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Did you know JaguarPC was established in 1998? We are a hosting company providing quality, non-oversold, reliable hosting solutions at an affordable price. Our services are backed by 24/7 professional customer support, stellar hardware, uptime and money back guarantees.



Business Web Hosting vs. Shared Hosting

By Sabrina Jul 23, 2014 2:46 pm

Business web hosting is a newer plan at JaguarPC that has been specifically designed with the needs of businesses and e-commerce site owners in mind. Those Business web hosting for e-commerce and business ownerswho might consider more traditional shared hosting packages but have larger needs for resource use, dedicated IP's as well as additional security features will find this all encompassing plan for business users will accommodate the higher levels of resource and custom setting needs that aren't possible through the standardized settings on shared accounts. If you are now using a shared hosting account but are ready to explore more robust account types then a business hosting plan may suit all of your needs.

Shared and Business Plans Both Include
Shared and business hosting accounts offer the added value of JaguarPC's additional features beyond hosting alone. Both plans come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth for the ever growing data sizes of information and the transfer of those file types. Both of these plans types also include the industry leading web hosting control panel, cPanel, which makes it easy for even a complete novice to master the tasks needed to manage domains, files, e-mail and other needs. Security is more important than ever and your account will be protected by a shared SSL certificate. Users also have the ability to enable CloudFlare through cPanel. CloudFlare improves page load speeds and adds an extra level of security for your site. Spamexperts is also enabled on both of these account types to give you the best protection should this type of activity become evident on your particular server where your data and site is housed.

Business Plan Advantages
As a business owner you know your needs are ever expanding and a business hosting plan accounts for the additional needs of those sites that have sales growth and client expansion in mind. You can have your own IP addresses associated with your site on our business hosting plan. Shared accounts all share an IP. You can also have your own SSL for your business account which provides you the added protection you need for your merchant services and e-commerce activities. A free domain is included which can help you branch out your exposure levels across search engines to improve your SEO and page rank. As a business plan client you will be on a server with far fewer users than are on shared accounts. This benefits the amount of resources that are available to you. 600% more resources means your site performance will be significantly enhanced which will translate to a smoother running site which can produce more sales and return visits from your user base.

Business Startup and Merchant Accounts
While some businesses may be out growing their shared hosting account others may just be getting started and realize immediately that business hosting plans are better suited out of the gate. Since the business hosting plan includes a domain.  When you start with this type of account, your business can be online in the quickest possible time frame. Once you have the domain directing to the proper name servers you can take advantage of our free RVSiteBuilder. Templates allow business owners to begin the layout of their store for easy website design even if you are a novice. Existing sites can be transferred with ease if you are already hosting that site on another account type or with a different provider. Once you create your content, add your photos and easily integrate your shopping cart along with merchant services then your e-commerce store is ready to open its doors across the globe. Free Softaculous also provides over 100+ scripts to enhance your services and pages so that your clients have the best experience. Business web hosting is the best hosting plan for those who have smaller but growing and expanding services and products.

Overall, if you have an online business on shared hosting or you are planning on putting your business online then business web hosting is the right option for you. The additional security features along with IP addresses and an included domain as well as free scripting tools allow you to create a store front that can give your business site greater exposure and an enhanced buying experience for your visitors. Contact our team at to learn more about a hosting plan that creates the best environment for your online business.




.Org $1.99 July Special

By Sabrina Jul 17, 2014 2:02 pm

JaguarPC is offering over an amazing $1.99 .org special  * through the month of July.

Why a .org Domain?
When you need to get the best rank presence and traffic for your .com domain then a .org domain can help immensely. If you already have an established .com extension then you should definitely consider the benefits of also obtaining the .org extension as well. Blogs, businesses and e-commerce presences that have a .org Domain June Special at JaguarPCbrand and a reputation to protect can't afford to have their names taken and used by others for alternative purposes which can include websites that might try to mimic your .com's services or products. Even worse consequences could occur due to malicious activities using your .com address as a .org. Purchasing the .org extension can give you the confidence of knowing that your hard work and efforts won't be diminished by a perpetrator who is riding on the coat tails of your own efforts.

