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Did you know JaguarPC was established in 1998? We are a hosting company providing quality, non-oversold, reliable hosting solutions at an affordable price. Our services are backed by 24/7 professional customer support, stellar hardware, uptime and money back guarantees.

Whether you’re building a reseller business, or are looking to improve your existing company, offering dedicated hosting services is a smart avenue to take. Resell Dedicated Servers Discounts Building a reseller business can be a challenge without a strong platform. Through a dependable web hosting provider, you and your customers will gain access to the best equipment, features and services. With white label dedicated servers and several service packages to choose from, you’ll have the freedom to supply reliable hosting, as well as build a recognizable brand.

Profitable Opportunity
Due to its various advantages, many types of companies – especially those with content-heavy websites – opt for dedicated server hosting. As a reseller, adding white label dedicated servers to your menu of services is a great way to expand clientele and boost profits. Through JaguarPC, you'll receive superior VPS or dedicated servers – giving you the opportunity to design your own packages, build a brand and upsell features. With a reliable parent company at the helm, reseller dedicated hosting has the potential to be a highly profitable business opportunity.

Include Desirable Features
One of the most important steps in creating a reseller hosting business is selecting the types of services your customers will receive. Unlimited bandwidth, free email, unlimited databases and free domains, are some of the crucial features customers typically expect. Powered by LiteSpeed and CloudLinux, our white label reseller servers give resellers' clients an all-around better experience. Web hosting clients demand fast service and consistent uptimes – particularly when their businesses depend on server quality. With top-notch equipment and client-focused packages, you'll exceed your customers' standards.

Applications and IT Support
Knowing what types of clients you’ll be marketing to is part of choosing the correct reseller dedicated hosting plan. Dedicated servers are secure, scalable and reliable. These qualities make them ideal for:

  • High-traffic websites
    E-commerce web stores
    Content-heavy websites
    Mission-critical data storage and protection
    Website and application building

Dedicated servers can be used for just about any operation, which leaves a lot of room for technical error. Fortunately, trustworthy parent companies offer comprehensive IT support services to resellers. Understanding the technicalities of web hosting isn’t 100% necessary when you have the backing of a knowledgeable provider like JaguarPC.


Designing and developing a business website isn't always an easy process – particularly if you’re starting from scratch. Fortunately, tools are available for busy WordPress for Business Websitesbusiness owners who need a website, but don’t have a lot of time or money to invest in one. WordPress – a free, content management system (CMS) – is one such tool. The benefits of WordPress websites are many, but the site’s general ease-of-use, SEO-friendliness, and customization options are some of the most beneficial features.

Hassle-Free Design
Even if your knowledge of website design and development leaves much to be desired, WordPress offers a user-intuitive, simplistic interface. From novices to experts, anyone can use WordPress to bring their vision to life. All of the necessary tools are readily available to users – giving them the platform they need to add new blog posts, links, content, images and pages. Additionally, as an administrator, you can co-manage your website with other users. So, if you and your team share in the responsibility of keeping your website updated, you can create several user accounts with varying levels of authority.

Helpful On-Page SEO
One of the most important benefits of WordPress websites is that it makes search engine optimization (SEO) much less of a challenge. To ensure search engines categorize your website's content efficiently, it's a good idea to look at the simplicity of the coding. As an open-source website and blog builder, WordPress's coding is extremely easy for search engines to scan. This improves the chances of your website appearing on the results pages of relevant searches. WordPress also allows users to fortify their SEO strategies by using keywords, descriptions, meta tags, etc.

Complete Customization
Regardless of whether you're building a blog or promotional business site – or both – you'll have the tools you need to stamp it with your brand. Also, because WordPress is a CMS tool, you won't need to rely on website designers and developers to make simplistic updates on your behalf. Everything users need to customize their sites is readily available. As well as having total control over the content and layout, you'll have access to a full gallery of plugins to help boost productivity, visitor convenience and social media presence.


