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Did you know JaguarPC was established in 1998? We are a hosting company providing quality, non-oversold, reliable hosting solutions at an affordable price. Our services are backed by 24/7 professional customer support, stellar hardware, uptime and money back guarantees.

Wow, I can tell you today I am truly amazed. My upper level management team hasn't called me out on "Doing a Greg" in a long time. Honestly, I have, I have just been more discreet about it. Yeah, I pulled a Greg, and managed to hit the 16 year anniversary mark at JaguarPC. I didn't do it all alone though.JaguarPC Celebrates 16 Years in the Web Hosting Industry

JaguarPC has been one of the major driving forces in my lifetime. My own perseverance along with the support of my family and a few good minds in the industry have allowed me to take a side project and craft it into a global web hosting company that to this day stands on the principals of integrity, exceptional service and reliability.

I want to thank all of our customers at JaguarPC. I know many of you are using our hosting services to get your own companies online. I completely respect all of you for your efforts. While many of us started our companies and websites far before the Startup craze we all still have the same entrepreneur spirit that bonds us. JaguarPC is a part of the answer to your online business, blog and website success.

I understand from a personal perspective the battles that each of you faces daily and I encourage all of you to continue with your endeavors until they become successful. It feels pretty good to celebrate a 16th anniversary and more so even to share it with some of our original clients as well as many new entrepreneurs, site owners and successful businesses. Your loyalty and support over the years has been critical to the success of JaguarPC and it has always fueled my own personal drive and ambition to do what is best for our clients. I thank each of you for being a factor in the growth and success of JaguarPC and I respect your own ambitions to be successful entrepreneurs.

I would also like to thank the tireless and hard working minds of the staff at JaguarPC. They have the same perspective as I do when it comes to providing customer service and technical support. You may have come to know some of them personally and that is the nature of JaguarPC. Our team realizes there is a person reaching out for assistance and they make every effort to make sure you are treated as an individual over an account number. Our team values our clients and understands that unless it is a 150% effort, then it isn't enough.

It has been a good year. Not only did I manage to kick my Gummy bear habit and not sell off any of my Lego collection but JaguarPC is well on track to meet the expectations we tabled for the year. We are happy to have you as a part of our family where we choose to be exceptional in all that we do. Since JaguarPC is going to be around for at least another 16 years then we will do it with exceptionalism as our standard and nothing less.

Greg Landis/ CEO


Social media usage has been making big waves since its inception. Within the last 6 years it’s increased by 356%.  It’s even become a determining factor in search 7 Ultimate Social Media Tools for WordPressengine results! Needless to say, if you’re not promoting each and every piece of content you’re publishing to your WordPress, your marketing strategy is slipping. Running an Ecommerce business on your WordPress blog requires you to wear many hats, one of which is the avid social networker. And when I say avid, I mean on a schedule.

You’ve got to be consistently sharing great content across multiple platforms to build a following. Once you have the following, the real work begins. You’ve got to keep them interested, track their interactions, and retarget them with the data you collect.  Obviously, this is no easy task. You’ve got to arm yourself with the operative arsenal to achieve all of your Social Media Marketing (SMM) goals. That’s where this handy list comes into play. Below, you will find  7 useful, usable, and utilitarian social media promotion tools specifically designed to simplify your SMM strategies and procedures.

Let’s begin with the familiar. Hootsuite is an extremely popular and powerful social media management tool. It’s a turnkey SMM solution which allows users to view data streams from multiple social networks at once, and also to send messages across different platforms. You can even auto-update your different social media outlets with your RSS feed. Hootsuite integrates with: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, WordPress, MySpace, Foursquare and a Japanese social network called Mixi. You can conglomerate any 5 of these platforms onto a single streamlined dashboard to track campaigns, write messages, and schedule posts, and so on — for free in most cases. The main selling point is the clean interface which makes organizing and analyzing the data from all your social accounts much easier than shifting through multiple tabs or windows. You can also assign workflows and collaborate with other users, making Hootsuite a very convenient business solution. Hootsuite’s analytics reports usually cost around $50 per in depth report, which is pretty pricey for smaller businesses. Though there are a few reports you can procure at no cost. These include social mentions and other brand awareness metrics, which can be very helpful when trying to expand your SMM efforts.

