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Did you know JaguarPC was established in 1998? We are a hosting company providing quality, non-oversold, reliable hosting solutions at an affordable price. Our services are backed by 24/7 professional customer support, stellar hardware, uptime and money back guarantees.

When it comes to installing your WordPress blog cPanel makes it easy. Choose a web hosting company that offers cPanel and you will enjoy simple WordPress installation along with features that will make all of your web hosting and site or blog maintenance and upkeep tasks a snap. The popularity of WordPress has WordPress Website Design Packagescontinued to thrive and skyrocket due to its easy to use interface and the ability to get your blog and even your website hosted without any complicated technical procedures. The combined powers of WordPress and cPanel allow you to embrace a whole new frontier that used to require expertise.

Self Hosted WordPress
If you have decided to self host your blog, you have decided to take charge and showcase your work to the world via your own domain and an IP that can help you with your SEO, digital marketing and the growth of your readerships. Setting up hosting and getting your WordPress blog online is not a complicated affair. If you have decided that you want to host your own blog, you have a domain name and you have signed up for a web hosting plan then you may be wondering what to do next. Setup is easy and generally you only need to create your database via cPanel. Your web host will have sent you your cPanel login.

Get Started With cPanel
cPanel one click web hosting install for WordPress BlogsEssentially using a web host allows you to set up a space where the WordPress software is placed. Your own domain can be associated. If you don't already have a domain you can order one or one may be included in your plan for free when you sign up for web hosting. When you are ready to get started simply login into cPanel. Look for the MySQL Database Wizard icon. Name your database and then choose your username and password., make it long and strong with alpha numerical and special characters. Choose your privileges and then complete the task. Once the wp-config.php is added to the database you can install WordPress.

Alternatively, you can check the website builders icon in your cPanel and scroll down to find the WordPress Logo. Click on the icon. You will see install WordPress once the page comes up and you only need to click on start. Next, select the domain you wish to use. In most cPanel setups you only next need to agree to the terms and conditions click "Install Now" and wait a couple of minutes for the process to complete. You should the receive a login URL for your blog and a notification with your user name and password.

Advanced Options
Now that you have your blog hosted you only need to sign into your WordPress login page and select posts from your dashboard. Create your content and add your images. You can then click on preview to see how you like the way it looks in your browser. If you are satisfied you can then click to publish. When you are ready to get more advanced with your blog looks and functions you can explore themes that you would like to add. Themes make your blog look attractive and add features like commenting, social media badges and easy contact forms which are all features most visitors will expect to see in addition to your blog content.

Viola. Now your blog is hosted and your domain can now display your WordPress blog all across the world wide web. When you use cPanel web hosting to setup and install your WordPress blog you have made the right choice. Now that you know how simple it is you can move your blog up in the ranks on the search engines and create more exposure for your voice and ideas on a global scale.

Get started with more WordPress website design options.At JaguarPC  WordPress Web Design combines with WordPress Maintenance Level Hosting plans for a flawless website without any technical needs from your side. Contact our sales team at sales to learn how to get started.


Websites are more prone to security holes and back doors more so now than in the past. Recent hacks on larger retailers continue and despite the technology industry's attempts to create rock solid systems, security issues still occur. While you may have taken time to design and create a beautiful site that indexes well Security Tips for your Website and Serverand attracts multitudes of visitors you may have overlooked the deeper security concerns that could cause your site to come crashing down. While some hackers may exploit your site to steal data or create mass complications on your website, most hacks are designed with the overall intention of stealing your server. Once your server has been compromised via your website then malicious activities can be performed. Your server could be used for spam, or other illegal activities. Hacking is regularly performed by automated scripts written to scour the Internet in an attempt to exploit known website security issues in software. Here are our top 9 tips to help keep you and your site safe and online. Shore up your website and close holes that could lead to problems you would rather not encounter.

