How Your Business Can Benefit from Semi-Dedicated Hosting ~ Jaguarpc How Your Business Can Benefit from Semi-Dedicated Hosting ~ Jaguarpc

How Your Business Can Benefit from Semi-Dedicated Hosting

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Across design, text, and interactive web applications, businesses invest a lot of money into their websites. The Internet is a global marketplace, but to stand out from the crowd, you need to develop a site that shines with exciting, engaging, and attractive content.

However, all of your hard work and money is worthless if your website is not performing well. A visitor may discover you as a result of the incredible things you have to offer, or from your blog, message boards, or rich media. But regardless of how great this content is, no visitor will wait around if your website is performing slowly or, worse, completely unavailable.

As your business grows, you may find it difficult to access the hardware resources your website needs on your shared web hosting plan. Many webmasters assume this means paying for a virtual private server (VPS hosting) or dedicated server plan, but there is an easier, more affordable way to keep your website ultra-fast.

By reading the new article published exclusively by professional web hosting provider JaguarPC, What Does Semi-Dedicated Hosting Really Mean?, you can learn how semi-dedicated web hosting gives you the resources you need, at a price you can afford. The article discusses the major technical features of this innovative web hosting service, and how these features result in faster and more consistent performance. In addition, you will learn how semi-dedicated hosting delivers these benefits without adding to your workload. Read the article now to see if semi-dedicated hosting is the ideal service for you.

Semi-dedicated hosting supports your growth

Like you, web hosting providers need to make a profit. To do this, they maximize the number of shared hosting accounts on each hardware server. With more accounts per server, hosting providers earn more money from their hardware, and more importantly, you can order a shared hosting plan at an incredibly affordable price. But with lots of accounts sharing the same finite hardware resources, you could be left waiting in line for RAM or CPU when other sites get busy.

JaguarPC’s new article describes how semi-dedicated hosting is like “turbo-charged” shared hosting, using the same essential technology at its foundation, but with far fewer accounts per server, allowing you to confidently grow your website with complete assurance that the power you need will be available. The article also reveals the key differences between VPS hosting and a semi-dedicated server.

In addition to exploring the features that make semi-dedicated hosting powerful, the new article from JaguarPC also discusses ease of use. Most webmasters do not need precise control over their hosting account on an operating system level, instead preferring to leave server management to their hosting provider. With semi-dedicated hosting, you can take advantage of unrivaled hardware power without adding to your administrative workload.

Be sure to check out JaguarPC’s latest article now to learn more about semi-dedicated hosting.

Get a semi-dedicated hosting plan from JaguarPC

JaguarPC understands how important performance is to the success of your website, but web hosting upgrades must always be balanced against cost. To give you power and affordability together, JaguarPC offers incredible semi-dedicated hosting services at a price that works for even the smallest businesses.

When you get a semi-dedicated hosting plan from JaguarPC, you can be sure you are hosted on a hardware server with no more than 15 accounts, depending on load-balancing. As a result, you will have access to 600% more resources than you would with other types of shared hosting.

In addition to maximized hardware resources and improved website performance, JaguarPC semi-dedicated hosting plans also include 24/7/365 technical support, a 100% network uptime guarantee, and an industry-leading 45-day money back promise.

To learn more about JaguarPC semi-dedicated hosting, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit today.

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