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Did you know JaguarPC was established in 1998? We are a hosting company providing quality, non-oversold, reliable hosting solutions at an affordable price. Our services are backed by 24/7 professional customer support, stellar hardware, uptime and money back guarantees.

Secure WordPress Websites and blogsWordPress is one of the most popular blog and website creation platforms in use today. While the platform has many benefits the draw back can be that WordPress is so popular it becomes a target for those looking to infiltrate it. A few sound practices when it come to security can make your WordPress blog or website more sound and save you the heartache of your site being comprised and potentially destroyed or taken down for a good bit of time.

Update Versions
New versions of WordPress are many times more of a security update release over a new features update. Recently, 4.0 was released and then just a few weeks later 4.0.1 was released which contained a big security update. You may think since you just upgraded to 4.0 you are secure but this is not the case. If you see a version update at least take a look at the details to see if any security patches were implemented and if so upgrade as soon as possible.

Update Passwords
Weak passwords are one of the most dangerous nearly unsecured way to have your WordPress blog or website hacked. Security is paramount to the safety of your work which represents time and money. It is a good practice to use one of the password-generation plugins offered by WordPress for added protection. Other security plugins are offered so you may want to look into adding additional levels of protection beyond good passwords. Generally if you regularly change it and ensure it is long and strong with alpha upper and lower case, numerical, as well as special characters then you will already be putting yourself in a better password protected position.

Plugins and Scripts
You may have some baggage in your WordPress website or blog that could be harming you. If you are using plugins make sure you keep them updated. Update plugins and discard those not in use. Scripts and plugins that have been passed around will have been scoured for backdoors which can harm you unless you have the most updated version. Updates are designed and released because there are generally known problems which could cause issues. A bit of house keeping will mean your site is much more secure and running at its optimal levels.

WordPress Community
Use public resources to get the best information you can before choosing themes, plugins and scripts. The WordPress site offers a wealth of knowledge you can use to learn what plugins and themes are safe. Sometimes free themes or other lesser known themes can have backdoors which will allow your WordPress site to be hacked. Free plug-ins and scripts can sometimes be distributed for this sole illicit purpose. Do a bit of research to make sure all elements of your WordPress site are sound and secure.

Regular Backups
Backups aren't as much as a security practice as maintenance practice. Backups can save you in the end if your site has been damaged, defaced or data is lost. A hack could destroy all of your data. If you don't keep regular backups then months or weeks of progressive work could be lost. Most web hosts offer some level of backup plans. Make sure you have a backup plan on hand before all of your work is destroyed by an attack.

WordPress is an excellent platform to design the website or blog that you have always imagined. A few cautious practices can make a big difference in your ability to fend off any attacks and to ensure that no intruders will bring harm to your site in any way. Shore up your WordPress security and protect yourself from the higher levels of attacks that are always becoming more clever everyday.


Dedicated servers perform in leaps and bounds over your typical VPS hosting plans. While you may find VPS units with the equivalents of dedicated Dedicated Servers for Superior Web Hosting Securityspecifications, the two main differences remain in your security and your resource advantages. The fact that you are the sole user of the server and no other account will be on your server is a large advantage. Even if you are using a web hosting service like JaguarPC that never overloads VPS servers, another user can still influence your server and website performance. Once you have a dedicated server you can modify the specifications and security settings to ensure your server is running the most optimal settings all around to deliver you, your clients and your business the best performance on the most secure system.

Fully Allocated Resources
One of the main advantages of using a dedicated server is you can utilize the full resources of a dedicated server. Typically, you will not be able to go over your limits on a VPS beyond the burst rate without a resource usage violation. You can implement custom kernels for even greater resource management. A choice of operating systems allows you to streamline your operations so that your needs for your personal and particular systems are met. Your individual bandwidth, CPU, and hard drive needs can all be addressed with a dedicated server. Bandwidth is an unmetered at 10Mbps on our high end network  and all dedicated servers run on high quality Intel cores with SSD options. With an entire server under your operation, you can scale resources as you see fit, giving you a personal platform to create websites and applications that operate at optimal performance levels.

