Backup solutions for your data recovery and protection Backup solutions for your data recovery and protection

JaguarPC Offers New Data Backup and Restoration Service Plans

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JaguarPC is very pleased to announce that we are now offering you an improved backup service that is capable of giving you a greater peace of mind when it comes to backing up, preserving and restoring your data. Not only has JaguarPC put a dedicated backup team in place to assist with this advanced option but we have also added a new team member who is a top notch leader in the field of backup technologies. JaguarPC understands that your data is critical and these changes will allow us to bring the newest options for the care and safeguarding of your data into a simple plan that is easy to deploy and maintain.

Our new backup plans start from as low as $4.95 a month which includes one agent and 50 GB of disk space. An agent references the downloadable software that gets installed to each server, computer, or device you want to backup. The 250 GB disk space plan offers unlimited agents for a mere $16.95 a month. Signing up for one of our well valued plans is simple. The service is even available to use to backup your own home or office personal computer where many still store some of their most valuable and important data.  You can view all the benefits, newest features and our newest pricing structure on JaguarPC’s data backup page.

If you are in need of a better backup solution or you are have been thinking that it is time to put into place a solid and easy to use back up plan in the event of an untimely data loss event, then you will want to consider our new datalockbox back up solutions. Once you signup for our plan you will receive instructions on how to download our backup agent for the application that you can install to your PC, Server, NAS  or whatever you want to backup.  You will be in control with the newest version and you can decide which files you want to back up as well as when and how often you wish to back them up. Data loss can be one of the most devastating events your blog, website, e-commerce or business site can experience. Don’t let disaster strike when affordable and easy to use backup resources are available to you.

Contact our Customer Service team today to find out the best way our high performance, web based browser capable and efficient backup protection can best benefit you and your data .  JaguarPC’s great prices, amazing service and quick restores won’t let you down when you need your data recovered and backed up to a secure location.
Log onto live chat or submit a support ticket to add the latest high technology backup feature to the list of services that you need in today’s ever growing world of complex issues which can crop up within the scope of hosting and data preservation.

Make JaguarPC’s newest backup service a part of your web hosting plan and start discovering the benefits of easy backups and near seamless restores when you have the most up to date and current access to your data. Our backup services will leave you at ease when you know you have a solid data protection plan and backup solution in place.

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