Profit from JaguarPC’s Expert Team of System Administrators ~ Jaguarpc Profit from JaguarPC’s Expert Team of System Administrators ~ Jaguarpc

Profit from JaguarPC’s Expert Team of System Administrators

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There are many reasons to choose a managed Windows dedicated hosting solution from JaguarPC, but probably the most important is the fact that you can benefit from the extensive experience of a professional system administrator. Allowing professionals to oversee the functioning of managed Windows dedicated servers enables companies to focus on content creation and the overall quality of their online presence, rather than time consuming and tedious administration tasks.

JaguarPC has a long history in offering superior managed Windows dedicated hosting solutions. The package of managed services offered by JaguarPC includes software updates, hardware replacement in case of failure, and active system monitoring. To help customers make an educated decision about the hosting company’s managed Windows dedicated server hosting services, JaguarPC has recently published a detailed article called Services Included in a Managed Windows Dedicated Hosting Solution. If you are interested in getting a dedicated server, this article explores the responsibilities of the tech team as well as some of the tasks that you will have to complete yourself.

Avoid hardware failures by opting for a managed Windows dedicated host

Some of the most difficult problems to troubleshoot involve hardware components. From a simple power source to the hard disk or even the processor, hardware components need to run flawlessly at all times. When hardware malfunctions, the users of the web sites hosted on the dedicated server can experience errors, or in the worst-case scenario, they cannot access the web site at all.

To protect yourself from hardware malfunctions and the potential disastrous consequences generated by failing components, JaguarPC recommends using a fully managed Windows dedicated server hosting solution. The skillful technicians employed by JaguarPC constantly monitor the functioning of the Windows dedicated hosting managed servers, looking for potential problems.

In case of emergency (hardware failure or malfunction), JaguarPC’s server administrators can act quickly to minimize downtime and errors by replacing faulty components. The article recommends opting for a managed Windows dedicated server hosting service provider that clearly states the response times for hardware replacement in the SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Keep your web site secure with regular updates and constant monitoring

As the article from JaguarPC details, managed dedicated server customers benefit from permanent monitoring against hacking attempts, including brute force attacks and distributed denial of service attempts. JaguarPC’s managed hosting services come with Apache DOS resistance tuning, nobody PHP anti-spam, and /tmp directory hardening. Customers also get a free dedicated server security hardening for increased security against all types of threats.

The security of your web site or web application is a permanent concern for JaguarPC’s team of web administrators. JaguarPC’s technicians regularly apply security patches and other updates to the Windows Server operating system and to the other applications pre-installed on the Windows dedicated managed server.

JaguarPC offers quality Windows dedicated hosting managed servers

If you are looking for top of the line Windows dedicated managed servers, JaguarPC’s product line will meet your highest expectations. All managed dedicated hosting offered by JaguarPC combine superior hardware infrastructure with the latest software solutions to provide customers with maximum reliability and availability. To protect your fully managed Windows dedicated servers, the hosting specialists at JaguarPC harden the hosting environment against spam, spyware, and hacking attempts.

The server administrators at JaguarPC will promptly replace any malfunctioning hardware component to ensure uninterrupted availability. At the client’s request, the team can execute OS updates and re-installs, reboot the server free of charge, add additional IPs to the server, as well as other tasks that will improve the quality of the hosting environment.

To learn more about JaguarPC’s managed Windows dedicated server hosting services or to order a plan, visit or call 1-800-659-9585 today.

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