Security and Custom Settings
Dedicated servers can be secured like no others. While many businesses and an enormous amount of data is moving to cloud hosting there are still security concerns there. Dedicated servers can offer the near uncompromisable security that is a must for some business owners, startups and developers. Few servers offer the levels of security that can be installed and set on dedicated servers. PCI, DSS or HIPAA are all demands required for today's ever growing and sensitive data. If you have mission-critical and sensitive data to protect or you utilize private VLAN IPs or you wish to provide game server quality hosting then the choice to use a dedicated server can be bring a peace of mind to you and your business knowing it is operating on a system that is designed and set for your particular and unique security needs.

Comprehensive Support and Managed Dedicated Services
A dedicated server is overall expected to perform 100% uptime for you. You can be assured that your will be online. Businesses and those who host other activities such as game servers can be assured that with your dedicated server online all the time , you will see  visitor satisfaction and high conversion rates.  If you are using it for other activities such as application development or multiple other projects then again you can depend on it being reliable and performing as it should on an "on all the time" basis. Dedicated hosting plans include remote reboot. Rather than waiting for a technician to respond to your ticket and reboot your server for you, you can simply do so at your convenience. Other users won't tank your resources, produce security concerns and you can work more productively knowing your server, sites and projects will perform well all the time. Managed solutions can give you an additional advantage with proactive monitoring, monthly supported administration time and special assistance in the event you do have any issues on your server.

Dedicated servers bring you all the best features in one unit. You will benefit from 100% resource allocation, customizable security settings, managed services and 24/7/365 support options. Dedicated servers will also give you a level of assurance and reliability that no other hosting plans can. Choose a dedicated server for a superior level of hosting you need for your business, startups, development projects and game servers.


Business owners. especially online and e-commerce types, rely on many different types of crucial data to successfully manage their businesses. From website content and catalogs, to Data backups, security and storagecustomer contact info and expenditure reports, it’s necessary to make sure every important shred of information is backed up you are able to reach it for a quick and easy restoration. When you lose any data permanently it can be catastrophic, especially if it’s relevant to generating profits. Choosing a web hosting provider that shares your need for high levels of data security is one of the best ways to prevent unexpected, irreparable data loss.

Why Backup Data?
If you own an online business, such as an e-commerce company, you likely understand the importance of backing up mission critical data. There are a number of unexpected incidents that can lead to data loss, such as:

Hacking & Malware
Hard Drive Failure
Computer Damage
Computer Theft
Data Center Outage - Fire/Natural Disaster

When data is lost permanently, business owners not only have to rebuild their websites, databases, client info, etc. from scratch, but they lose much-needed revenue. If most of your company's transactions take place over the Internet, it's absolutely essential to perform routine backups to minimize any future website downtime.

Features via a Hosting Company
While completing your own backups is highly recommended, data backup hosting services can help give you additional peace of mind. An experienced, trustworthy web hosting company will help you with safeguarding your info by backing up your server, personal or office computers, and more. You'll enjoy the convenience of endless restore points, as well as the ability to seamlessly restore your data via an easy-to-use interface. Additionally, a reliable hosting company can provide multiple GBs or TBs of storage space, depending on your needs.

Encryption & Speedy Restoration
One of the many benefits of data backup hosting is safe, encrypted storage. Also, when the data is transmitted via a network connection, it's safeguarded with cryptosystem technology. In many cases, clients are given codes they can use to unlock their data, allowing them to promptly decrypt and restore it. Web hosting companies that offer daily backup services understand that many clients need to store sensitive data. Relying on a provider you can trust will ensure you and your clients enjoy privacy and assurance.

Contact to learn more about how we can make your data more secure and readily available for a quick recovery in case of a disaster or a data recovery emergency.