Trusted and Established
.org domains are trusted by consumers and potential clients. Most established businesses that are doing well or have good future potential will procure their .org for purposes beyond name recognition and brand name protection. Not only is having a .org domain an important sound business decision but it can also have the benefit of increased web exposure. Search engines will index your .org domain and your .com domain leading to better ranks and more results to get your organization in front of more prospects that will have a potential interest in your organization. The more you are seen the more popular you can become .

Philanthropy and Non-Profits
Groups that promote and engage in philanthropy and the absence of profit structures are more prone to use .org domains. People around the world have an interest in finding your website or blog that promotes a cause or special interest when you use a .org name. The extension lends the concept of organization over business to potential members and contributors for your principal or movement.  Special fund and awareness raising efforts may be taken more to heart when a .org is present on the world wide web address. Those who have interests will note that your site or blog's efforts are more contribution over profit based and may lend a more sympathetic ear and greater support to your efforts. Use a .org to have your mission gain greater and more respected recognition. Highlight the socially responsible agendas that you are promoting and get a better response through the association and reputation of .org.

Professional Organizations and Associations
Organizations can naturally benefit from the clear association with .org. Professional outreach can gain greater momentum, respect and additional members as well as influence by the use of this trusted and well know cross link.  The American Heart Association and The American Bar Association are two good examples of organizations that are well recognized and make good use of the .org extension option. If your site deals with professionals then .org is a solid choice which will help you gain new members and let the public know more about the services and benefits that your organization is capable of providing. The greater respect and the association with professionalism can help your membership grow and maintain a good light in the public eye. A .org can help your professional organization gain the value of being a respected authority and the go to link for networking and information.

Overlooking the deeper values of a .org domain could cost you the recognition, awareness and protection that your brand, association, organization or non-profit deserves. When you purchase a .org domain you are increasing the awareness of your organization and allowing a broader audience to engage with and promote your cause. Don't get left behind on the search engines but inspire more support for your agendas and overall cultural institutions, religious organizations, civic and artistic efforts as well as social and sport teams, and communities. Spread the word with a .org and take advantage of the world wide community gains for more members and contributions. .org can be a signal that you are in it for the greater good over the greater green.

*New domains only, no transfers or renewals, first year only.


Growing and established businesses will benefit from the fact that cloud hosting offers an affordable, flexible platform which can be used for anything from Cloud Web hosting for cost-effective, scalable and Secure hosting Solutionswebsite design to application development to e-commerce. Rather than being beholden to one server, you can rest easy knowing your organization is backed by a group of servers that are managed by a reliable web hosting provider. Small to medium-sized businesses often benefit most from cloud hosting, as it’s a pay-as-you-go, scalable, customizable service that can be used for a wide variety of projects and operations.

Reasonable Price Models
Like other forms of hosting, cloud offers dependable uptime, flexibility, ample storage, and data protection options for a more a more manageable cost rate over other types of hosting plans.  Because cloud hosting users only pay for what they use, you’ll enjoy greater savings and access to the resources you need when you need them. Hosting on cloud servers removes the need to set up and maintain complex hardware and update software, which reduces costs, as well as the need for an extensive technical support team. You can easily add and remove services based on your current needs, or stick to a set of resources that allow you to stay within your budget.

Provisioned Upgrades
Automatic program and software updates are another reason why many businesses opt for hosting via cloud servers. Because cloud hosting services are delivered through an Internet connection, upgrades to software and programs are made automatically by hosting companies. Rather than having to purchase licenses and/or updates and installing them yourself, your cloud hosting provider will ensure you’re always using the latest versions of your applications. This increases savings and also frees up the time users would otherwise spend on managing hardware.

Flexible Security Measures
Contrary to what many believe, there are a number of security options available for cloud servers. While the use of a public cloud isn't recommended for mission critical information, hybrid or private clouds can be utilized by users looking to safeguard important data. Companies can move everyday applications and data to public clouds so they're accessible to all users, and keep crucial information secured safely within a private cloud. This way, not only is sensitive information kept well-protected, but storage space is also conserved through more efficient management.


You've likely noticed the words exceptional service popping up around here lately. Whether it be our display ads, job postings or our survey questions, providing exceptional service is our goal. These are the words we live by. While we don't always get it right, we do more often than not. Your feedback is very important to make sure we do get it right the other times. Today you are looking  at June's Customer Service Ratings, Average First Response Times and Average Ticket Response Times. Along with a few other stats that may surprise you.