Strong Passwords
While some may think a strong password is a hassle, the greater headache could be an infiltration of your website and the possible exploitation of your information. Passwords that include uppercase and lower case along with numerical and special characters that combine for 10-15 spaces long will make for a strong password. Change them around every three months. Don't 'use redundant passwords. This means do not use the same password for all of your sites or programs. Easy passwords are another portal for exploitation. Common easy passwords, and there are lists of these, are the first ones that are checked. Password vaults are a handy solution for ease of use and the overall organization of your passwords. Take the first step to better security and check your passwords to see if you are at fault on any of these points.

Current Versions of Software
Software gets updates and new versions for many reasons which generally include features and fixes for known problems. Updates and versions are for the most part or in many cases for security reasons. Sometimes a backdoor has been found which can leave the platform vulnerable and updates provide a solution to this type of problem. When you don't update and you leave your system or website wide open to a security vulnerability you aren't doing a service to yourself, your clients or your visitors. Keep regular updates on your software not for the new features you may not care for but more for the background updates that have been put into place against weaknesses which may not be evident to you but are very clear and defined routes into your system for hackers and attacks.

SSL Certificates
Secure Socket Layer certificates (SSL)  are necessary if you are an e-commerce site or a website that keeps sensitive information such as e-mails, phone numbers and passwords. Once an SSL certificate is enabled on your server an extra level of security is in place. Visitors to your site will take note of your https, note the "S", as a designation of a site that has a higher level of scrutiny in place. Visitors will be more likely to trust your site and purchase products and/or provide sensitive information which they might not pass on a less secure http website. Adding this level of protections ensures to you and your clients that sensitive information won't be easy to reach. Established lines of trust have the benefit of bringing you more repeat visitors and potential sales. Goggle also now has decided that websites which are marked by https are very reliable and trustworthy and thus ranks them higher than sites that are not as well protected. Adding an SSL certificate does have a cost but the benefits far outweigh the actual cost of even one exploit.

Keep Your Scripts Up to Date
Out of date scripts can get you into trouble much the same way that outdated software does. If a script has been in play for a long time it is possible that a backdoor or a weakness has been found in it. If you have scripts you are not using then you will want to delete them. Scripts could be running functions or performing tasks without your knowledge and these tasks could be ruining the reputation of your server or even hogging resources for other purposes. Many hacks are also run by automated scripts that are designed to surf the Internet looking for known website security issues in software or older scripts that may be left on your server. While scripts can be handy they can also present hazards. Update your scripts and delete old ones. This simple practice will create a better and more secure environment for your server and your website.

Malware is malicious. You may have gone to a website and downloaded what seemed to be a legitimate program but once you installed it you let a background program run rampant in your system. It is often the case that compromised systems are used for spam campaigns or DDoS attacks. A malware infection can destroy data or corrupt it beyond repair. Protect yourself by downloading only programs you know are from reputable providers. Another precaution is to always keep backups of your data. You never know when malware or even a disaster event could strike and wipe out your data. Use redundant sources so your data if it is lost at one location it can still be restored from another. Malware prevention options are abundant and with the security breaches of today you will want to consider a virus program that includes malware protection or an additional program which knows when, where and how malware strikes and prevents intrusions before they mire themselves deep into your systems.

Cloud Flare
CloudFlare can be enabled through cPanel on most hosting plans at JaguarPC. It is an easy no cost addition which can provide you with additional level of security. CloudFlare in recent years has become one of the top security platforms that can be added to your server. They have thwarted some of the largest distributed denial of service attacks in history. CloudFlare is constantly searching for new types of threats, ways and means to deal with them. SQL injections, cross site scripting, comment spam, and email harvesters as well as excessive bot crawling are a few of the types of security concerns that CloudFlare can address. Check your cPanel control panel for the CloudFlare icon for a near one click install. CloudFlare will also enhance your site performance which can enhance the returns in the search engines for your website.