While the basic consumer still isn't on board entirely with Cloud hosting, the technology sector isn't waiting. A current boom in data center construction is predicted to top out in 2017. These new mega data centers will overall be used by cloud providers and will eventually account for roughly 45 percent of all high-Cloud hosting for cost effective business web hostingend data center space globally. The reason for the boom in data centers offering cloud services is due to the nature of the way data is now being stored and served.

Consumers are making the transition trust the reliability of cloud services more so over traditional means of storage, retrieval and use. Cloud computing allows for data to be stored in remote data centers that have redundant hardware instead of data being hosed on singular data storage systems. The benefits of the cloud infrastructure allow for your data to be retrievable even if a few servers on the system fail. The benefits of cloud hosting are numerous and more and more consumers along with small to mid-sized business owners are realizing that cloud hosting is more cost effective, more secure and is able to near instantly meet needs for resources to be scaled up or down. These benefits translate into big returns on the initial investment.

Big Data: Cloud Hosting is Scalable
More data than ever before is now being produced and it is critical that your business or enterprise has systems in place that can effectively store, backup and retrieve that volume of information which may be critical to the success of your company. The cloud has the ability to be scaled so that if a crush of data and resource needs is about to come into your systems you will be able to adapt for its intake and management. Those running cloud hosting don't have to invest in costly new hardware or the software to run it but only have to scale their resources up on the cloud in order to meet higher demands. If an unexpected lull occurs resources can be scaled back and out costs for web hosting needs an be instantly reduced.

Data Storage, Processing and Development
Deployment and configuration is easy and can be further adapted with an simple to use onApp control panel for Cloud Web Hosting. Companies and consumers will need a mix of storage space, processing resources and development applications in order to confidently and adequately handle the needs they will experience as data accumulates and resource needs for processing become greater. Clouds can host big data and take care of analytic needs like no other type of service. If you aren't already onboard with the basics of how cloud operates and how it can benefit your operations you could get left in the dust as your competitors and peers embrace this powerful and effective wave of technology. Cloud web hosting can more effectively meet your business needs better than other types of web hosting.

Security vulnerabilities in a big data cloud strategy can be minimized because security can be set to meet the needs you have for your data and the way it is distributed and utilized. It also is a benefit that security and systems are updated when you use managed cloud services. The work is taken care of for you and your business doesn't have to become a security expert to protect the integrity of your data and information. Your business will be able to potentially reduce the need to allocate more resources and revenue to add new security software and the staff to support to your data protection needs. Managed cloud services take the concern to perform updates and the need to adapt controls to fit the new platforms for big data in the cloud out of your hands. You will be able to allocate this saved revenue back into your business and use it to engage in practices that are more suited to growing your business and pleasing your client base.

Cloud web hosting enables small to mid-sized business to implement continuous deployment of big data cloud applications much more quickly than in the past. Cloud web hosting allows your business to development more quickly and more effectively which in the end results in higher profits and more time to bring your enterprise endeavors to full fruition.

Contact our team to learn more about how cloud web hosting is the right business decision to keep your data secure and your systems scalable for more cost effective IT management.


Colocation hosting offers managed hosting solutions, without demanding that clients give up control of their servers. Whether you’re the owner of a small, Co-location Web Hosting with Managed Servicesmedium, or large business, colocation may be the perfect web hosting solution for you. Storing your server hardware in a safe, monitored data center is an excellent way to cut back on costs, and obtain additional resources whenever you need them. Accordingly, you won’t be financially confined to a set infrastructure, and can scale your services when it’s convenient for you.

Uptime & Accessibility
Redundant network connections and power supplies are two of the most important benefits colocation web hosting has to offer. Through improved connectivity and consistent uptimes, clients can enjoy the security of always having access to their mission critical data and programs without fail. In accordance with redundant connections, servers housed in well-organized data centers are supported by multiple power safety nets. Several battery-powered backup systems, generators, and power grids are often in place to keep clients' servers up and running at all times without disruption.