Statistics say that 78 percent of small businesses (companies with less than 50 employees) will be fully adapted to the cloud by 2020 — up from 37 percent in 2014. Small and mid-sized business owners that still have not converted to the cloud hosting could be missing big benefits. Cloud web hosting offers a cost Business Solutions in the cloudeffective & scalable business solution which has the added benefits of high security levels and disaster data recovery solutions. Cloud systems are the wave of the future and it is easy to see why more and more businesses are embracing it.

Cost Effective
As a small to mid-sized business you are always seeking ways to cut costs and improve revenue. The scalable nature of the cloud allows you to scale up and scale down whenever you like. Businesses benefit big when only the cost of current resource needs are necessary.  Businesses can rely on the cloud to have regular software updates and hardware additions from the provider leading to a reduction in IT administration and upgrade costs. Cloud hosting also allows your data to be available from any point across the internet. This allows for easy team collaboration when all designated employees have access to data. You can forget about having to contact IT administrators to access your data. Using cloud web hosting can eliminate these costs annually & substantially reduce IT costs overall.

Small businesses can operate with the knowledge that their data is secure in cloud systems. If you are resisting a move to the cloud consider its multi-layered approach to security. Many critical elements such as encryption, key management, strong access controls and security intelligence actually improves data security in cloud servers. Cloud web hosting allows for greater data security due to its redundant nature and continual security updates allow for vastly improved systems to protect against hacking vulnerabilities. Cloud hosting offers greater protection from ever emerging security threats from a seemingly unending sources of new hacks and threats. The latest software updates will be automatic & your system stays secure without intervention from your own business resources.

Data Storage and Disaster Recovery
It is important that mission critical data for your growing business be stored on cloud based services. The days of storing and backing up your data onsite are gone. Onsite data can become the victim of fire, theft and natural disasters. If your data is stored on a cloud based system then it will be more secure and you will be able to retrieve it from any location. If you forgot the file you were going to work on in the evening from home you won't have to run back to the office. Cloud data storage allows for near instant restoration and retrieval from the internet so that one file or your entire data bank is available to you 24/7/365 from any location where you have internet access.

It is the time for small to mid-sized businesses to move to the cloud. When you are making your data more secure, available across a wider range of locations and it is more cost effective than it is a no brainier for your business to move its data, hosting and disaster recovery solutions into the cloud. Contact or call 1-888-338-5261 so that we can help your business move into the future of web hosting, data storage and disaster recovery solutions.




Offsite Backups: The Best Data Insurance

By Sabrina Jan 20, 2015 1:20 pm

If you have been hosting your website and running a business for a period of time then you probably already know how important it is to have a good backup copyOffsite Data Backups of your data. Data backups can be crucial to you recovering your images, databases, client lists and other content and information that is critical to your website and your business. You can insure your mission critical data will be available when you use offsite backups. The basic difference is that on site backups are stored by you on your USB's, DVD or external hard drives while offsite backups are stored outside of your business and in servers that are Internet based. Each has it own advantages but there are several major benefits for offsite backups.

Onsite Data Storage Disadvantages
The major disadvantage of onsite storage is that if you experience an event at the place where you store your data it will be lost. Fire, theft and even device failure can leave you without any of your critical information. Offsite data storage and backups for your important information mean that your data is safe from events that can plague on site storage tactics at your place of business.

Offsite Data Recovery
Offsite backups have benefits that some businesses and website owners overlook. Backups which are offsite allow for access from any location across the internet & you can also share your data with multiple locations. When you invest in a third party backup solution it will give you multiple options to keep your data safe. When you have backups stored on a hard drive other than your own and access to that data at anytime from any point of access from the net then you have the best means in place for total data recovery. Online backup services help keep your backups current. You will no longer have to be concerned about keeping your own backups current through your onsite systems and methods.

