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Make Regular Backups a Regular Habit JaguarPC’s September 2012 Newsletter

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A Message from Greg Landis, CEO, JaguarPC      

One of the most painful aspects of web hosting that I regularly come across is the prevalence of many clients who don’t make regular backups of their own sites. If you are relying strictly on your most recent updates being available on your hosting plan’s server than you are doing yourself a disservice and setting yourself up for potential disaster.

Backups are, in my mind, the most important element you should know about and pay attention to after purchasing your hosting plan and uploading your website. You never know what can happen to a server. Machines can fail. You would not believe some of the instances I have seen over the years. But, when machines fail you can prevail with your backups.

The files and the associated files that make up your existing website should be backed up to a remote location. JaguarPC offers backup services through its data lockbox services which are available for a nominal monthly cost. You can’t afford to lose your data. Our backup services will leave you assured that your data will always be on hand for a quick and easy restore.

I also recommend that you add some redundancy to your back up plans. Use more than one service or method for taking backups. While one backup copy is a good plan you will want to have multiple backup copies from different sources in order to have a sound contingency plan.

Don’t think you are immune to data loss. I urge you to find a process, service or method that works well and is easy for you to perform. Make it a regular habit to backup your site and the databases that are associated with your site. You won’t know the true agony of data loss until you experience it.

Take my words of advice, avoid the misery of data loss and find a backup solution today.

Greg Landis

JaguarPC’s Veteran Customer Support Representative
Larry has been a highly valued employee of the customer service department at JaguarPC for a number of years. You might think that his nerves could be wearing thin by now but Larry continues to enjoy all aspects of his job. You will find Larry passing along the lower level tickets and forging ahead on the more difficult aspects of customer service. At the end of the day, Larry’s larger aspiration as a CSR is to make sure that the clients are happy and satisfied.

Are you Protecting your Website Visitors and Their Secure Information with an SSL Certificate?
The security of your site and the need to secure the information that your visitors enter and transmit through your website is greater than ever. Hacking and identity theft is an ever growing problem. Keep information safe with a 124 bit encryption and even safer with a 256 bit encryption. Have a look at our recent blog post to gain a better understanding of why you should have an SSL certificate on your server.

Our July Employees of the Month
Each month a Customer Service and a Technical Support representative are selected by their peers at JaguarPC. This month JaguarPC congratulates Misty, or top customer service representative of the month and Jay, our staff’s pick for the most helpful and productive member of our technical support team. Send us your feedback once your tickets and livechats are complete so that JaguarPC can know who is working hard to make your web hosting experience the best experience.

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Did You Know?
Every year over 100 million hard drives fail. While JaguarPC takes every precaution to ensure that your data is safe we still strongly encourage you to keep an offsite backup copy. You can easily obtain backup protection services from JaguarPC. Our backup services won’t let you down when tragic events destroy your data. Your data can be your income or the sum total of years of efforts. The prompt recovery of your information can be priceless. Let us help you find a method that will preserve your efforts and hard work. Contact our sales team today to learn more about what options are available to you.
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Network Down?

Down time can happen even when JaguarPC puts the best forethought and technology into preventing these events. Should our network experience an outage then you can consult our Twitter feed, our Facebook page or our backup blog for the latest updates.

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