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Services Included in a Managed Windows Dedicated Hosting Solution

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Managed Windows dedicated servers provide companies and large organizations with the level of reliability and performance needed to operate in mission-critical environments. Financial services, ecommerce applications, social platforms, and other data-driven applications demand the state-of-the-art hosting environment that can only be provided by a Windows dedicated managed server.

Fully managed Windows dedicated servers are administered on your behalf by the employees of the managed Windows dedicated hosting solutions provider. The technicians will make sure that your Windows dedicated managed server runs smoothly, by actively monitoring it and acting quickly to solve problems and make improvements.

In this article, we present you with the most common services that are generally included in managed Windows dedicated hosting solutions, such as operating system patching or hardware replacement. In addition, we go through some of the operations that are not typically included in managed solutions that you will be required to handle yourself.

Hardware installation, configuration, and monitoring

The foundation of any fully managed Windows dedicated solution is the hardware – the physical components that form the machine that will host your website or web application. The technicians in charge of your managed Windows dedicated server will install the machine in the data center, or if you have custom specifications, they will build the server to meet your requirements.

Web servers are typically housed in large data centers with strict security requirements where the access of personnel is limited. In most cases, customers do not have access to the physical location of the Windows dedicated managed server. Therefore, only the employees of your managed Windows dedicated server hosting service provider will be able to inspect and work on the actual web server.

You can monitor the functioning of your managed Windows dedicated server by using specialized software that displays parameters such as internal temperature, fan speeds, etc. If you spot a problem and think that it may be caused by a hardware malfunction, you can ask the tech team to inspect the equipment and look for problems. Nevertheless, the tech team is required to monitor the functioning of the servers at all times, including processor activity, hard disk functioning, and network activity.

Some Windows dedicated managed server hosting services offer round-the-clock Remote Hands service, which lets you request scheduled or unscheduled interventions to the hosting equipment, for various operations. For example, you can ask for a technician to visually check hardware components, to reset a piece of equipment or to insert removable media such as DVDs. In fact, having Remote Hands available 24×7 is a must-have service for any good managed Windows dedicated hosting solution, enabling customers to remotely troubleshoot issues with the web server.

Hardware components replacement

It is important to know that the server managers are responsible for the correct functioning of all hosting equipment, including servers, routers, network cards, and other devices. If a hardware component fails due to any reason, the fully managed Windows dedicated server provider will replace it free of charge. Make sure to check the Service Level Agreement, or SLA (the formal agreement where the provider describes the services you will receive) to see the maximum response times for hardware replacement.

For hardware replacement due to failure, quality Windows dedicated managed server hosts have a maximum response time of two hours. However, this interval does not include the time required to restore the software or data affected by hardware failure. For example, if the hard disk installed on your Windows dedicated managed server fails and needs to be replaced, the tech team is required to swap it out and replace it in a maximum of two hours. The restoring of the data from backup or the reinstallation of the operating system may take longer, depending on the amount of data that needs to be restored and the complexity of the operation.

Occasionally, the technicians in charge of your fully managed Windows dedicated server will execute planned maintenance operations. Maintenance operations include equipment cleaning, component replacement or other tasks that may require shutting down the server or taking it offline for brief periods. If the maintenance involves downtime, the managed Windows dedicated host is required to notify you in advance, via email or other support channels.

Operating system and other software components

When you opt for a fully managed Windows dedicated server, you gain access to a machine running a preinstalled operating system and other applications. All managed Windows dedicated hosting solutions come with a version of Microsoft Windows Server installed, usually the latest version, Windows Server 2008. The cost of the installation and configuration of the operating system is included in the setup fee.

Microsoft regularly releases security updates that fix known vulnerabilities found in their products. The tech team will apply these patches to ensure that your Windows dedicated hosting managed server remains secure and up to date. If you ever need to reinstall the operating system on your server or to change it to another version, the tech team can do it for you.

In addition to the operating system, the server may come pre-loaded with other applications, such as the AMP stack – the Apache web server, the MySQL database, and the PHP development framework. The tech team that runs your managed Windows dedicated host will be responsible for keeping the pre-installed software up to date by applying patches and other updates.

The applications that you install on your Windows dedicated managed server host are entirely your responsibility, meaning you will have to keep them updated yourself.

Non-stop proactive monitoring of the managed Windows dedicated server

By choosing a Windows dedicated managed server host, you get more than updated software and hardware replacement. An expert team of specialists will monitor the functioning of your dedicated server and look for any signs of problems. The server administrators monitor all processes, traffic, and services that run on your machine, as well as the integrity of the hard drive.

Having an expert to watch over the traffic that flows through the server improves the security of the Windows dedicated managed server. Active monitoring can spot severe threats like intrusion attempts, brute force attacks, and denial of service attacks, before they can compromise the security of your data and applications.

Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to build secure, solid web applications that do not have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers and other criminals. The tech team is only required to create a secure hosting environment for your web property.

JaguarPC delivers advanced managed Windows dedicated hosting solutions

For over a decade, JaguarPC has been offering advanced hosting solutions to customers from around the world. JaguarPC is a leader in Windows dedicated managed servers, providing a modern infrastructure and excellent customer service. The team of talented professionals at JaguarPC administers powerful servers for thousands of clients, ensuring that all systems run within optimal parameters 24×7.

JaguarPC offers state-of-the-art servers running Windows Server, with a two hours maximum replacement time in case of hardware failure. Skillful technicians monitor the functioning of all hardware and software components to improve the performance of the server and to detect signs of potential problems. JaguarPC will keep your managed hosting environment in optimal condition, by regularly applying security patches and other software updates.

To learn more about JaguarPC’s managed Windows dedicated server hosting services or to order a plan, visit or call 1-800-659-9585 today.

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