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More Power and Control With JaguarPC’s VPS Hosting

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For those outgrowing their shared hosting accounts, virtual private server (VPS) hosting may be the solution you need to get your website loading quickly and functioning optimally. With significantly more memory, power, and disk space than shared hosting, VPS hosting can be the springboard for considerable growth in your business.

Increased traffic and an increased interest in downloads from a website is great for business, until the loading and downloading times discourage visitors and slow the growth that websites need in order to succeed. A shared web hosting account has numerous other websites sharing network resources and increased traffic, especially a sustained increase in traffic, affects every other website sharing that server. A website on a shared hosting plan that experiences a surge in popularity could quickly reach their resource limitation, resulting in serious downtime.

What makes JaguarPC VPS web hosting great for growing businesses?

With JaguarPC VPS web hosting, you share a server with only a few other websites so you have much more disk space, memory and bandwidth to use, and you control your own operating system. Regular backups, software updates, and constant monitoring of the server means you get to focus on growing your web presence and building a relationship with your web visitors instead of worrying about the status of your web hosting.

With your choice of control panel and operating system, full root access and unlimited domains, JaguarPC VPS hosting provides you with the tools you need to control your website environment for optimal performance. JaguarPC’s technical support is available 24-7-365 for any questions, including details about the different VPS hosting plans: Linux VPS hosting, Windows VPS hosting, and managed VPS hosting.

Join the JaguarPC community

The community forums, where users share tips and experiences, and the dedicated support staff committed to thoroughly resolving any issue, are what set JaguarPC apart from other VPS hosting companies. Our commitment is to provide you with the ideal VPS web hosting experience for your business. Your website’s uptime is guaranteed and your satisfaction is guaranteed. For more information about how JaguarPC VPS hosting can help your growing business, contact a service representative by clicking on the “Live Chat” link or call 1-800-558-5869 today.

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