June Customer Satisfaction Rating
Let's first start off by discussing our Customer Satisfaction Ratings. The Customer Satisfaction Ratings is our here and now feedback in regards to the level of service we are providing. This is instant feedback from customers and it is available on every interactions our team has with you our customer via our help desk at JaguarPC.  We utilize a 1 - 5 star rating system to gather feedback on each interaction. In the graph below you'll see each departments rating broken down individually. You'll see our Customer Service department maintained a 5 (100%), E911 Emergency - Server Down 5 (100%), Support 4.7 (94%) and our Support L2 4.7 (94%). The hosted industry standard satisfaction rating is 93%. (Fun Fact J.D. Powers & Associates has cable companies with a overall customer satisfaction rating of 69% OUCH)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                JaguarPC Has Exceptional Technical Support and Customer Service Ratings


Average First Response Time (Support)
The first response time is another key metric we utilize to department the quality of support we are providing. It is important that customers know that when you have an emergency we will be there quickly to begin to resolve your issue. Unlike Customer Satisfaction Ratings the support department as a whole is tracked as one-time. In June our average first response time was higher than we'd like it to be at 45 minutes & 35 seconds. We like to keep first responses to 20 - 30 minutes with our E911 emergency queue under 10 minutes.

Average Response Time (Support)
The average response time for support is the final key metric used to determine the performance of the department. Like the average first response time, it is also calculated as a department wide figure. The average ticket response time includes every response in every ticket throughout the department. In the month of June, the technical support department had an average response of 1h 5m 0s. We like to keep this between 40 - 60 minutes.

Help Us, Help You! Say No To Social Escalations!
We are living in a social media driven world today. It is common place now to tweet a company or post on their wall when struggling with a company. For the local grocery store or a restaurant this works great. When it comes to technology which can be frustrating some days and rapid communication can happen in minutes help us, help you by escalating issues to instead. Our social media pages like many technology companies are run by marketing folks and not geeks. They are in the office Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm while our geeks are here 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year. When you post on our Facebook page it could sit for 24 hours. When you e-mail the issue is escalated within a few hours. Help us, help you and escalate your issue to geeks and not marketing freaks.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me:  I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to our customer service or support departments.




Are you interested in establishing your own reseller hosting company? Providing reseller services is a way for individuals who are knowledgeable in web hosting to rake in profits and build a flexible, gainful career. There are several important points of interest to consider before moving forward with building your Reseller Web Hosting Servicesbusiness, such as your understanding of hosting, marketing, meeting client demands and choosing a web host.

Basics of Reselling
Reseller web hosting is an effective and inexpensive method of starting up a hosting company. Basically, becoming a reseller involves repackaging hosting services from another company, making changes and adding a few upgrades, and provisioning those services to clients. Resellers typically control the services their clients receive through the use of a control panel, allowing them to add or remove resources per clients' wishes. Hosting companies that offer reseller programs often give resellers access to certain add-ons and features, which they can upsell to their clients.

Getting Started
Before you take steps to begin a reseller company, it's a good idea to ensure you're learned in web hosting and resolving related technical issues. If you're confident in your knowledge and have the proper tools, licensure, and accounts in order, you need to find a dependable web host that meets your needs and standards. Once you've chosen a provider to resell hosting services for, it's important to decide on service rates and how you'll manage customer inquiries. Setting up a reseller web hosting site and advertising your services as much as possible are also necessary to expand your company and draw in clients.

Possible Advantages
There are a number of benefits to establishing a reseller hosting company, assuming you're well-versed in hosting and can meet client needs. Managing a hosting company is good way to earn a lasting income, especially as you likely won't need to purchase or maintain hardware and equipment. Also, reseller web hosting companies that put time and effort into marketing their services often net clients that operate in various fields. Reseller web hosting services are often beneficial to clients that manage small companies, such as website design/development teams, bloggers and forum moderators.


JaguarPC wishes all of our customers a happy Fourth of July holiday. It should be a terrific weekend for barbecues, music, friends and families as well as fireworks. Fourth of July Facts and StatsAlmost all Americans will be out and about whether they are hosting or being hosted. It is a day for everyone to celebrate.

