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Make your Website Interactive with Free Web Applications and Linux Web Hosting

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By purchasing a Linux web hosting plan from JaguarPC you get more than reliable and affordable web hosting. You get access to a wide variety of web applications that you can install on your domain in order to transform a static web presence into a dynamic, interactive experience. And the best part about the web applications available on Linux servers is the fact that they are free and open source. You can create a professional looking blog or build a forum community around your website, without investing anything except a little of your time.

In JaguarPC’s recently published article, Improve Your Online Presence with Free Web Applications Designed to Work on Linux Web Servers, learn more about the importance of open source web applications and how you can use free web apps to improve your online presence. The article also talks about the most important types of web applications that run optimally on a Linux web hosting service, such as blogging tools, content management systems, and e-commerce platforms.

A Linux server is the ideal choice for web application hosting

JaguarPC’s article talks about the benefits of choosing a Linux web hosting plan, in terms of compatibility with hundreds of web applications. Linux is the foundation of the entire open source ecosystem, so the vast majority of free and open source web applications were designed and built to take advantage of the Linux operating system.

Even if, from a technical perspective, it is possible to install some open source web applications on a Windows Server machine, the application may be prone to errors and crashes, and much less stable. On the other hand, the installation process will consume more time and resources when compared to Linux, and may require the assistance of an expert web developer. To summarize, any web development professional will confirm that if you intend to host a web application such as WordPress or Zen Cart, Linux web hosting is the right choice for you.

Run blogs, implement CMS and shopping carts, and establish forums or Wikis with the right Linux web hosting plan

With the Linux web hosting services offered by JaguarPC, you get access to installation scripts for dozens of extremely useful web applications. The list includes blogging platforms, portals, Wikis, discussion boards, and shopping carts, just to name a few. All of these apps are available free of charge, so when it comes to what you can do with your website, the only limit is your creativity.

Building an active online community, a popular web store, or an influential blog is easier with the installation scripts available with a JaguarPC Linux hosting plan. If you opt to use the cPanel control panel, you can use the powerful Fantastico script library, an automation tool that lets you install many popular web apps with just a few clicks. Without these installation scripts, it is much more difficult and time consuming to set up and configure a web application.

JaguarPC provides solutions for customers looking for cutting-edge Linux web hosting services

Regardless if you want to set up your own blog, or if you have a business and you want to expand online, JaguarPC’s Linux web hosting services are the best solutions for you. At JaguarPC, you get technical excellence, great support, and years of experience in Linux hosting for personal use and enterprises alike.

Spice up your online presence with a free web application and the results will appear right away including a better interaction with your audience and more traffic to your web properties. JaguarPC is ready to help you make the most out your Linux web server and take your online presence to the next level.

To find more details about the Linux web hosting plans from JaguarPC, or to order a hosting plan, please visit or call 1-800-659-9585 today.

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