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Reliable and Economic VPS Hosting Makes Business Growth Easier

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Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is a powerful solution for businesses outgrowing shared hosting. If you are considering upgrading your web hosting plan, read the recent JaguarPC article, VPS Web Hosting: Customized Hosting for Increased Power and Performance.

The VPS web hosting article explains:

  • What VPS webhosting is
  • VPS web host security
  • The high performance and flexibility of VPS web hosting
  • Cost of VPS hosting compared to shared hosting and dedicated server hosting
  • Different types of VPS hosting plans

The website capability you will experience with VPS hosting will be unlike anything you have previously experienced with shared web hosting services. VPS hosting is very powerful. And when you are ready to upgrade from shared web hosting, but not quite ready for a dedicated server, VPS web hosting is the ideal solution. JaguarPC VPS hosting gives you the power of a virtual server to catapult your business into the next level for data transmissions, security, configuration options, and more.

JaguarPC is the difference in VPS Web Hosting

JaguarPC guarantees customer satisfaction. Every JaguarPC employee stands behind this guarantee – which you will experience in both speed and dependability of your website and the lengths our support technicians will go to address all your questions and needs.

JaguarPC designs hosting plans with you in mind, which is why all JaguarPC fully managed VPS hosting plans come with root access and full admin access. If you want to manage your website hands-on you can, or leave management to our expert technicians, and even a bit of both.

We know each business has its own unique hosting needs, so JaguarPC provides both Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting. And for times when traffic spikes, whether unexpected or due to a business event like a product launch, JaguarPC VPS web hosting comes with burstable bandwidth so you will not get penalized.

Put JaguarPC to the test

Let JaguarPC show you the transformation VPS webhosting can have on your online presence and your business. With instant setup and configuration, you can experience the VPS hosting difference in moments. Visit or contact us today to learn more about JaguarPC VPS service.


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