Onsite Disasters
Everything to do for your business should be backed up in case of an emergency. You want to have access to everything from your company’s financial records to client lists, which will enable you to rebuild should anything happen. Theft, fire, power surges, natural disasters and other system failures can result in you losing data that is critical to the success of your business. Onsite data storage and recovery solutions can leave business owners scurrying to retrieve their information before a tornado strikes, a flood rises or a wildfire sparks. Not unlike business insurance, offsite storage of your data can provide a level of protection that you can put into place before a data destroying event happens. If your business information is stored offsite, then your entire office could experience a data disaster event and you would still have access to the valuable files you have stored at a secure and technologically sound offsite backup location.

Keep your Data Current
As a business owner with an onsite data backup system in place, you may be happy with the process. As your business grows, are you confident that you are making sure that your backups are performed regularly? One busy week where you failed to take recent backups could lead to more lost information than you ever imagined. Offsite backups allow you to connect to the Internet and schedule regular backups like clockwork. As an active and successful business in fast paced times your information could be more secure by using a backup system that does it all for you. Offsite backups free you from the worry of losing your data and give you a piece of mind that your data is scheduled to update and remain current with nothing having to be done on your part. Embrace a better and safer way to store and restore your data

JaguarPC offers a comprehensive data backup plan and disaster recovery solution at an affordable price. We can help you design the best offsite plan to suit your needs. Offsite backups will prevent data loss due to device and disks failures, theft and natural disasters. When you choose an offsite data backup and disaster recovery plan you are choosing a more sound backup system than you have available with your onsite systems.


Is building a website for your business, blog or social networking hangout on your agenda? If you’ve considered using a content management system (CMS), it’s WordPress, Drupal and Joomla the best CMS Comparedlikely you’ve heard of the three most popular open-source tools: Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. While each is designed to facilitate website building, all three offer different features and levels of usability. Even though Drupal, Joomla and WordPress are free, it’s important to choose the one that works best with your skill level and website goals for the best results.

Available Tools
As far as features go, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress deliver an assortment of tools. Drupal offers a strong community platform. Users can take advantage of the various social networking features to reach out to customers/readers on Facebook, Twitter and other similar websites. Joomla is much more systematic in its content management approach. You'll have access to tagging, labeling, and organization tools, which will aid you in creating more structured, accessible content. For beginners and experts alike, Wordpress is ideal. With an array of themes and educational features for inexperienced users, it's perfect for building quick, attractive sites.

General Ease-of-Use
Each CMS offers varying degrees of usability, and one or the other may be more beneficial to you based on your website building experience. Drupal is probably the most technical, and requires the highest level of design and development know-how. However, it produces progressive, professional end-results. If Drupal is the most technical, and Wordpress is the least technical, then Joomla is somewhere in the middle. Joomla requires some structural know-how and produces fairly advanced sites, while Wordpress is highly intuitive and great for simple site building.

Intended Uses
The features and usability of each CMS tool differs from one another, so it only makes sense that they're intended for different purposes. Due to its technical design, Drupal is perfect for intricate website building, such as community-oriented sites and e-commerce. In that regard, Joomla is very similar. Highly versatile and structured, Joomla can build online stores and community platform sites with ease. If you need to create a simplistic blogging or news site on the fly, Wordpress is ideal. This rings especially true if you don't have the time to build a site from scratch.

JaguarPC offers options for the best web hosting across the Joomla, WordPress and Drupal CMS platforms. Contact our sales team to learn more about how to get your Joomla, WordPress or Drupal website or blog published and distributed across the Internet for the highest possible exposure levels.


A reliable and reputable web presence is paramount to success today, and this often involves finding a dependable hosting solution. Owning and maintaining yourDedicated Servers Best Web Hosting Plan own server is a daunting task, mainly because of the number of responsibilities and risks that come along with it. Many professionals take these into account and decide that it is a better idea to use high quality dedicated server hosting with JaguarPC. Among numerous other reasons, here are three of the most important benefits that show JaguarPC Dedicated Server Solutions are the right choice.

We give you the chance to dictate the terms of your dedicated server hosting arrangement with us, so you are paying for exactly what you want and need. You shouldn’t be hemmed into one or two options for an operating system or hardware. Instead you should have the option to choose from many of today’s popular options, like CentOS, Debian, Fedora Core, Suse, and Windows. Also, by choosing a dedicated server you gain administrative access to arrange and rearrange your own infrastructure, configure custom programs, and essentially run the show. When you share a server with others, this option is no longer possible. You don’t have to sacrifice your control in order to gain superior management and technology.