Data Driven Lucky Orange makes social media up close and personal
Lucky Orange
Some social promotion tactics are far more intimate than others. Lucky Orange certainly falls into the former ategory and as one might expect, all interaction is seriously data driven. This tool allows you to view real-time visitor activity on your WordPress site in an insane degree of depth. If Hootsuite is social, then Lucky Orange is up close and personal. You can monitor all of the following: Clicks,Visitor opinions with customizable polls, Movements, Scrolling activity, Heat maps, Even page/cart abandonment. Needless to say, you can get a feel for your visitor’s behavior with this tool. And once you understand their browsing habits, you can actually initiate direct conversation via a live chat function. Of course, if you find that to be too intrusive, you can always leave a fully customizable chat box for the visitor to click on at will, and if you’re unavailable for live chat, the box will automatically revert to a contact form. You can also monitor an individual visitor’s traffic source in real-time and record the results, thus giving you an accurate idea of how much traffic is coming in due to social promotions exclusively. This way you can match visitor behavior with traffic sources and build powerful insights into all of your marketing efforts.
Lucky Orange is a truly deep analytics tool that allows you to get a very personal view of who your visitors are and where their interests lie. Still, this tool focuses more on individual interactions (which are important, no doubt), but social networking is more about the big picture. So our next tool brings the broad view back into focus.

Pocket for when you want to read it later
One SMM strategy that nearly all savvy marketers adhere to is the 80-20 rule. This rule states that a mere 20% of your social media content should be self-aggrandizing, and for that matter: self-produced. The vast majority of the content you distribute across social media should be curated. This idea helps you boost credibility within your niche, make valuable contacts with other social media power users, and it provides a valuable/informative service to your various fans and followers.Unfortunately, that means you’ve got to spend time scouring the web for authoritative, interesting, and entertaining content. Consequently, you’ll be crowding your browser’s bookmarks folder. It’d be nice if you had a web application that could help you manage and redistribute your content library so you can quickly and easily choose the best content to redistribute. The web application, Pocket, does exactly that. Pocket is a tool that helps you gather useful/intriguing content for either personal or professional perusal. This app makes content gathering clean and easy. Simply save anything that seems interesting across the more than 500 different applications and many of the most popular platforms, with which Pocket is invariably compatible, and read through it later at your leisure. Once you’ve read a content piece, it disappears from your cache, making certain your interface is never too crowded. Transient bookmarks, unrivaled compatibility, and a clean management interface make Pocket the ultimate content aggregating application.

Click To Tweet and CoSchedule
Click To Tweet is a very simple, yet supremely effective WordPress plugin that enables you to create boxes within blog posts which can be shared via Twitter with a single click. When writing blog posts, there’s always one line or another that’s just supremely quotable, and therefore extremely shareable as well. Highlight these bits of catchy text or customized messages with an attractive box so that your users can quickly and easily share your content.
Click-To-Tweet is a free plugin by CoSchedule, which is really an effective SMM tool all its own. It acts as a comprehensive content marketing editorial calendar for your WordPress. The interface works via easy drag and drop styled calendar management, and it’s filled with organized workflow features like scheduled tasks and auto reminders. It even publishes your posts on a schedule. CoSchedule helps you stay on top of all your content marketing efforts.

Highlight and Share
Along the same lines as Click To Tweet, Highlight and Share takes the idea a step further. Sometimes the lines in your content that you think stick out the most don’t necessarily resonate with your readers. How about you let them decide what’s worth sharing instead?
Highlight and Share is a WordPress plugin that allows your visitors to quickly and easily tweet or share whatever section of your blog post they like, simply by-- you guessed it—highlighting a section of text. Of course, whenever a user shares a part of your text, you get a backlink and a free shout out to your Twitter handle. This serves as a dual benefit: it allows your users a greater degree of control while they focus more on your content, and it simultaneously exposes your brand to a greater audience, providing them with direct access to your content and website. Plus, it’s just plain novel. Not a lot of blogs have it, so yours will stand out all the more.