Unparalleled Security
Another crucial feature of colocation web hosting that business owners can surely appreciate is first-rate, managed security. Rather than having to purchase and install security programs, you can rely on your hosting provider to administer security updates on your behalf. Servers that are stored in a carefully monitored data center environment are consistently upgraded with the latest anti-virus and firewall systems. Not only does this save clients the trouble of managing hardware, but it also helps to prevent security threats from infecting an entire server, such as a shared server.

Resources Per Your Needs
Are you planning on expanding your business's hosting resources or switching to cloud hosting? With colocation hosting services, you'll be free to alter your bandwidth and infrastructure as much or as little as necessary without outrageous costs. Accordingly, if your business is switching from in-house hosting to off-site cloud hosting, you can easily relocate your hardware to a provider's data center. There, they'll provision software upgrades, install security updates, and keep your server running all day and every day. Colocation web hosting is the ideal choice for business owners who value opportunities for growth and expansion.


If you’re in need of hosting services, it’s likely that easily managing and monitoring your account is important to you. With cPanel hosting, you’ll have the tools cPanel for web hosting and Resellers - Easy and high quality control panelyou need to cover all of your bases. From managing your email accounts, to folder and file backups, cPanel allows users to keep tabs on all of their account’s features from an intuitive, easy-to-operate interface. Web or business hosting with the addition of cPanel technology is ideal for virtually any user, especially businesses and resellers.

All of the Basic Tools
cPanel is designed to simplify server administration, whether it’s for individual or multiple users. Whether you need web hosting services to manage an e-commerce business, or reseller hosting services, cPanel gives customers the opportunity to get the most out of their hosting experience. You can manage your hosting account with ease, as all of the rudimentary administrative tools are included with cPanel. Through cPanel hosting, you'll be free to control all important aspects of your account, such as: MySQL Database Support & Backups, Management for Unlimited Domains, Email Accounts; File Transfer Protocol and Daily Data Backups

Seamless Compatibility
One of the greatest benefits afforded by cPanel is its versatility for web hosting and business hosting. For example, it can be paired with different operating systems, such as CloudLinux, CentOS, and RedHat Enterprise Linux. In addition to OS compatibility, cPanel is easily integrated with a wide range of add-ons and software, including Softaculous, portals, shopping carts, forums, and blogs. Customized applications can also be paired with cPanel, allowing you and/or your customers to streamline and personalize account management even further.

Great for Resellers
To enjoy success as a dependable reseller, you need the right tools. cPanel is one of the most important additives, as it gives business owners total control over their accounts, as well as their clients’. For aspiring resellers, hosting with the addition of cPanel offers a number of helpful advantages for them and their customers. If you're building a reseller hosting company from scratch, cPanel can provide not only flexibility, but also:

Various Customer Package Options
Branding Opportunities
Automatic Client Account Creation
Email, IM, & SMS Account Alerts & Notifications

Contact our team today to learn how you can take advantage of our cPanel web hosting for your website.



Cloud hosting affords many advantages to businesses, regardless of size and industry. One of the most beneficial aspects of cloud hosting is the fact that it gives Cloud Web Hosting, Scalable, Secure and Affordableusers the ability to utilize the Internet for applications, storage, patches, and etc., rather than additional hardware. Being able to create shared, private, and hybrid networks frees up energy and time for businesses. From lessening energy usage, to boosting productivity, to reducing data recovery times, cloud hosting is one of the most convenient, easy-to-use forms of hosting available.

Energy Savings
One of the immediate benefits of cloud hosting is less power consumption. With the information technology industry consuming a considerable amount of energy at any given time, any hosting solution that reduces hardware and power usage is a plus. Cloud hosting allows companies to become more energy-efficient because it’s Internet-based. Businesses don't need to manage an in-house server to access their data, but can do so through the "cloud". No new hardware needs to be installed, as everything is available via a network connection.