Independence day produces over 15,000 fireworks shows that use over 213 million pounds of fireworks and Americans spent over $645 million on fireworks last year alone. The Macy’s 4th of July show in NYC uses 75,000 pounds of fireworks in roughly a quick  half-hour. The 4th of July also sees  the nation consumes 155 million hot dogs, which means that trail would stretch from D.C. to L.A. over 5 times.   Enjoy a few more fun and fascinating statistic for the day.

Stunning displays of pyrotechnics light the evening skies, but how do they work? While almost everyone enjoys the display the young ones generally are curious about how it all happens. Explore a basic guide on how fireworks are produced and how all the pops, bangs and magnificent colors are put together. You will be ready this year when the questions come your way. Its a little bit of chemistry tied up with creativity and a good amount of caution.

If you have the food, fun and the fireworks covered then you may want to add some patriotic music to your list. America’s favorite songs according to BuzzFeed” for July 4th are: 3 percent prefer “The Star Spangled Banner” 1 percent prefer “God bless America” 96 percent prefer “Firework” by Katy Perry.

If you still find yourself at a loss for a good patriotic play list then here is a selection of over 20 Fourth of July worthy songs that you can stream which will leave you more time to head back over to the grill or take another dip in the pool.

While the Fourth of July represents the feeling and the spirit of Summer, vacation follows for many hard working Americans. Most of us set up the standard out of the office e-mail auto reply but if you are willing to get a little more creative this year then you may want to consider some of these out of the office e-mail auto-responds. Try one of these fun setups that will let everyone know that your inbox won't be a source of your concern while you are taking a well deserved rest this summer.

Light your sparklers, grab your ice cream and have a terrific summer season and a happy and safe Fourth of July from all of us here at JaguarPC.


Is a cloud web hosting solution the right choice for your business? If you’re one of the many business owners; such as a startup, large scale e-commerce site or even a development testing team, who feel they’d benefit from cloud hosting, it’s Genuine Cloud Server Web Hosting important to be able to spot the differences between true cloud solutions, and services that vaguely resemble cloud web hosting. To ensure you receive the best value for your money, doing your homework on cloud server hosting before selecting a plan is the best way to avoid falling for a marketing ploy.

Avoiding Problematic Web Hosts
There are a number of ways to identify a company that uses "cloud" as a buzzword rather than actually provisioning cloud services. Before signing up with a provider that offers alleged cloud server hosting, it's a smart idea to do your homework and keep an eye out for certain red flags. Many companies that don't provision true cloud services are often troublesome due to issues related to steep rates, lack of upgrades, frequent downtimes, and unhelpful support. Additionally, imitation cloud server hosting forces customers to either purchase too many or too few resources, when they should be entirely scalable.

Choosing the Right Company
Genuine cloud server hosting doesn't suffer from the issues common with imitation cloud services. For one, you can expect to pay for the services you use, rather than having to pay for resources that fall above or below the amount you need. Upgrades via cloud hosting are completed automatically by providers. This way, you don't have to purchase costly upgrades for your software, as you'll be quickly updated to the latest versions. True cloud solutions are also not restricted to a particular location, and can be accessed from anywhere, on any device with an Internet connection.

Why It’s Important
Cloud hosting has become a popular choice for businesses large and small, and many less trustworthy companies advertise cloud web hosting in an attempt to boost profits. When you've decided cloud server hosting services are right for you and your business, you're probably expecting to receive the perks you would get with a reputable company. However, it's important to keep in mind that not all web hosting providers operate on the same tier of quality, and make sure you do your research.


Backup services are one of the core web hosting features that all quality companies should offer. As a safety net system, backups can save business owners from total data loss which can force them to rebuild their websites, create content, and recollect customer information from scratch. When it comes to your JaguarPC VPS Servers Data Centerlivelihood, you can never be too careful. Utilizing a daily backup service is one way to ensure an easy recovery from natural disasters, hackers, malware, and other adverse situations.

About Data Centers
Many established web hosting companies oversee data centers, which store the servers which contain hard disks that hold and house sensitive client information. Data centers are categorized under a prestigious system: Tier 1, 2, 3, and 4. The further up the data center tier system you go, the greater the overall security, power supply, and backup systems. High-tier data centers are typically protected under heavy surveillance, ensuring maximum protection for clients. Companies that deliver fully managed services have staff on-site 24/7 to provide daily backups, updates and upgrades.

