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JaguarPC’s Affordable Hosting Plans – Hosting for the Budget Conscious

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For many people, especially for those who have a long history with website hosting, cheap hosting is nothing but a source of headaches. At least partially, the bad reputation of cheap hosting (also called budget hosting, low-cost hosting, or discount hosting, depending on the provider) is deserved. Unfortunately, cheap hosting providers often cut resources, features, and reliability in their constant race to offer smaller prices and outdo the competition.

However, not all affordable hosting plans deserve to be labeled as cheap. Some reputable providers, including industry-leader JaguarPC, offer quality hosting services at low-end prices. At JaguarPC, affordable hosting plans start at very low rates for a fully-featured, unlimited hosting plan. With monthly fees that are smaller than the cost of a large coffee, JaguarPC’s hosting plans can certainly be called “cheap.” But JaguarPC’s solutions are far from that.

To show you the difference between a quality, affordable hosting solution and the infamous cheap hosting that causes so many problems for unsuspecting website owners, JaguarPC has recently published an article in the resource section. Titled How to Choose an Affordable Web Hosting Plan, the article deals with the important differences between cheap hosting and affordable hosting and shows what you can do to ensure that you get the service you need at the lowest possible price.

Keep your eyes (and your mind) open

As our recently published article describes, there is a significant difference between the notoriously bad, cheap plans that flood the market and the truly affordable hosting solutions that don’t compromise quality for the sake of cost. An affordable web hosting plan may not be the cheapest option on the market, but before making a purchasing decision, you also need to take into account the cost of additional services, hidden fees, downtime, and upgrades. The seemingly cheaper solutions will probably turn out to be money pits; in the long term, cheaper is not necessarily better.

You shouldn’t embrace the other extreme, either, that is, paying big bucks on expensive solutions that you don’t really need, just to be sure you invested in a quality host for your websites. The truth is you can get a perfectly good hosting solution at a reasonable price without giving up anything that is essential for the well-functioning of your website. For most casual users, and even for some business users, a good, affordable web hosting service such as those provided by JaguarPC is more than enough.

Try not to think with your heart when choosing a new host for your website. Focus on the tangible features and resources that you need, and leave all the rest aside. After you find several affordable web site hosting solutions that boast all the “must haves,” you can make your final decision based on the “nice to haves.”

JaguarPC – feature-rich affordable hosting

Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains – this is what you get for less than the price of a large coffee drink per month with an unlimited hosting plan from JaguarPC. Specializing in affordable hosting, JaguarPC has been offering cutting edge hosting solutions for private users, SMBs, and enterprises for 14 years. With a hard-to-match level of experience in personal and business hosting, JaguarPC gives you access to some of the best affordable web hosting solutions on the market.

JaguarPC clearly states all of the fees it charges, as well as the level of service you can expect for each hosting solution. With other hosting providers, you need to expect the unexpected; with JaguarPC, you get a predictable, stable hosting environment at prices that defy the competition.

Learn more about our plans or get your own affordable web hosting plan today, by calling 1-888-338-5261 or visiting

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