Professional Management and Tech Support
Purchasing, housing, and maintaining your own server is a huge responsibility that can greatly interfere with your day to day operations and existing set up. The space and resources required can be tough to provide without adding greatly to your business expenses. When something goes wrong, it’s up to you to work out the problem. This could mean hiring a repair service to troubleshoot, handling the problem yourself, or even adding the expense of a full-time employee. The cost begins to pile up over the initial purchase price quickly. Instead, you can make the whole process hassle-free with the expert management and 24/7 technical support of JaguarPC. We handle the care and keeping of your dedicated server so you don’t have to, and if a problem occurs we are on hand immediately to resolve it.

Perhaps one of the most important considerations for server hosting is security, and who better to handle that than professionals who work in maintaining secure servers every day. There are many security standards that need to be met, especially for businesses subject to HIPAA or PCI DSS. JaguarPC protects your data to the greatest possible extent, and dedicated server hosting provides you with your own IP address for increased safety.

Dedicated server hosting doesn’t have to be challenge when you choose JaguarPC Dedicated Server Solutions. Gain advanced security, expert management, and excellent tech support while maintaining the control you need.


The many available options for web hosting today make it very difficult to choose which is best for your particular website. Every business has different needs VPS Hosting Virtual Private Server Web Hostingthat might make one option better than another specifically, but in general some hosting options offer more advantages than others. Many professionals come to the conclusion that they need something in the middle, not quite as small scale as shared hosting, but perhaps not as expensive and large as a dedicated server. When this is the case, the best solution is VPS hosting with JaguarPC.

What is it?
Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting provides a virtual machine that has many of the same capabilities as a dedicated physical server, though it is much less costly. Your virtual server is run alongside one, or perhaps a few other virtual servers on a single physical server, but they don’t intersect the way they would on a shared server. It’s a virtual operating system, so it will work with any software that is complimentary, and it is more easily accessible for customization and configuration. It does take a certain level of technical knowledge and skill to use, which professionals often remedy with a dedicated system administrator or a managed VPS hosting plan.

What are the Advantages?
There are plenty of benefits that come with VPS hosting, but one of the first that people notice and enjoy is the extra space. VPS provides a massive amount of space and bandwidth, so you can use it however you need. In the event that you expand or downsize, it is a simple matter of changing your subscription accordingly so you are only paying for what you need. You also gain the ability to easily perform your own backups and you gain  increased flexibility when it comes to your own security settings and OS choices. Private disk space gives you access to an increased number of resources than what you would find with shared hosting, and the security benefits that come along with more control over your VPS are a major draw as well.  It boils down to greater control, increased security, and more space, but at a more affordable rate than a dedicated server hosting option.

Is VPS Hosting Right for You?
If you have grown too large for the shared hosting option, but you are not quite so large that you want the expense of a dedicated server, then VPS is a great choice. You won’t be constrained by the limited resources and control that come with shared hosting, and you won’t be weighed down with a large jump in hosting cost increases that come with dedicated server hosting. Our knowledgeable team at JaguarPC is ready to show you all that you can gain from VPS hosting. Contact our sales team today to learn which VPS hosting plan is right for you.



JaguarPC is proud to offer exceptional web hosting.  Many people choose our web hosting services after shopping around based on our superior reputation and Hints for Exceptional Web Hosting Serviceour 16 years of experience in the web hosting industry.  The research you perform before deciding on your web hosting provider is important to ensure you are choosing a web host that you can trust. You will want to consider a few key aspects to ensure that you will be receiving the right level of services for your website's needs but also a higher standard of web hosting that is affordable and reliable.

Plan Prices
Price is one of the biggest factors people take into account when choosing web hosting, and while it should be competitive it is important not to sacrifice quality for affordability. A quality website hosting service will provide numerous options at varying degrees of cost, so you can pay for what you need and not more or less.