New Communication Lines
In addition to reducing energy usage, choosing Internet-based cloud hosting gives businesses the freedom to telecommute and work from anywhere. This helps improve productivity through greater accessibility for employees. You and your staff won't be restricted to a single workspace. Instead, you can take work with you and access your company's resources from your couch, on the bus, or while on vacation. Additionally, reports, expense statements, client information, business projections, and other forms of business data can be accessed from any device that's connected to the Internet.

Speedier Resource Recovery
Data loss is a major concern for businesses - large and small. In fact, many companies formulate disaster recovery plans to protect information in the event of a data center outage or natural disaster. An accelerated data recovery process is one of the many benefits of cloud hosting. Faster data recovery makes it easier for companies to recuperate after an outage. Also, there’s no need to create complicated, non-virtualized recovery strategies, as all of your resources will be supported by a network of physical servers and virtualization technology. With cloud hosting, it’s not as easy to lose data permanently as it is with some other forms of hosting.





Best Business Web Hosting Features

By Sabrina Oct 31, 2014 7:17 am

If you are in the dark about how to choose the best web hosting for your small to mid sized business then there are a few important factors to consider. If you are new to the world of web hosting or considering changing your hosting provider then there a few areas you will want to look into before making any final decisions. Business Web Hosting for Fast, Secure and Reliable web hosting servicsWhile many web hosting services may look similar and cost about the same at the heart of these services you could experience some very deep differences. Taking a closer look at some core elements of web hosting services will give you a better idea how to pursue the best web hosting for your business needs.

Web hosting support can be critical to the success of your business. If you have questions about setting up your hosting, how to use your control panel, assign DNS settings or a myriad of other factors then you will want to be able to touch base with customer support and technical support in a matter of a few minutes over waiting for a response and a fix for hours or even days with some hosts. Check to see what level of support services the hosting provider offers. While standard support may be enough for some your company may require higher level maintenance options which not all hosts provide. Look into the number of ways that are available to reach out to the company as well. If a ticketing system is the only means you could be waiting for a while to obtain the level of service you deserve and need. Choose a host that offers, live chat, phone as well as ticketing systems and e-mail as a way to reach out and make contact.

Choose a provider that is known for professional level response times and makes it easy for you to get in contact with them. JaguarPC understands that critical issues with your website can't sit and wait. We provide all levels of response, extended support plans and professionally trained seasoned web hosting industry experts to keep your site up and to assist you with all of your technical service and billing needs.

Corporate level website hacks and attacks are becoming more frequent. The onslaught is not expected to subside so as a business you need to know that your data is secure and well protected against all levels of potential security threats. If large corporations can be attacked and infiltrated successfully then you will want to know that your own data is as secure as possible. High quality hosting companies understand this need and use two factor authentication and other high levels of security setting in order to make sure your data is rock solid secure. Strong security settings will route your business affairs and confidential information through SSL certificates for a higher level of security. Superior web hosting services will also provide advanced and proactive monitoring which looks for anomalies and addresses them in real time. Third party software like CloudFlare and SpamExperts provide another level of protection to ensure your data is as secure as it can possibly be. The business data that you host needs extra security in order to protect your clients and your business reputation. High level hosting companies understand these business needs and work around the clock to ensure that new standards of security are put into place when threat levels change.

It is imperative as a business that your website is up all the time. While many web hosts offer 99.9% uptime as a standard you can find a some reputable high quality providers that offer 100% uptime. This level of web hosting is confident enough that your site will always be on that they offer 10X SLA agreements if you do experience any downtime. Cloud web hosting is also a great option for superior uptime returns for businesses and other endeavors that need scalable solutions, more or less data storage, bandwidth and pricing options to give you the most efficient plans for your changing needs. The redundant technology of Cloud web hosting allows for another server to take over if any issues arise so that your website is always up on the cloud. If you find that a business web hosting plan doesn't meet all of your needs then cloud web hosting can be managed to fit your needs as they may rise and fall.