WordPress Versions
WordPress is one of the most popular blogging and website platforms available. Since so many websites run on WordPress it is often a target for those looking to hack in. One of the best practices you can take is to update your WordPress versions as they come out. Again, this is similar to updates for scripts ad software. Over time those who wish to exploit system will find weak spots and then slip in and create havoc or perform damage. Version updates usually include a few security patches so keep on top of them. While WordPress itself takes action to fix security problems, the themes that many people use can also contain unknown backdoors. Many different authors write themes and sometimes the intention can be to distribute a theme so that once it is in place, it provides an open door for those who know the weakness of the theme. Choose themes from known and reliable sources and always check a theme on a search engine to see if any vulnerabilities pop up in the results.

Data Backups
Despite doing everything you should to provide the essential security you could still become the victim of an attack. If your website is compromised then you could lose all of your data. Months or even years of hard work could be lost. While WordPress offers a backup system and JaguarPC offers free daily backups, you should also consider "at least" one other source. Don't rely on one copy because mishaps can occur and disasters can happen. These types of events could wipe servers clean and leave you without another copy. There are many types of data storage and disaster recovery systems available across the web or even from your web host. Multiple copies of your data is the safest bet.

Brute Force Attacks
Brute force attacks are just that. The most simple means of breaking into a system is used. A brute force attack tries all user names and password in order to eventually gain access to a site. This is why passwords of a higher level of strength are urged by providers of all types of SaaS as well as web hosts and others types of services and platforms. During a brute force attack you may notice a spike in resource usage and a drop in performance due to the number of http requests. While it may be easy to put in a known and popular password it won't be so simple to restore your site or your user's faith in the security of it if you become the victim of a brute force event.

The listed security tactics are all good means to secure your site and significantly reduce your chance of data loss, havoc on your website or comprised information that your clients have entrusted to you. Take a run through your website and across your accounts to see where you can patch up any holes in your security strategy. While some web designers may think it would be more prudent to work on a new blog or to take some time creating a new page, the real best use of your time as a web master should go first to making sure that your site is locked down again intrusions. The time spent shutting all the doors to any vulnerabilities on your website could be priceless in the end.


Are you keeping up or getting left behind in world of digital business and e-commerce? In today's emerging Global economy you as a business owner can reach a Online Business for a Global Presensemuch more vast audience and market for your product or services. You aren't able to do that effectively unless you have an online presence. Clients expect to see you online and if they don't they may simply begin to do business with one of your competitors. A website, an e-commerce platform, a social media page or a combination of all three will help your business grow and reach new audiences and customers around the world.

How Will Putting My Business Online Help Me?
The benefits of having your business online are many fold. If you don't have an online presence for your business then you are missing out on more business. It is actually easy to get a website design and hosting as well as set up an e-commerce presence with all of the tools available to you today. A website makes it easier to showcase your products and services a well as keep in contact with your clients. You can build relationships with existing customers and reach out to new ones. Your brand will also be able to achieve a wider range of exposure.

Why Do I Need Web Hosting For My Online Presence?
If you have decided to put your business online then you will need web hosting services. While shared web hosting will be enough for a standard site you may need a larger account if you are going to have a good bit of traffic on your site. Some businesses also require a higher level of security setting such as dedicated IP's and SSL's. If you are on a shared server it is easy for other users to "hog" resources and minimize the performance of your site which can affect overall customer satisfaction. The high page load speed times produced by more robust business web hosting or VPS hosting plans are generally a better decisions for business. Business and e-commerce sites may also need special setting that shared hosting can't provide due to its standardization of certain features.

Is It Expensive to Build a Website?
Websites are more affordable and easier than ever to create with platforms like WordPress which has emerged in recent times. 20% or more of the websites on the internet are now created by using the WordPress for websites. A simple website usually costs about $100 a page. Many designers are capable of creating an attractive and high performance website at rates that won't eat into your budget and you can start small and add more pages and features as your website helps your business grow. If you think the cost is too high then consider the cost of not having a website. The loss of sales from a global scale, which a website can provide, is much higher than the potential growth of sales that your business could experience once it has an internet presence on a global scale.

