Successfully Use Social Media to Improve your Marketing Results Successfully Use Social Media to Improve your Marketing Results

How to Use Social Media for Marketing

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You’ve probably read an article or blog that talks about the importance of using social media, and that if you’re not socially active you have no chance of business success.  Social Media Marketing SuccessUnfortunately, a fair proportion of these don’t actually give you any direction.

The First Thing to Know
Is that social media marketing doesn’t necessarily mean blowing a lot of money on promoted posts to ensure you appear in people’s timelines.  Of course, if you have the plan and budget to do so, that is fantastic.  However, you can be successful on social media platforms simply by knowing what to do and where to target.

What’s the Plan?
The most important question for any business embarking on a social media campaign is this one.

You need to make sure your plan goes far beyond simply, “increase revenues.”  Who is your target audience?  How does this influence the social media platforms you’re going to target?  What is your engagement strategy?  How will you balance advice and personal posts with calls to action and links to your site?

Find the Right Platform
You probably already know about what each social media site can bring to you, and how you use it.  For example, Twitter is great for short, to the point posts.  Facebook is probably best for sharing content with consumers and provoking a conversation on your page.  LinkedIn is great for B2B businesses, while Instagram and Pinterest are excellent for those with a business where impact is all about the visual.

Although your business might naturally fit one of those, you also need to think about where your audience is going to be.  If you have a fabulous B2B product, for example, which would look brilliant on Pinterest, you need to consider whether your audience – other businesses – will be there.

Know How to Get Involved
Whatever social website you target, you’re going to use hashtags, your keywords, and whatever else you need to in order to get yourself noticed and optimize your content for SEO.

However, the whole point of social media is to involve yourself in a conversation.  The mistake many businesses make is to just blindly post their own content without responding or getting involved with what others are saying.  If a subject, be it a ‘trending topic’ or something in the news that day, is relevant to what you do, add your voice.  It is the best way to quickly become known and increase your influence on these platforms.

Create High Quality, Valuable Content
One of the most powerful ways to make a difference on social media is to create content on your own website, as well as your posts, that people want to share, like, re-pin, or whatever action each social network encourages.

More sharing means more of a spotlight on you, and means that many of your marketing efforts are actually being done for you.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool; make the most of it and you’ll find your chances of business success rapidly increased.

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