Social Contests
Share contests and Go Viral on Social The fantastic thing about so many of these plugins is their self-explanatory titles. As you might guess, this plugin creates easily shareable contests, promotions, and landing pages that you launch from the platform of your choice, including: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Your WordPress site and Email. Social contests is a really comprehensive plugin. It allows you to gain email addresses, keep track of social impressions such as “likes” or “follows,” drive traffic to your website with the voting function in the polls, easily integrate with Facebook Ads Tool by Wishpond, and run a variety of different contests, sweepstakes, and other promotional offers.
One major strike against this app is it requires a subscription to the Wishpond service, however, it also offers you a free 2 week trial with which to decide if it’s worth it. Either way, it’s got some powerful functionality that allows for promotional deals, lead gathering, and analytic data as well. Certainly worth checking out.

We saved the best for last as we take a look at SNAP, otherwise known as Social Networks Auto Poster. This is one more of those self-explanatory names, but for the sake of finality, we’ll go over it anyway. SNAP allows you to automate your sharing of content, messages, announcements, and so forth across more social networks than any other single app.
It’s one of the few that integrates well with Google+, which is far and away the most important social network in terms of improving your search rankings. It can even post to YouTube for your video content. Just take a look at the compendium of supported networks that SNAP has to its credit. This plugin is lightweight and usable. Moreover, it’s one of the very few that actually reaches all of the most relevant social networking platforms, and also has an easily navigable interface.

What are some of your favorite social promotion tools? Sound off in the comments.


Deciding on a web hosting plan should be a step-by-step process, as one business’s hosting services likely won’t suit your business. One of the most popular Dedicated Servers for allocated resources and strong business owners opt for is dedicated hosting, which gives clients the freedom to use an entire server to manage an e-commerce store, build applications, design websites, etc. However, like any other form of hosting, it’s an intelligent idea to do some research before buying. Consider how dedicated server hosting would either facilitate or hinder your business, based on your budget and resource needs.

Cost Consideration
Companies that provide dedicated web hosting usually store dedicated servers in their data centers. Data centers are almost always overseen by professionals who maintain servers and provision updates, which eliminates the need for users to have extensive technical knowledge. Still, a drawback of purchasing dedicated web hosting is the associated price tag. Dedicated server hosting is the most expensive type of hosting available on the market. So, on that note, it's important to be sure you need the high amounts of CPU, RAM, bandwidth, disk space, and other resources that dedicated servers offer.

Who Can Benefit?
Due to its cost and vast amount of resources, dedicated web hosting isn't the ideal choice for all business owners. However, if your online business already attracts a high volume of traffic and is expected to only expand, dedicated server hosting may benefit you. Additionally, dedicated web hosting is usually a great solution for individuals who manage e-commerce businesses. Dedicated hosting is renowned for its unparalleled security, resource scalability, and server uptime – all essential traits that help boost business prospects for owners.

Less Costly Alternative
If dedicated server hosting isn’t right for your business and budget, there are alternative choices that give users the opportunity to enjoy many of the same benefits. Hybrid hosting, for example, is an innovative solution that blends both physical server hosting and virtualization. This unique combination allows business owners to receive the best of both dedicated server and virtual private server hosting. In addition to being much more cost-effective than dedicated alone, hybrid hosting offers: Managed services, tight security, full scalability, freedom to customize resources, remote backups and consistent uptime.

With the above in mind, dedicated hosting is still recognized as the premier choice for a website receiving consistent, high traffic volume. However, one or more powerful alternatives may be preferable depending on resource requirements and budget limitations.


Every form of hosting delivers its own list of advantages that could help you further your business. Server hosting services offer differing degrees of security, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you own and operate a small, medium, or large business - online or offline - there’s a hosting plan for you. Managed Dedicated, Cloud and VPS hosting at JaguarPC for Top Performancecloud, VPS, dedicated, and hybrid hosting are some of the most commonly chosen hosting plans by established and growing businesses alike.

Hosting via the “Cloud”
Cloud computing is achieved through the use of virtual servers which are supported by an array of networked physical servers. Cloud hosting is Internet-based, which is what “cloud” refers to. Resources, applications, software, etc. are provisioned over the Internet by a trusted provider. There are numerous benefits to cloud hosting, such as cost-effectiveness and managed updates. Additionally, you can boost security through the use of a private or hybrid cloud.

