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JaguarPC is Serious about Secure Hosting – both Online and Offline

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Every day, we become increasingly dependent on our technology. We rely on technology to connect with friends, collaborate at work, and relax in our leisure time. Internet access has become equivalent in importance with utilities like electric power and running water.

But the Internet differs from traditional utilities in one major way: with a minimum amount of resources and enough willpower, virtually anyone in the world can pull the plug on our online universe. From website takedowns to stolen confidential information, we are more vulnerable to virtual threats than we realize, and increasingly, the virtual attacks have palpable consequences in our real lives.

At JaguarPC, we know that it’s critical to ensure the uninterrupted protection of the web servers that host the online presence of thousands of customers. We provide top-notch defense mechanisms for every customer, regardless of the type of service purchased. Our secure hosting solutions are especially designed to withstand an incredible amount of hammering without failing. To this end, we employ only the best protection solutions, both online and off. Here’s how we do it.

Secure web hosting starts in the data center

The first step we take to protect our secure web hosting solutions is to make our data center tamper-proof. People often underestimate the importance of keeping servers safe from unauthorized access. But for a truly secure hosting plan, you have to make sure that you are protected at all times against accidents, theft, negligence, and malevolence.

To achieve such a level of protection, all of our hosting equipment (fully owned and managed) is located within state-of-the-art data centers, placed at strategic points across the U.S. and Europe. The first protection measures that we employ are less high-tech, but nevertheless effective – 10-foot security fences, armed patrols, and fully-lit perimeters. To access our data centers, every visitor must pass through secure checkpoints outfitted with biometric scanners and PAC card locking systems. Finally, each individual server rack is locked and secure. No matter what type of secure web hosting plan you choose, JaguarPC guarantees that your servers will stay away from prying eyes.

Comprehensive security technology and standards compliance

For applications such as ecommerce and business hosting, secure web hosting services are absolutely necessary, and in some situations, even mandatory. Our secure hosting plans were designed to meet the demands of business-critical applications, ensuring data integrity, antivirus protection, intrusion prevention and mitigation, and spam protection. JaguarPC fully complies with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) rules – the standards used across the industry to ensure that security incidents are prevented, detected, and acted on appropriately.

We use top of the line routers, intrusion prevention systems, and load balancers from Cisco, HP, and other top companies in the industry. We also have software protection measures in place, such as powerful antivirus solutions, anti-spam software, and intrusion monitoring systems. If anything goes wrong with our infrastructure, our 24-hour technical team is alerted immediately and can intervene in minutes.

No secure hosting plan is worth investing in without a powerful backup system in place. We have a close relationship with industry-leader R1Soft, and we provide the DataLockBox continuous protection system as an optional add-on to our clients. DataLockBox allows you to create an unlimited number of restore points, provides bare-metal disaster recovery, and offers many other features. With DataLockBox, you get the peace of mind that comes when you know that your secure web hosting service includes a comprehensive plan B in case of disaster.

Let JaguarPC secure your online universe

Your online properties are too important to risk their security with under-protected web hosting solutions. Opting for a secure web hosting service from JaguarPC is money well-spent. You get complete protection against security threats, both on the physical level and over the Internet. JaguarPC is PCI DSS compliant, giving you a guarantee that we respect the strictest security policies in the industry.

Whether you are looking for a secure web hosting plan for your online store or need a custom, secure, server hosting service, contact our friendly support staff and we will set up your solution as soon as possible. Don’t let viruses, hackers, and spam bring down your business – let JaguarPC protect it for you!

To learn more about how we protect your business or to order a secure web hosting plan, visit or call 1-888-338-5261 today.

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