Why Should I Use Social Media On My Website?
Social Media channels continue to grow in popularity. Social media allows you to market your brand and products across a number of vast networks. If you have a web presence then you are able to reach out via social media with your products and services as well as provide information that directs users back to your website. Vice versa, users who see your social media badges on your website will be inclined to follow your channels and be more engaged with what you offer and the information you provide. Social media allows you to gain new business when potential future clients stay engaged with your brand and services and it also provides a venue where current clients can contact you as well as promote your product which provides you with free advertising and marketing.

Mobile Market
Nearly everyone has a smart phone and they are using it to search for businesses that are online. Sales through mobile phones and other mobile devices have climbed by nearly 20% in recent times. When you put your business online it is imperative that you choose a website design plan that will display your website across all types of devices. If you are on the Internet with your products then you have a foot in on the mobile market. Ask your designer to make sure your site is attractive and engaging on mobile and you will be able to attract a whole new segment of buyers for your products and awareness for your brand.

Three out of four people will head to the Internet to find businesses that offer the product and services they are seeking. An online presence will enhance your business opportunities and exploit new markets which may have never heard of your business before. The possibilities for your business and services will expand and possibly explode once you embrace an internet presence and begin to engage the global and mobile market place.




Database Backup Systems for Beginners

By Sabrina Sep 16, 2014 1:11 pm

What Are Database Backup Systems?
If you have ever worried about losing your data that has been stored on your computer, database backup systems will be your hero. This system makes sure your data is safe and sound if something were to happen with your computer or computers. Having a database backup system will allow you to restore your data and Database Backup Systemsnothing will be lost. Multiple things can cause you to lose your data, some of these things such as natural disasters like tornadoes, floods, and fires. It could  be something a malicious event such as theft, hardware malfunctions, or viruses that may have come in and take over your computer. The information that you lose could be something confidential such as customer information, or it could be something sentimental such as family photos or personal emails. Either way, the data that you lose could cause some serious headaches, heartache, or even worse, job loss. You want your data backed up and you want to be ensured that you will not lose it. Keep reading below for more information about database backup systems and how they could keep you from losing your data.

What Should You BackUp?
You want to backup the items on your hard drive that are irreplaceable such as customer information, financial information, spreadsheets, and anything that may be confidential. On a personal level, you may want to backup your music that you have purchased, family photos, or important emails. No need to worry about backing up programs because you are going to have to reinstall these anyway if your computer crashes. Make sure and keep any discs that may come with your programs because you will need these to reinstall the programs you may lose.

What to Consider When Choosing a Backup System
Once you have figured out what you need to backup, it will be easier for you to choose what database backup system you need for your personal or business use. After you have figured that out, you can figure out what compression method to use for you data. Once you have decided on your compression method, you need to figure out how often you want to backup your data. If you are backing up your business information that changes constantly, you may want to consider backing it up every other hour. But if it is data that changes once a week, you can consider backing it up once or twice a month. Then if it is data that you make changes to such as personal photos, you may consider just backing it up when you make changes.

Overall, it would be in your best interest to consider choosing a database backup system whether that be for your business data or your personal data. It will give you a better peace of mind and may even save your job at some point! Once you have figured out the information you need to back up, you can consider which database backup system best suits your needs.

Contact the sales team to learn more about our Data Backup and Storage services.




Cloud Hosting for Beginners

By Sabrina Sep 12, 2014 7:35 am

What is “The Cloud”?
“The Cloud” may sound like a confusing term, but it is actually easy to wrap your mind around. Simply put, cloud computing refers to storing and accessing data over the internet. Traditionally, data and programs are stored and run on your computer's local hard drive or network. Whenever you access data that is stored Cloud Web Hosting on a local hard drive or network, you are not using the cloud. For example, if you were to view a photo that is stored on your hard drive, you are not using the cloud. However, if you were to get on the internet and view a photo on Instagram or Facebook, then you would be accessing the cloud because that photo is not stored on your local hard drive. The “cloud” simply refers to a bank of servers that you can access through the Internet to store and access data. It is used for personal use or it can be used by businesses. “The cloud” has multiple names such as cloud computing, cloud hosting, or simply “the cloud”.