Content Access Methods
How do you want to access and add your web content? Some sites only offer their own platform and input methods rather than FTP, and that will put major limitations on what you can do. For the optimal amount of control, you want to make sure your website hosting service has accessible webmaster tools, such as cPanel, that give you round the clock access to your site. After all, it is yours to dictate and your hosting service should offer you multiple means to upload and update your site over simply one method.

You don’t want deal with slow speeds and downtime, and you shouldn’t have to. Reputable website hosting services today should be able to guarantee your uptime over 99% of the time. One of the major conveniences that comes with web hosting is that someone else is responsible for housing and maintaining the system in a manner that keeps things running smoothly, and if they can’t then you don’t want them in charge of hosting your website.

Technical Support
Many services boast of 24/7 support that is easy to access, but customers later find out that this is too good to be true. A quality website hosting service will have tech support and customer service that is TRULY available at all times, and be quick to respond to your problems. You can often find the truth in customer reviews, and also by testing their service with emails at odd times. It won’t take much research to find out if a company is full of empty promises, and the greater number of happy customers you read about the better your chances for a positive web hosting experience will be.

Secure Server with SSL
If your website is intended for selling products or services, then you cannot be without SSL. The difference between “http://” and “https://” is staggering for people expecting to receive card payments or store private customer information. Verify every security option and contingency they have in place before trusting your site and your clients sensitive information to a hosting service.

If you have been searching for a web host that offers reliable and affordable hosting plans then you can stop your search with JaguarPC. Our 16+ years of web hosting experience along with our 100% uptime SLA will show you our services are exceptional and superior.


It means a great deal to me to be able to wish all of our customers here at JaguarPC another Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am already looking forward to allMerry Christmas from JaguarPC Web Hosting the good times to be had in 2015! I hope all of you find time to spend with your family and friends this Christmas season so that you can celebrate and enjoy the good company and cheer that comes along with Christmas time and the new year.

2014 was a great year. I want to pause and thank all of those who have been a part of our success. I feel lucky to have clients like you as part of this company. JaguarPC turned 16 this year and without the dedication and loyalty of you that would not have been possible. Every step forward is a step towards achieving something bigger and better and I appreciate each and every one of you on board as we continue to pursue our goals. Thank you for helping us achieve another successful year at JaguarPC.

I also want to thank all of the staff here. We have a very strong team in place and they take pride in what they do. Exceptional support has been our motto throughout the year and these team members have been instrumental in making strides to improve services across all areas of the company. I thank our customer and technical support services teams for all that they have achieved over the past year. I encourage you to reach out at anytime you have difficulties. They are eager to assist you.

I am truly fortunate to be blessed with a client base like you guys. We receive a multitude of positive feedback over the course of the year. I thank you for those messages that inspire us towards new heights in web hosting and show us what a loyal following we have here at JaguarPC. Your feedback is instrumental to our success. Keep it coming, we love it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May your projects and dreams continue to grow and prosper in 2015.

God Bless,
Greg Landis, CEO JaguarPC


Lower prices and convenience are two items that make online shopping more and more popular. In the next four years it will grow by over 10%. You can alwayseCommerce Tips for More Sales Today improve your eCommerce site and make adjustments to gain better footing in the ever expanding eCommerce market. Opportunities to better your e-commerce site and the way you do business are readily available but there are some immediate issues you can address for a more traceable return.

Attract Attention to your Ecommerce Site
Help customers find you. Set a marketing budget for search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click campaigns, banners, and sponsored placement on blogs that have authority and speak to your types of clients. Use online advertising venues that are suited to your products in order to reach the most customers who have a need for your products and services. Pitching to the right consumer niche will have a better return value over broadcasting to a mass audience.