Scalable Web Hosting Solutions
Successful businesses grow and as they do they need more space and bandwidth in order to serve the needs of clients and the business itself. Storage, bandwidth, and CPU power will need to be upgraded as growth continues. Choose a web hosting company that offers a number of plans and can meet your needs as your growth continues. If you are experiencing the expansion you would like to see then you will at some point need to upgrade from the original account you engaged. A high quality hosting provider will understand the ratio of your traffic and data needs so that they can guide you into the best plan at the best cost.. Companies now also have the benefit of choosing cloud web hosting which allows for scalability up and down. So, if you have a seasonal business or a special event or even a development project which has changing bandwidth and data storage needs you can scale up for your needs as they occur and scale back down when the need is no longer there. The cost effectiveness of this plays into the hands of businesses as a big benefit as well. You can scale down during the down season and ramp up for the busy times while engaging only the most appropriate costs.

Along the lines of hacks and attacks comes the need to keep your data not only secure but backed up. While many web hosting providers offer backups these can become corrupt or a disaster such as a hurricane or a fire could leave you without your precious data. Web hosts that provide backups give you the extra assurance that if your own copies of data become unavailable your web host will be able to produce a copy for you. High level businesses recognize the need not only for a web host to maintain a backup copy but also for all data to be stored and secure at multiple locations. It is no longer advisable to depend solely on a web host to maintain the only record of the data. Good web hosting providers often also offer additional backup services to secure your data and information beyond the normal backup copies. Reliable hosts will also point out the need for clients to maintain their data at multiple locations in order for the best possible recovery tactics to be engaged before mishaps or dreaded disasters occur.

Performance and SEO
A static IP on high performance server will both help the SEO of your website and help with your visibility across the internet. These two features can be key to your businesses overall success. Sites that load fast and maintain a dedicated IP address will be ranked higher than those sites that change IP's often and have low page load speeds. Google is also now giving higher ranking to sites which have an https designation due to an SSL certificate being enabled. Business web hosting accounts generally take these factors into account because they are designed especially to satisfy the recognized needs that e-commerce, developers, startups and other standard types of businesses need most. When businesses host on higher level types of hosting plans with a reliable and recognized provider they can reap the benefits at many different levels which can prove to be invaluable to growth, higher sales and continued success.

Hardware and Software
Not all businesses start off with a fully enabled website in hand when they are seeking hosting services. It may be important to consider if the business web hosting plan you choose offers site building software, free Softaculous, with the ability to enable hundreds of scripts, cPanel software for ease of use and website management, free domains and other additional features which can make hosting your website and adding features easy so that you can create a more attractive and user friendly website.  Servers that are enabled with LiteSpeed and SpamExperts along with industry leading hardware like Intel quad core xeon processors are recommended for those who need hosting accounts that offer advanced features. As a business you will want the ability to enable the leading e-commerce hardware via scripts or special security settings and for your shopping cart services to load fast and experience smooth operation.

Ethics , Integrity and Reputation
Web hosting is an enormous industry with over 65,000 providers in North America alone. Before making any final decisions on the host you choose you might want to take a look at online reviews and the overall reputation as well as the longevity of the company. Many fly by night hosts provide minimal support, fail to respond to problems in a timely manner and may provide hosting services only when a long term contract is signed. An ethical web host is more than happy to respond in a timely manner to correct any issues and provide support in a timely manner. It is also a good idea to call the hosting provider before you order your plan. This tactic allows you to see the type of service and support you will get and how you will be attended to once you do choose a company.

JaguarPC offers all of the best web hosting features whatever your business web hosting needs may be. Contact our sales department with any questions you might have about which type of plan best suits the needs for your individual strategies and special needs.