What is Cloud Hosting?
Cloud hosting or cloud computing is when a company runs an application on virtual servers over the internet instead of using physical servers located in their personal offices. Hosting an application and having physical servers located in your offices requires maintenance, physical space, and can cause multiple headaches. Cloud hosting is offered as a service rather than a product. Cloud hosting companies provide space as needed. The user pays only for what they use, much like paying for electricity. When using cloud hosting, the goal is to decrease the costs and headaches caused by purchasing, setting up, and maintaining your own on-premise servers.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting
There are multiple benefits when using cloud hosting. One of the clearest benefits is how quick and simple it is to set-up and use hosted servers over physical on premise servers. Using cloud hosting, a company should be able to focus on doing their job rather than setting up and maintaining servers. Another benefit of cloud hosting is that it is disaster safe. Rather than being hosted on a single physical server, an application hosted on the cloud draws its resources from a network of underlying servers. If one server fails, it will have little to no effect on the availability of the application. Cloud hosting can also be more affordable than traditional on-premise servers. Cloud hosting companies only charge people for the resources they use, so you don’t have to pay for resources that you don’t need.

Cloud hosting is the way of the future. Companies are moving away from the traditional on-premise model towards hosted cloud solutions. Operating with cloud hosting will make the lives of your employees less stressful and will increase the amount of functionality for your business.




.Org $1.99 September Special

By Sabrina Sep 09, 2014 2:00 pm

JaguarPC is offering over an amazing $1.99 .org special  * through the month of September.

Why a .org Domain?
When you need to get the best rank presence and traffic for your .com domain then a .org domain can help immensely. If you already have an established .com extension then you should definitely consider the benefits of also obtaining the .org extension as well. Blogs, businesses and e-commerce presences that have a .org Domain June Special at JaguarPCbrand and a reputation to protect can't afford to have their names taken and used by others for alternative purposes which can include websites that might try to mimic your .com's services or products. Even worse consequences could occur due to malicious activities using your .com address as a .org. Purchasing the .org extension can give you the confidence of knowing that your hard work and efforts won't be diminished by a perpetrator who is riding on the coat tails of your own efforts.

Trusted and Established
.org domains are trusted by consumers and potential clients. Most established businesses that are doing well or have good future potential will procure their .org for purposes beyond name recognition and brand name protection. Not only is having a .org domain an important sound business decision but it can also have the benefit of increased web exposure. Search engines will index your .org domain and your .com domain leading to better ranks and more results to get your organization in front of more prospects that will have a potential interest in your organization. The more you are seen the more popular you can become .

Philanthropy and Non-Profits
Groups that promote and engage in philanthropy and the absence of profit structures are more prone to use .org domains. People around the world have an interest in finding your website or blog that promotes a cause or special interest when you use a .org name. The extension lends the concept of organization over business to potential members and contributors for your principal or movement.  Special fund and awareness raising efforts may be taken more to heart when a .org is present on the world wide web address. Those who have interests will note that your site or blog's efforts are more contribution over profit based and may lend a more sympathetic ear and greater support to your efforts. Use a .org to have your mission gain greater and more respected recognition. Highlight the socially responsible agendas that you are promoting and get a better response through the association and reputation of .org.

Professional Organizations and Associations
Organizations can naturally benefit from the clear association with .org. Professional outreach can gain greater momentum, respect and additional members as well as influence by the use of this trusted and well know cross link.  The American Heart Association and The American Bar Association are two good examples of organizations that are well recognized and make good use of the .org extension option. If your site deals with professionals then .org is a solid choice which will help you gain new members and let the public know more about the services and benefits that your organization is capable of providing. The greater respect and the association with professionalism can help your membership grow and maintain a good light in the public eye. A .org can help your professional organization gain the value of being a respected authority and the go to link for networking and information.