Isolated & Virtualized Data
VPS hosting, or virtual private server hosting, is a virtualized server that offers many of the advantages of dedicated resources. Virtual private servers are organized into a shared hosting environment, but otherwise, have little in common with shared hosting. Multiple users use the same physical server to access their partitioned and fully isolated resources. This improves security, and allows you to choose your ideal operating system, bandwidth, disk space, and add-ons.

Unmatched Security & Flexibility
When flexibility, security, and performance are major concerns for business owners, many take the route of dedicated web hosting. On a dedicated server hosting plan, clients of web hosting providers can use an entire physical server however they choose. Whether you’re looking to create Facebook applications or manage a high-traffic e-commerce website, dedicated server hosting will provide the freedom and dependability you require.

Dedicated & VPS Hybrid
For all of the advantages it offers, dedicated hosting is undoubtedly expensive for a majority of users. Covering costly monthly bills for web hosting services isn’t always feasible, especially for small and up-and-coming businesses. To make dedicated resources more accessible to business owners on a budget, some web hosting providers offer hybrid server hosting services. Hybrid servers pair the best of dedicated and VPS technologies to deliver an affordable, secure, and customizable hosting solution.


Nowadays, much of the world’s commerce takes place online. Naturally, the billions of dollars exchanged over the Internet every year has caught the attention of
SSL, Managed Servers and Backups for Better web hosting security.hackers and creators of malware. Whether it’s to steal customers’ identities or ruin businesses’ websites, many Internet attacks begin with the desire to gain money or cause a disturbance. So, if you’re looking for web hosting services, be sure to choose a provider that understands the need for reliable, secure managed hosting. Selecting a host that offers secure services is crucial to building a safe and legally compliant website.

SSL Add-Ons for E-Commerce
If you manage an e-commerce website, secure hosting services are an absolute must. Many reputable providers offer services geared toward e-commerce business owners, such as SSL add-ons. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, creates an encrypted, secure link from a server to Internet browsers. An SSL can be spotted by a small padlock or/and a https in a browser's address bar. This encrypted link allows customers to make purchases in confidence by safely entering sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, routing numbers, addresses or other sensitive information.

Dependable Server Upkeep
When it comes to maintaining a server, many business owners often find themselves in the dark. For this reason, some companies opt for managed web hosting services, which removes the hassle of trying to decode technical manuals and seeking IT support. Instead, hosting providers are tasked with administering server upgrades and patches, which helps keep security threats at a minimum level. If you're considering choosing a web hosting provider, it's a good idea to check out customer testimonials regarding the company’s overall server performance and security.

Backups for Business Resources
You can never predict when a data center outage or natural disaster will occur. Accordingly, it's always best to take preemptive action by purchasing only the most secure hosting services. One of the most important security features a provider can offer is daily backups. Some web hosting providers include daily backups in their web hosting packages; however, it's best to take initiative and perform backups on your own time as well. This way, both you and your hosting provider will have those backups available to help you recover if data loss occurs.


Link Building for  A Successful WebsiteLink building has changed drastically over the past few years. Some have almost quit due to the fact that they are challenged, fearful or just confused about the best ways to go about it. Now that Google has released Pandora, Penguin and Hummingbird and a host of updates some have taken hits on their website rank by using methods that are now known to be not so credible link building tactics. Good means to link build do still exist. A few top SEO experts suggest the following ways to build links that will benefit your website's exposure. Try these ten tried and true suggestions from top SEO industry professionals.

Expert Opinion Sources
Write a useful piece of original content that pulls in resources from several well know experts.

Infographics, those popular pieces that use a visually appealing mix of content and graphics,  continue to be a popular source of information that are shared on a regular basis. Create one and add your special offer or coupon code to the center of the piece.

Items of Value
Contact the owners of websites who have products or services like your own. Agree to offer their visitors something of value like a special offer or a coupon code and ask them to link to your website.

Cross Marketing
You may be surprised to find out that many sites are willing to bring you into the fold when you have something that they don't offer but their type of user or clients may find attractive. Reach out to them with a well thought out plan of how both sites could benefit.

