to set up a recurring monthly invoice is a great lesson in getting your operation to the next level.


What are you waiting for? Add cPanel reseller hosting to your list of professional offerings and start growing your web design and development business. JaguarPC has been helping business owners just like you establish their reseller hosting plans for years. Contact us today and we’ll help you pick the package that will get you the best return on your investment.

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