Step into JaguarPC's New Cloud Business Plan Step into JaguarPC's New Cloud Business Plan

Semi-Dedicated Plans Move to JaguarPC’s Cloud Business Plans

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New opportunities are always opening up with JaguarPC. Advances in hosting technology now make SDX hosting somewhat obsolete. In light of our Cloud plans and the newest server capabilities we have achieved with our cloud launch at JaguarPC we have moved our SDX (semi- dedicated) clients to our cloud plans. JaguarPC’s cloud business hosting plan is a superior product which offers 100% uptime and Cloud redundancy that can not even begin to compare to an SDX account. Cloud business plans are available to everyone but we wanted to make sure that our Semi-dedicated clients were the first ones to be moved over and made aware of our newest plan option.

If you are currently ordering a SDX server you will instead be placed on our Cloud Business (Cloud). This is a powerful package that includes 100GB disk with unlimited bandwidth, Free SSL, Free domain, free rvsitebuilder and 100 WHM/cPanel accts for $29.95 ($23.95 when paid yearly). SDX users will be getting more resources than current SDX plans and this gives you a greater value and savings over our previous SDX plan.

Business cloud plans are on a true cloud. They are powered by Enterprise Dell SANS, which are incredibly powerful hyper visors you have to use to really feel the power that is behind them. This means every SDX is now on a business cloud plan and it will be more than just a failover type product like some some SDX users elected to add to their accounts in the past. This new cloud plan offers a true N+3 redundancy. Several pieces of hardware can be lost such as hypervisors, etc and you and your clients will never even know it. No announcements, no downtime and no worries are all included n this product. Our end will handle repairs, restorations and whatever else needs to be addressed and you and your clients will be able keep doing what you do without even a bleep on the radar should parts of the system fail. This package offers power, redundancy and a peace of mind.

Older technologies such as failover systems are very limited. The cloud is much faster, reliable and far more redundant. The business plan in particular is designed to give you a powerful piece of the cloud, but in a limited environment like an SDX user experience. But, JaguarPC’s business cloud offers more resources. The addition of WHM/cPanel means standard resellers can now make use of this particular plan which will maximize your opportunities as a Reseller and leave your client’s with no troubles.

Should you not wish to upgrade to this service we will of course find you a suitable alternative. All SDX servers will be coming out of service. The true value of the Cloud as an alternative to your SDX plan is something you will want to take into consideration. New options are now available to you because of this technology. Our new website which is scheduled to launch soon will lay out more details about the plans and the options it includes and any questions on the plan and how to obtain it will be clear once that launch date is met. In the meantime our customer service department can help you get setup on the cloud business plan.

Please, don’t hesitate to explore this as a potential solution to issues and problems you may have faced with other types of hosting accounts. Once you try it, then it is unlikely that any other type of plan will attract you unless you require something more sophisticated and customizable for security and personal preferences. Our SDX to business Cloud move is more than a move, it is a chance to experience one of the best mid-level plans we offer.

This product is infinitely more robust and redundant then any SDX plan and although in terms of price it is a bit more, the benefits far out weigh that factor of the extra cost. It’s your all in one ready to go package.

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