Regular and Custom Content
Produce useful content on a regular basis and push it to social media. It may take some time but once your readership realizes your content is helpful and valuable they will keep pushing it along the channels and their pipelines.

Niche Competitors
Competitive analysis of the top ranking sites in your niche can return highlyvaluable sources for link building. These types of link sources are a great opportunity for newer sites that still have low link profiles.

Authority Contacts
Contact other content creators within your realm of expertise. When you are able to establish relationships of a more personal nature the industry will be more likely to recognize you as an expert too. Your links will be far more popular when you are an authority on your subject.

Wikipedia back links are some of the best you can get. But, admittedly, it can be a hard road. The pay off is big so you many want to explore the link for a  tutorial  that shows you how to get linked on this hot spot more quickly.

Content link baiting can require a little creative touch because you are trying to direct interest to one item by capturing initial attention with a bait item that may only be loosely related. Content that requires interaction such as liking, clicking or items such as quizzes are good for this type of engagement. Once users are interacting with one item they are likely to help build that link out for you.

News Jacking
If it is a hot news item you can bet it is spreading like wildfire. When you are promoting popular news stories yourself then your brand and business is most likely finding an audience. Be wise when choosing your jacks. Keep in mind your brand's industry and niche audience and post relevant information while managing your image and maintaining its integrity in the public eye.

There are still many ways to obtain links. All of the link building tips in this article are credible and reliable. Link building isn't as easy as it used to be but it is still an invaluable tool to bring traffic and exposure to your website, bog or online e-commerce business.




Business Web Hosting: Fast and Secure

By Sabrina Sep 30, 2014 4:49 pm

Businesses generally need more resources for their websites over a standard blog or a simple presence that many websites provide. Those who have businesses see more traffic, have a greater number of pages and may also  have applications such as e-commerce or client database systems running which all have a need for a Business web hosting for Security and Performancegreater number of resources. Choose a business web hosting plan when you order and you will receive the benefit of a free domain, enhanced security settings and server performance that provides a fast loading website which will overall help the visibility of your business website.

Performance and Daily Backups
Business web hosting plans at JaguarPC offer 600% more resources over shared severs in order to meet the needs of serving your page to the Internet at a pace that meets the expectations of you and your clients. Our beefy Quad core Xeon servers are blazing fast and they will deliver your website without hold ups and time outs that can plague business on shared servers. Businesses need to know their site is fast and their data is safe. Daily backups are included for business web hosting so if your other copy becomes corrupt or a mishap occurs you will know the data you need for your e-commerce store, your client database or even the content of your website is safe and available to restore from the seasoned web hosting professionals at JaguarPC.

Business web hosting plans are designed with security in mind. If you are running a site that holds sensitive information, requires user names and passwords or even has the ability to capture leads then you will want to make sure that the information on the server is secured. When you enable your own SSL certificate your site will be much more secure and sound against the numerous types of hacks and attacks that occur across the internet. You will also have the designation of HTTPS for your website which ensures visitors that they are providing information to and using a business that not only understands the importance of security but has puts measures into place to protect that information. The more credible and safe your website is in the eyes of visitors the more often they are likely to return and purchase products or use your services.

cPanel Business Web Hosting
JaguarPC uses the industry leading control panel for web hosting on a business plan. If you have advanced skills or if you are just starting you will find that cPanel has everything you need to simplify and streamline your web hosting management and maintenance task. cPanel includes Softaculous which has over 300+ free scripts. Scripts will allow you to make your website more functional, efficient and provide added features for you and your users. You will also enjoy the benefits of a free site builder which will allow you to add the scripts from Softaculous along with the added protection of CloudFlare and SEO features from Attracta.

Business web hosting plans offer the best security, site building and performance for site owners that demand the features that shared hosting isn't always able to fulfill. If you are just starting or looking for a better hosting plan for your endeavors then business web hosting is designed for your needs. Contact our team,, to learn more and to have your detailed questions answered.


When it comes to installing your WordPress blog cPanel makes it easy. Choose a web hosting company that offers cPanel and you will enjoy simple WordPress installation along with features that will make all of your web hosting and site or blog maintenance and upkeep tasks a snap. The popularity of WordPress has WordPress Website Design Packagescontinued to thrive and skyrocket due to its easy to use interface and the ability to get your blog and even your website hosted without any complicated technical procedures. The combined powers of WordPress and cPanel allow you to embrace a whole new frontier that used to require expertise.

