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Feb 13, 2013
We can’t say it enough: Back it Up!

Backups act as life insurance for your data. What is the security of your data's future worth to you today? When it comes to backing up your data you can never be over prepared. JaguarPC does offer daily backups which are ...

Sep 11, 2012
Make Regular Backups a Regular Habit JaguarPC’s September 2012 Newsletter

A Message from Greg Landis, CEO, JaguarPC       One of the most painful aspects of web hosting that I regularly come across is the prevalence of many clients who don’t make regular backups of their own sites. If you...

Apr 26, 2009
It’s important to backup

This is something that all webmasters know, but may not always think about, especially if they run a blog or a small website: backups are important, and you can never have too many. Although your site may automatically be ...

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