Overlooking the deeper values of a .org domain could cost you the recognition, awareness and protection that your brand, association, organization or non-profit deserves. When you purchase a .org domain you are increasing the awareness of your organization and allowing a broader audience to engage with and promote your cause. Don't get left behind on the search engines but inspire more support for your agendas and overall cultural institutions, religious organizations, civic and artistic efforts as well as social and sport teams, and communities. Spread the word with a .org and take advantage of the world wide community gains for more members and contributions. .org can be a signal that you are in it for the greater good over the greater green.

*New domains only, no transfers or renewals, first year only.




Dedicated Hosting for Beginners

By Sabrina Sep 08, 2014 11:59 am

What is Dedicated Hosting?
Dedicated hosting can have multiple names such as dedicated server, dedicated hosting service, or managed dedicated web hosting. This type of hosting service allows for a client to have full access to the server and it is used by no one else. The server is located and maintained at a remote location, but the client has Dedicated Server Web Hosting Planscomplete control over it. Dedicated hosting is more flexible than a shared hosting solution as it allows the client to choose the operating system, hardware, etc. Being able to take advantage of dedicated hosting is something that could be beneficial for your business because you won't have to contend with any other traffic or resource usage on the server since all of the resources are allocated only to the dedicated server user.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting
When you share a server with other clients, such is the case on shared web hosting, you are in danger of not having enough memory or capacity for your information because other clients could be using a significant amount of the allocated resources leaving you at a loss. With a dedicated server, you no longer have to worry about other people using up all the resources. Security is better when you are able to use dedicated hosting because no one else is using that server except you. You are able to benefit from regular updates as well as security packages that are offered. When you do not manage your own server and you share with others, you are not in control of many things. When you are controlling your own server, you can have access to as many aspects as you need for your business. Another benefit with dedicated hosting is that you get better performance with your server. No matter how much traffic you have on your server, you can rely on it running efficiently.

How to Use Dedicated Hosting
One of the first things you should  know about dedicated hosting is that it is a server that is committed to only one client. Another thing to note would be that dedicated hosting is also used by larger companies who have outgrown their previous hosting account. With those two aspects in mind, you can now consider what it is your company needs and what they would like in their own server.  When looking into dedicated servers you should know what operating system you would like. This will allow your current systems to perform best without any cross compatibility issues. Dedicated server options at JaguarPC allow you to choose Linux or Windows operating systems.  As a client, you need to pick an operating system that is specific to your companies needs and attributes. Once you have installed the operating system for you server, you will be able to complete tasks easier.You will also want to look at what hardware you would like to work with and the levels of bandwidth  you will need for your range of use.

Overall, dedicated hosting has its benefits but it does require some learning. You will need to make sure you are financially ready for the larger finicial ramifications that your business will incur and justify those with our current level of needs and overall gains from a dedicated hosting service. Make sure and educate yourself on what operating system, hardware, and bandwidth it is that your company needs specifically. With all these aspects taken into consideration, you will be ready to perform tasks on your very own server.


As a webmaster or website owner you want to be able to use the best tools in order to find the right ways and systems to promote your site. Google provides two Google Analytics for a Better Website Returnvery easy tools to analyze, track as well as fix and better promote your sites. Google analytics offers the best tools to analyze the results of your efforts and Google webmaster tools can demonstrate how the engines are seeing you in their results. Both systems will return results that can help you track and perform actions for a better website and engine ranks.

While some view these two sets of tools as one, at a deeper level the actions they perform and the tools they offer are actually very different. Digital marketers in particular will find great value in both Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools but both are also very good tools to get your site in shape for the giant to take a look at your website and access its value. Webmaster Tools reports on how search engines interact with your site, while Google Analytics reports on how website users interact with your site. Both can be used to leverage more traffic and more sales from a website.

