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Increase Security and Customization with Linux Virtual Private Server Hosting

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Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is a scalable, secure, and powerful web hosting solution for medium to large sized businesses and also great for businesses anticipating increased growth. A recently published JaguarPC article, Understanding Linux Virtual Private Server Hosting, explores how VPS hosting with the Linux operating system can support your online presence now and well into the future.

The article shows you why choosing Linux VPS hosting gives you many choices for building a reliable, customized website. You have the flexibility and control to adapt your website as your business grows. When fine-tuning your overall business strategy, your Linux virtual private server hosting enables your website to keep pace seamlessly with your broader business and online objectives.

Taking full advantage of Linux VPS open-source technology

As an open-source operating system, Linux virtual private servers are compatible with online applications scripts that enhance the look and functionality of your website. Some popular open-source applications compatible with the VPS Linux system are audio capability, video editing, search function, advanced file management, and many more.

The Linux virtual hosting operating system architecture is built for speed and efficiency from the outset. Linux is memory-efficient, resulting in faster connection and output, and it uses less power than other operating systems. At JaguarPC, the energy efficient configuration of Linux virtual private servers means cost savings for you.

JaguarPC offers full management for your Linux virtual hosting server

Some website owners enjoy configuring and administering their Internet servers and website to exact specifications. Others do not have the knowledge or time for these detailed tasks. Every JaguarPC Linux managed VPS account has the option for you to take on as many server responsibilities as you feel comfortable with – or none at all – and leave the rest up to the experts at JaguarPC.

Full root access and your choice of both control panel and desktop operating system gives website owners with more technical experience the right tools for optimum administration of their Linux virtual server. Complete server management including backups, reboots, monitoring, and security lets busy website owners confidently leave the management of their Linux VPS servers to the JaguarPC team of experienced engineers.

Getting the Best Linux Virtual Private Server Hosting experience

JaguarPC is dedicated to giving you powerful, reliable Linux VPS hosting with 24-7 technical support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Contact a service representative today at 1-800-659-9585 to learn how you can grow your business with a Linux VPS hosting plan.

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