Self Hosted WordPress
If you have decided to self host your blog, you have decided to take charge and showcase your work to the world via your own domain and an IP that can help you with your SEO, digital marketing and the growth of your readerships. Setting up hosting and getting your WordPress blog online is not a complicated affair. If you have decided that you want to host your own blog, you have a domain name and you have signed up for a web hosting plan then you may be wondering what to do next. Setup is easy and generally you only need to create your database via cPanel. Your web host will have sent you your cPanel login.

Get Started With cPanel
cPanel one click web hosting install for WordPress BlogsEssentially using a web host allows you to set up a space where the WordPress software is placed. Your own domain can be associated. If you don't already have a domain you can order one or one may be included in your plan for free when you sign up for web hosting. When you are ready to get started simply login into cPanel. Look for the MySQL Database Wizard icon. Name your database and then choose your username and password., make it long and strong with alpha numerical and special characters. Choose your privileges and then complete the task. Once the wp-config.php is added to the database you can install WordPress.

Alternatively, you can check the website builders icon in your cPanel and scroll down to find the WordPress Logo. Click on the icon. You will see install WordPress once the page comes up and you only need to click on start. Next, select the domain you wish to use. In most cPanel setups you only next need to agree to the terms and conditions click "Install Now" and wait a couple of minutes for the process to complete. You should the receive a login URL for your blog and a notification with your user name and password.

Advanced Options
Now that you have your blog hosted you only need to sign into your WordPress login page and select posts from your dashboard. Create your content and add your images. You can then click on preview to see how you like the way it looks in your browser. If you are satisfied you can then click to publish. When you are ready to get more advanced with your blog looks and functions you can explore themes that you would like to add. Themes make your blog look attractive and add features like commenting, social media badges and easy contact forms which are all features most visitors will expect to see in addition to your blog content.

Viola. Now your blog is hosted and your domain can now display your WordPress blog all across the world wide web. When you use cPanel web hosting to setup and install your WordPress blog you have made the right choice. Now that you know how simple it is you can move your blog up in the ranks on the search engines and create more exposure for your voice and ideas on a global scale.

Get started with more WordPress website design options.At JaguarPC  WordPress Web Design combines with WordPress Maintenance Level Hosting plans for a flawless website without any technical needs from your side. Contact our sales team at sales to learn how to get started.


Websites are more prone to security holes and back doors more so now than in the past. Recent hacks on larger retailers continue and despite the technology industry's attempts to create rock solid systems, security issues still occur. While you may have taken time to design and create a beautiful site that indexes well Security Tips for your Website and Serverand attracts multitudes of visitors you may have overlooked the deeper security concerns that could cause your site to come crashing down. While some hackers may exploit your site to steal data or create mass complications on your website, most hacks are designed with the overall intention of stealing your server. Once your server has been compromised via your website then malicious activities can be performed. Your server could be used for spam, or other illegal activities. Hacking is regularly performed by automated scripts written to scour the Internet in an attempt to exploit known website security issues in software. Here are our top 9 tips to help keep you and your site safe and online. Shore up your website and close holes that could lead to problems you would rather not encounter.

Strong Passwords
While some may think a strong password is a hassle, the greater headache could be an infiltration of your website and the possible exploitation of your information. Passwords that include uppercase and lower case along with numerical and special characters that combine for 10-15 spaces long will make for a strong password. Change them around every three months. Don't 'use redundant passwords. This means do not use the same password for all of your sites or programs. Easy passwords are another portal for exploitation. Common easy passwords, and there are lists of these, are the first ones that are checked. Password vaults are a handy solution for ease of use and the overall organization of your passwords. Take the first step to better security and check your passwords to see if you are at fault on any of these points.

Current Versions of Software
Software gets updates and new versions for many reasons which generally include features and fixes for known problems. Updates and versions are for the most part or in many cases for security reasons. Sometimes a backdoor has been found which can leave the platform vulnerable and updates provide a solution to this type of problem. When you don't update and you leave your system or website wide open to a security vulnerability you aren't doing a service to yourself, your clients or your visitors. Keep regular updates on your software not for the new features you may not care for but more for the background updates that have been put into place against weaknesses which may not be evident to you but are very clear and defined routes into your system for hackers and attacks.