Google Analytics Uses and Functions
Analytics tracks data and analyzes those results. Google Analytics is meant to give a picture of who is coming to a website, how many hits a site gets, how people are finding the site and what content is popular. Adsense, Google+ and AdWords are all integrated into Google analytics. Your entire website traffic statistics including total visits, average time on site, and bounce rates along with demographics and how visitors find your website are all important aspects which can help you determine what tactics to take to make your website popular. Site analytics will give you some key information that will allow you to make any necessary changes for improved traffic, engagement and more overall potential conversions of your traffic to fans, return engagement and sales. Learn more about the basics of Google Analytics  and how to get your tracking code enabled on your website to start taking advantage of the most popular features.

Google Analytics Features:
Traffic Reports
Keyword Details
Content Returns
Visitor Reports

All kinds of reports are available that will give you the details and the results of your activities so you can make adjustments and assessments as to what is working and what needs to be changed.

Google WebMaster Tools
While analytics will give you good information that will tell you the who, what, when and where's of your site, Google Webmaster Tools is more geared to how your site performs in the eyes of search engines. Information that is returned is more about how search is looking at your site and what it thinks of your links, Google Webmaster Tools to fix your site for better engine rankingsite maps and website configurations. The visibility of your website on search engines can be based on the number of impressions generated for particular keywords and page click through rates. XML site map crawls and 404 error results will be reported by Webmaster Tools to allow you to tweak your site for better performance and engine results. Knowing what is wrong is sometimes half the battle. When you need help to determine what actions are best to improve the visibility of the site and fix problems then you can turn to Google Webmaster Tools with the confidence that this system will be able to determine what is affecting your rank and your website's return in the engine results.

Google Webmaster Tools Features:
Search Results
Site Configuration
Diagnostic problems

Google Webmaster Tools makes it easy for you to determine how Google looks at your website .Web designers and website owners can use this tool to not only identify but also to fix problems on the websites that are related to links, searches, URL's and HTML errors. There are many tools here to help you improve the visibility of the site and fix problems that may be affecting your rank and engine results.

You will find both tool sets are easy to use and they provide  insightful data results that will allow you to gain valuable information which you can act on to improve your website, conversions and engine result. The best part is, they are both free and one easy tutorial and a tracking code is all you need to get stared.




5 Best WordPress Plugins of 2014

By Sabrina Aug 29, 2014 7:15 am

A few good plugins can make your website go from dull to diamonds. WordPress is easy to use. Installing plugins is a breeze so don't let that scare you away from using plugins because they will help you make a well rounded website. If you are a WordPress user then you most likely already know how beneficial plugins can Best WordPress Pluginsbe to improving the functionality and appeal of your website. If you are using WordPress for your website then even a few simple plugins can add to the effectiveness of your website. Adding an attractive form as well as enabling commenting capabilities will almost automatically create a more active website for you. Adding a few more plugins for SEO, security and backups will make your site sound and add a good level of exposure potential. Use these basic plugins to create bigger opportunities for your website to expand, gain greater visibility and more success.

iThemes Security
Better WP Security was such a great plugin that it was picked up by iThemes security. Some consider this the best protection for your WordPress website.  Hackers are always looking for back doors and frailties in the WordPress platform. Your site should be protected. It is more important than ever that your  site is solid in design and security. This is one of the most popular WordPress plugins period. It is easy to install and known to be effective for protecting your site. If your site is hacked you could lose everything. Don't delay adding some type of security plugin to your website even if it isn't this one.

WordPress SEO by Yoast
Another beauty of WordPress is that most themes are optimized for SEO. But, you can get even better search engine results when you add the Yoast SEO plugin. Even if you have a great website you need a boost for its presence. The web is competitive and your odds of being found need to be as high as possible. Yoast will improve your WordPress SEO from almost every aspect. Yoast covers meta and linking elements and will provide XML site maps, RSS optimization, bread crumbs and social integration. Yoast is absolutely one of the most essential SEO WordPress plugins you can add to your website.

Contact Form 7
Contact Form 7 has been downloaded over 15.5 million times. While this is just, another content form, it is very simple to use and easy to create. There is no longer any excuse for your website not having a simple contact form. You will be able to manage and customize multiple types of forms without any snags or setbacks. Contact forms allow for you visitors to reach out and the more contact you have with your visitors the more likely it is that your site will succeed.