Expand Into the Mobile Market
The mobile market continues to grow annually. Now many consumers shop for and purchase goods over mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. If your website isn't mobile responsive then you could be losing a good chunk of sales due to this valuable and lucrative consumer niche being unable to navigate, search and check out on your website over their mobile devices. Check your website and its functionality and abilities across multiple devices to know where your site stands. This consumer level has money to spend but they won't wait to if your site doesn't load and they won't buy if they can't use your check out system on their devices. While in the past you had about 15 seconds to capture and retain a visitor via desktop browsers, this level of consumer is fast and they want near immediate results. Give your website a full mobile responsive makeover to capture this large segment of revenue that you could be missing.

Make Costs Low
Every dime you save on the costs of running your eCommerce site and on the purchase of the products and services you offer, the better your overall return will be. Constantly networking in your industry will put you in touch with new vendors who may offer you better prices. Wholesale vendors and manufacturers will be able to offer you some of the best prices. The #1 factor in ecommerce website popularity is price. If you can keep your purchase price low then your mark up will keep making a better return for you and customers will be happier with lower prices.

Use a High Performance Web Hosting Plan
If your website isn't online then consumers can't checkout. Trying to shoestring your hosting budget could end up costing you big if your site goes down or if you run out of resources and your account is suspended. If you have a large sales event or your traffic is growing, you need to make sure your server can handle the volume. Many hosts now offer business web hosting plans that are resource laden and have the additional security features you need to protect the sensitive financial and personal information of your clients. Cloud hosting is also a good option for your hosting as it is secure and scalable. So, if you have a high traffic sales event planned you can adjust your resource usage up for the event and back down once it is over. This is a cost effective way to ensure uptime, superior security and the overall reliability of your ecommerce website.

Simplify the Checkout Process
Customers wont generally wait around to check out and finalize their orders if the site is slow or if you are trying to require them to register in order to get to the check out area. Accept as many forms of payment that you can. Bitcoin is accepted by and used by many. Consider adding it to show you are on the cutting edge and to add options in order to process as many payments as possible. Speedy shipping along with shipping options will endear your customers to your eCommerce website. Try to make shipping rates as low as possible and shipping times as quick as possible to ensure happy and returning visitors.

Increase Sales and Site Popularity
If you are a computer store make sure you offer all the cables and accessories a consumer might want or need. If you are a clothing store add belts and jewelry along with other accessories to your site. This keeps your visitors from having to move to another place to shop for that "needed" item. Keep customers on your site and they will be happier not to have to shop around and your overall checkout returns will be higher. Take every opportunity to keep that visitor on your website. Use a widget to direct the customers to what might compliment their original purchase. You would be surprised how this simple tactic encourages the consumer to produce higher checkout totals per visit.

Customer Service Comes First
You can succeed or shut down shop almost solely based on the level of customer service you offer. In the age of eBay and Amazon people want to be able to make contact on the order status, order contents and shipping time frames as well as returns almost immediately. When your eCommerce stores offers more than one system enabled for your customers to interact with you, you will be more successful. Live chat is very popular and many customers still want to speak to a live representative as well. Check your customers feedback to make sure you are meeting their expectations. One bad customer service event can send a client away forever. Disgruntled and dissatisfied, once happy customers, can turn into your worst enemy by way of public channels and reviews. Cut off problems at the head and your happy clients will make recommendations and referrals to their networks more frequently.

Google Reviews Boost Exposure
Few items are worth more to your SEO value and your consumer appeal than Google reviews. Positive reviews will paint you in the best light for customers that have not used you yet and they can give your site better ranking. An astounding 70% of consumers trust reviews from people they don't know but that post positive reviews. 88% of consumers now check reviews and ratings before they make a purchase. That same percentage level also makes recommendations to friends, family members and other business and personal networks when they have a positive experience. Don't be shy, ask for reviews. The practice of gaining positive online reviews has exponential value which will drive more traffic and thus sales to your e-commerce site.

There are always a number of technical improvements you can make to your eCommerce website. But, the best way to expand your sales and client base is to provide what the consumer demands. Your visitors might not notice the new features on your shopping cart or really care about your new images but they will notice lower prices, better shipping rates and improved customer service right away. Make changes that mean a higher level of satisfaction for your clients and watch your bottom line results improve.


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