SSL Certificates
Secure Socket Layer certificates (SSL)  are necessary if you are an e-commerce site or a website that keeps sensitive information such as e-mails, phone numbers and passwords. Once an SSL certificate is enabled on your server an extra level of security is in place. Visitors to your site will take note of your https, note the "S", as a designation of a site that has a higher level of scrutiny in place. Visitors will be more likely to trust your site and purchase products and/or provide sensitive information which they might not pass on a less secure http website. Adding this level of protections ensures to you and your clients that sensitive information won't be easy to reach. Established lines of trust have the benefit of bringing you more repeat visitors and potential sales. Goggle also now has decided that websites which are marked by https are very reliable and trustworthy and thus ranks them higher than sites that are not as well protected. Adding an SSL certificate does have a cost but the benefits far outweigh the actual cost of even one exploit.

Keep Your Scripts Up to Date
Out of date scripts can get you into trouble much the same way that outdated software does. If a script has been in play for a long time it is possible that a backdoor or a weakness has been found in it. If you have scripts you are not using then you will want to delete them. Scripts could be running functions or performing tasks without your knowledge and these tasks could be ruining the reputation of your server or even hogging resources for other purposes. Many hacks are also run by automated scripts that are designed to surf the Internet looking for known website security issues in software or older scripts that may be left on your server. While scripts can be handy they can also present hazards. Update your scripts and delete old ones. This simple practice will create a better and more secure environment for your server and your website.

Malware is malicious. You may have gone to a website and downloaded what seemed to be a legitimate program but once you installed it you let a background program run rampant in your system. It is often the case that compromised systems are used for spam campaigns or DDoS attacks. A malware infection can destroy data or corrupt it beyond repair. Protect yourself by downloading only programs you know are from reputable providers. Another precaution is to always keep backups of your data. You never know when malware or even a disaster event could strike and wipe out your data. Use redundant sources so your data if it is lost at one location it can still be restored from another. Malware prevention options are abundant and with the security breaches of today you will want to consider a virus program that includes malware protection or an additional program which knows when, where and how malware strikes and prevents intrusions before they mire themselves deep into your systems.

Cloud Flare
CloudFlare can be enabled through cPanel on most hosting plans at JaguarPC. It is an easy no cost addition which can provide you with additional level of security. CloudFlare in recent years has become one of the top security platforms that can be added to your server. They have thwarted some of the largest distributed denial of service attacks in history. CloudFlare is constantly searching for new types of threats, ways and means to deal with them. SQL injections, cross site scripting, comment spam, and email harvesters as well as excessive bot crawling are a few of the types of security concerns that CloudFlare can address. Check your cPanel control panel for the CloudFlare icon for a near one click install. CloudFlare will also enhance your site performance which can enhance the returns in the search engines for your website.

WordPress Versions
WordPress is one of the most popular blogging and website platforms available. Since so many websites run on WordPress it is often a target for those looking to hack in. One of the best practices you can take is to update your WordPress versions as they come out. Again, this is similar to updates for scripts ad software. Over time those who wish to exploit system will find weak spots and then slip in and create havoc or perform damage. Version updates usually include a few security patches so keep on top of them. While WordPress itself takes action to fix security problems, the themes that many people use can also contain unknown backdoors. Many different authors write themes and sometimes the intention can be to distribute a theme so that once it is in place, it provides an open door for those who know the weakness of the theme. Choose themes from known and reliable sources and always check a theme on a search engine to see if any vulnerabilities pop up in the results.

Data Backups
Despite doing everything you should to provide the essential security you could still become the victim of an attack. If your website is compromised then you could lose all of your data. Months or even years of hard work could be lost. While WordPress offers a backup system and JaguarPC offers free daily backups, you should also consider "at least" one other source. Don't rely on one copy because mishaps can occur and disasters can happen. These types of events could wipe servers clean and leave you without another copy. There are many types of data storage and disaster recovery systems available across the web or even from your web host. Multiple copies of your data is the safest bet.