Remote Backup Services
Backups are completed in various ways, and are generally safety precautions website owners take to avoid any loss of critical data. Remote backups, sometimes referred to as cloud backups, are commonly provided by web hosting companies in an effort to combat data loss. Remote backup involves copying important files to storage mediums in a provider's data center, giving users the ability to access them later should any accidental information loss occur. In the event a business owner’s website is comprised, they’ll have access to their backup client information, product descriptions, content, images, etc.

Added Peace of Mind
While a dependable backup service is a must if you're thinking of signing up with a web hosting provider, it's also important to backup files on your own. Many data centers have systems in place to lessen issues such as overheating, fires, and power outages. However, you can never be 100% assured that an accident won't compromise you resources. Taking advantage of a provider's backup services, as well as taking precautions on your own, ensures that you'll have your website's information should one medium fail. You can easily locate a low cost online backup system to serve as added protection.


There are various types of hosting plans available to growing businesses and startups. Shared, cloud, and dedicated hosting are some commonly chosen forms of hosting that provide their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Whether you'd benefit from hosting via shared, cloud, or dedicated servers depends on the level of Shared, Cloud and Dedicated Server Differences your need for flexibility, affordability, and security. Also, it's important to consider the rate at which your business is growing, and which solution will provide the best uptime.

Shared Server Hosting
Shared hosting is a commonly chosen plan, as it allows small startups to establish themselves. Hosting companies divide server resources into equal shares, giving clients a certain number of resources to work with. For companies that are just starting out, shared hosting is an excellent way to gain customers and build an online presence. However, as your business amplifies and the traffic to your website becomes heavier, a shared hosting plan will likely lead to downtimes and customer dissatisfaction. Additionally, you may run into problems with your provider if your operations take up too many of the server's resources.

Cloud Solutions
True cloud hosting solutions are especially advantageous for small to medium businesses, and provide an assortment of perks. With a cloud solution, businesses' applications, software, and data are supported by multiple servers, rather than just one. Because information is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere through multiple devices. The resources you use are entirely up to you; however, not keeping track can be risky if you’re on a strict budget. Public cloud hosting can also present security risks if appropriate measures aren't taken to protect critical data.

Dedicated Resources
When you need to lease an entire server on which to manage your business's operations, dedicated hosting is the plan for you. With a dedicated hosting plan, users are free to do virtually anything they wish, as they're not expected to stay within a certain ballpark of resources to conserve space on the server for other users. One of the downsides of hosting on dedicated servers, however, is the price tag. Dedicated server hosting is the most expensive form of hosting, and is generally best suited for more established companies that need high levels of scalability and data protection.




Perks of VPS Hosting & What to Consider

By Sabrina Jun 19, 2014 10:59 am

If your business is advancing and shared hosting plans no longer provide the resources and security you need, hosting through a virtual private server may be the solution you're looking for. Similar to shared servers, virtual private servers host multiple users' data on one server. However, virtual private servers are VPS Web Hosting Will Get your Business Movingisolated and operate much like dedicated servers in a shared setup. You'll receive the add-ons, disk space, bandwidth, and other vital resources you need to effectively manage your business's website.

Secure Shared Environment
Probably one of the most notable advantages of choosing virtual private server hosting is the fact that users have nearly total control over their resources. In many ways, VPS web hosting is similar to dedicated hosting in the sense that users receive a considerable amount of freedom and security. While users don't have an entire server to themselves, as they would with dedicated hosting, they still have access to an entirely isolated system. This gives users the ability to scale their resources without the concern of overusing storage and bandwidth.

Cost-Effective and Scalable
Reasonable monthly fees are another major perk associated with VPS hosting. If you're looking for much of the scalability available through a dedicated server, but don't require as much space as one affords or simply don't wish to cover the costs, VPS web hosting is a favorable substitute. You'll enjoy flexibility and security, just as you would on a dedicated hosting plan with a reputable provider. Also, because your isolated data will be stored on a server populated with other users, you'll receive many of the same support services you'd expect from a shared hosting provider.

Finding a Reliable Provider
There are a lot of factors to consider before you sign on to any hosting plan, including VPS web hosting. The quality of the services you'll receive depends entirely on the company providing those services. Before choosing a virtual private server plan, it's a good idea to do your homework on providers and their experience provisioning quality VPS hosting. Knowledgeable companies are careful never to oversell resources on virtual private servers, and always leave some space untouched to ensure each user enjoys maximum uptime.


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