Several ingredients are needed to make a reseller hosting company successful and profitable. One of the most crucial components is an experienced, dependable hosting provider. If you’re considering starting a reseller hosting company, be sure to select a provider that doesn’t skimp on fundamental services and add-ons. Successful Reseller Web Hosting FeaturesYou’ll be dividing these services up among clients at a later date, so it helps to have the highest quality server and tools at your disposal from the start.

Important First Steps
Just like any other business, there are a number of steps involved in establishing a profitable reseller operation. In addition to locating a respected company that offers a wealth of white label hosting services, there are two other important steps to cover. Firstly, you'll need to put time and effort into building a unique, client-focused hosting plan. Including all of the essential features, as well as added bonuses, is a good way to grab the attention of potential customers. Secondly, using marketing strategies and helpful tools - such as cPanel - will aid you in creating a brand and logo for your company.

Create Your Vision
When it comes to the options available to you through reseller hosting, the sky's the limit. Whatever your personal goals may be, there are numerous routes you can take as a business entrepreneur. Whether your goal is to provide hosting services to small, local companies, or you're interested in building a website design company, your choices are virtually endless. With scalable resources and opportunities to upsell features, reseller hosting offers both freedom and satisfaction to business entrepreneurs and companies in need of hosting services.

Services & Chances to Upsell
If you’re backed by a reputable hosting provider, it's not necessary for you to have extensive knowledge concerning hosting or hardware. Quality white label hosting companies aim to provide IT support 24/7/365 - ensuring the satisfaction of resellers and their clients. Installation is often quick, and you'll have the ability to choose the services you'd like to provision For instance, you can choose from a range of add-ons, including RVskin, Softaculous, WHMCS and more. Additionally, you can aim to increase your profits by electing to upsell certain features, such as cPanel, RVSiteBuilder along with deep discounts for VPS and Dedicated server resells along with many other  revenue generating options.


Wow, I can tell you today I am truly amazed. My upper level management team hasn't called me out on "Doing a Greg" in a long time. Honestly, I have, I have just been more discreet about it. Yeah, I pulled a Greg, and managed to hit the 16 year anniversary mark at JaguarPC. I didn't do it all alone though.JaguarPC Celebrates 16 Years in the Web Hosting Industry

JaguarPC has been one of the major driving forces in my lifetime. My own perseverance along with the support of my family and a few good minds in the industry have allowed me to take a side project and craft it into a global web hosting company that to this day stands on the principals of integrity, exceptional service and reliability.

I want to thank all of our customers at JaguarPC. I know many of you are using our hosting services to get your own companies online. I completely respect all of you for your efforts. While many of us started our companies and websites far before the Startup craze we all still have the same entrepreneur spirit that bonds us. JaguarPC is a part of the answer to your online business, blog and website success.

I understand from a personal perspective the battles that each of you faces daily and I encourage all of you to continue with your endeavors until they become successful. It feels pretty good to celebrate a 16th anniversary and more so even to share it with some of our original clients as well as many new entrepreneurs, site owners and successful businesses. Your loyalty and support over the years has been critical to the success of JaguarPC and it has always fueled my own personal drive and ambition to do what is best for our clients. I thank each of you for being a factor in the growth and success of JaguarPC and I respect your own ambitions to be successful entrepreneurs.

I would also like to thank the tireless and hard working minds of the staff at JaguarPC. They have the same perspective as I do when it comes to providing customer service and technical support. You may have come to know some of them personally and that is the nature of JaguarPC. Our team realizes there is a person reaching out for assistance and they make every effort to make sure you are treated as an individual over an account number. Our team values our clients and understands that unless it is a 150% effort, then it isn't enough.

It has been a good year. Not only did I manage to kick my Gummy bear habit and not sell off any of my Lego collection but JaguarPC is well on track to meet the expectations we tabled for the year. We are happy to have you as a part of our family where we choose to be exceptional in all that we do. Since JaguarPC is going to be around for at least another 16 years then we will do it with exceptionalism as our standard and nothing less.

Greg Landis/ CEO


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