Brute Force Attacks
Brute force attacks are just that. The most simple means of breaking into a system is used. A brute force attack tries all user names and password in order to eventually gain access to a site. This is why passwords of a higher level of strength are urged by providers of all types of SaaS as well as web hosts and others types of services and platforms. During a brute force attack you may notice a spike in resource usage and a drop in performance due to the number of http requests. While it may be easy to put in a known and popular password it won't be so simple to restore your site or your user's faith in the security of it if you become the victim of a brute force event.

The listed security tactics are all good means to secure your site and significantly reduce your chance of data loss, havoc on your website or comprised information that your clients have entrusted to you. Take a run through your website and across your accounts to see where you can patch up any holes in your security strategy. While some web designers may think it would be more prudent to work on a new blog or to take some time creating a new page, the real best use of your time as a web master should go first to making sure that your site is locked down again intrusions. The time spent shutting all the doors to any vulnerabilities on your website could be priceless in the end.


Are you keeping up or getting left behind in world of digital business and e-commerce? In today's emerging Global economy you as a business owner can reach a Online Business for a Global Presensemuch more vast audience and market for your product or services. You aren't able to do that effectively unless you have an online presence. Clients expect to see you online and if they don't they may simply begin to do business with one of your competitors. A website, an e-commerce platform, a social media page or a combination of all three will help your business grow and reach new audiences and customers around the world.

How Will Putting My Business Online Help Me?
The benefits of having your business online are many fold. If you don't have an online presence for your business then you are missing out on more business. It is actually easy to get a website design and hosting as well as set up an e-commerce presence with all of the tools available to you today. A website makes it easier to showcase your products and services a well as keep in contact with your clients. You can build relationships with existing customers and reach out to new ones. Your brand will also be able to achieve a wider range of exposure.

Why Do I Need Web Hosting For My Online Presence?
If you have decided to put your business online then you will need web hosting services. While shared web hosting will be enough for a standard site you may need a larger account if you are going to have a good bit of traffic on your site. Some businesses also require a higher level of security setting such as dedicated IP's and SSL's. If you are on a shared server it is easy for other users to "hog" resources and minimize the performance of your site which can affect overall customer satisfaction. The high page load speed times produced by more robust business web hosting or VPS hosting plans are generally a better decisions for business. Business and e-commerce sites may also need special setting that shared hosting can't provide due to its standardization of certain features.

Is It Expensive to Build a Website?
Websites are more affordable and easier than ever to create with platforms like WordPress which has emerged in recent times. 20% or more of the websites on the internet are now created by using the WordPress for websites. A simple website usually costs about $100 a page. Many designers are capable of creating an attractive and high performance website at rates that won't eat into your budget and you can start small and add more pages and features as your website helps your business grow. If you think the cost is too high then consider the cost of not having a website. The loss of sales from a global scale, which a website can provide, is much higher than the potential growth of sales that your business could experience once it has an internet presence on a global scale.

Why Should I Use Social Media On My Website?
Social Media channels continue to grow in popularity. Social media allows you to market your brand and products across a number of vast networks. If you have a web presence then you are able to reach out via social media with your products and services as well as provide information that directs users back to your website. Vice versa, users who see your social media badges on your website will be inclined to follow your channels and be more engaged with what you offer and the information you provide. Social media allows you to gain new business when potential future clients stay engaged with your brand and services and it also provides a venue where current clients can contact you as well as promote your product which provides you with free advertising and marketing.

Mobile Market
Nearly everyone has a smart phone and they are using it to search for businesses that are online. Sales through mobile phones and other mobile devices have climbed by nearly 20% in recent times. When you put your business online it is imperative that you choose a website design plan that will display your website across all types of devices. If you are on the Internet with your products then you have a foot in on the mobile market. Ask your designer to make sure your site is attractive and engaging on mobile and you will be able to attract a whole new segment of buyers for your products and awareness for your brand.

Three out of four people will head to the Internet to find businesses that offer the product and services they are seeking. An online presence will enhance your business opportunities and exploit new markets which may have never heard of your business before. The possibilities for your business and services will expand and possibly explode once you embrace an internet presence and begin to engage the global and mobile market place.


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