Disqus comment system
Not unlike the fact that every website should have a contact form, it is also more and more the case that many types of websites need a commenting system. The more you hear from the visitors that hit your site then the more engagement you can continue to create. Commenting systems can be one of the best ways to keep in touch with the needs, wants, ideas and thoughts of your visitors and clients. Commenting is every interactive on this system. Plugin Disqus on your WordPress website and get to know what your visitors and customers really want and think.

Backup WordPress to Dropbox
Backing up your WordPress website trumps everything else, yes even security. If you lose your website because it isn't backed up then you won't even have a site to secure. When you backup to Dropbox you will never have to worry about losing your data again. More and more people and web designers are finding out about the value of backing up on the cloud. Your data and website will be safe and your files will be available to you from the Internet. Set your media and data bases to where you want them backed up and sorted on Dropbox. Between Dropbox and your backed up files on your server you can rest easy knowing your site isn't going to be lost because you only have a single backup resource. Your time and money could be at stake if you fail to have multiple backup copies.

Security, backups, SEO and commenting systems along with contact forms are a few of the plugins which are essentially integral to the success of your website. A few plugins can take your website forward fast. When you ensure that you have all the proper and most functional plugins you are giving the best advantages to your website and setting yourself up for success when it comes to exposure and engagement.

Don't let your website remain stagnant. If your site seems dated and you are having setbacks getting up to speed then a WordPress website could be the answer. WordPress is an easy and simple platform that more and more are embracing to keep up with the pace of technology.




Why We Use cPanel for Website Hosting

By Sabrina Aug 26, 2014 1:45 pm

Before choosing your website hosting service, there are some things that you should look into before making a decision. Unfortunately, most users are just cPanel control panel for easy web hosting managementgoing to look at what a company is charging for bandwidth space, disk space, and the amount of RAM they are offered, but there is another thing that should be considered. What you should really be thinking about is how simple the web hosting service in question is to use. At JaguarPC, all of our servers run cPanel as a hosting solution.

What is cPanel?                                                                                                                                   If you did not already know, cPanel is a website control panel that is Linux based. This type of control panel provides its users with a graphical interface and automation tools to simplify the process of hosting their websites. This control panel allows it users to easily manage many aspects of their site. With cPanel, users are able to quickly and easily create databases, manage their website files, and set up email accounts. cPanel website hosting software has become the most popular web hosting control panel on the Internet. It is runs millions of websites around the world, and it has become so popular because of the software’s user-friendly point-and-click interface which can be customized to fulfill your specific website’s needs.

Why Use cPanel?
At JaguarPC we offer cPanel on all of our servers that need website hosting control panel software because of its ease-of-use for our customers. When managing your website, you want to use a control panel that makes it as easy as possible. Of course, this is especially important if you plan on growing your website over time. What’s great about cPanel is that it is still a very powerful control panel, but it isn’t overly complicated like some. Most claim that, with cPanel, you get the best of both worlds. It is a control panel that is not only powerful and dependable, but one that is also very user friendly for those hosting their website and those who are experienced in web hosting.

Adding to cPanel
Of course in today’s Internet age, creating a static page will not be enough to drive traffic to your website. Most likely, you will want to add a discussion forum, blog, as well as scripts to make your site more dynamic. By using cPanel’s Softaculous feature, you can add the most desirable features to your site. cPanel makes this action fun, instead of a process that can be very technical and difficult. With a few clicks and a little bit of information, you can create a dynamic website that will impress.

A Control Panel for Everyone
It is also important to note that cPanel’s website hosting software is not just for new website owners. cPanel also has plenty of features for more advanced webmasters, like creating and implementing apps by using the Apache Handler. You can also create proxy servers with CloudFlare if you’re really feeling adventurous. Ultimately, cPanel serves as a website hosting solution that webmasters new and old should appreciate for its ease-of-use and capabilities.


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