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Did you know JaguarPC was established in 1998? We are a hosting company providing quality, non-oversold, reliable hosting solutions at an affordable price. Our services are backed by 24/7 professional customer support, stellar hardware, uptime and money back guarantees.



Features and Security of Dedicated Servers

By Jag Apr 20, 2016 9:04 am

Hints for Exceptional Web Hosting Service

Dedicated servers offer exclusive use of a physical machine, and at JaguarPC we recommend them for high traffic websites or when exceptional security is needed. This type of server is usually rented or leased with a specified amount of memory, disk space and bandwidth dedicated to a single client. Many hosting companies offer dedicated packages complete with domain names, email and FTP services, and usually a cPanel to provide easy user management of applications and services.

Dedicated Server Features
When you lease a dedicated server, you have all the resources at your fingertips without the hassle of managing your own hardware. Services and resources are private, and you have full control on a secure platform for your web project. Security is ensured, and JaguarPC suggests choosing a reliable and certified host. Other features you should look for are flexible resources.

• Choice of Operating System
• Root Access
• Custom Kernal Implementation
• Development Platforms
• Fast Data Access
• Choice of Database

Dedicated servers offer true web security, and through DdoS protection and firewalls provided by your host your data is secure. With a dedicated server you have the option of adding your own security measures, and most hosts provide scanning applications for protection against virus, hackers and other network hazards. Security experts monitor the host's networks to guard against any intrusion and obtrusive invaders on their systems.

Managing the Server
With dedicated servers, you decide on the level of management you want or don't want, and you can decide to upgrade or downgrade your package when needed. Most hosting companies offer cPanel for convenience, and you choose the software you want to install. Unmanaged packages put you in charge of maintenance, patches and upgrades, and the command line is available with security tiers of your choosing for administrators.

Server Packages
Packages are available for dedicated servers which include the hardware, ram and hard drive you need in various increments, but we suggest finding a package size that allows some growth. Some hosts offer small beginner packages that include all the features you need to get you up and running. Whichever size package you need, dedicated servers offer you a safe and secure web environment for development and hosting.


kaboompics.com_Break from work

One of the easiest ways to make money is to join the JaguarPC affiliate hosting program. Many people have misunderstandings about how these programs work, so let's review some of the basics and you will see how this can easily fit into your online activities.

First, our program works through client referrals. In other words, when people use our web hosting services, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server services and contacted us through your website or by your personal referral, you will earn cash.

All you will be required to do is to run a campaign on your website or to have customers you refer to us to use your email on their order form. Both options will link your affiliate status to the order, and you will be entitled to the fees for that referral.

How to Advertise

Most of our affiliates develop their own campaigns for affiliate hosting using the banners that we provide. These banners can be used on some or all of the pages of your website, and they automatically track clicks from your site to ours.

This is done through cookies, which record the use of the link. When the custom eventually places an order with us, the cookie will notify our system of the success of your marketing campaign and we, in turn, will pay you to show our appreciation.

You may also want to set up email campaigns and mention our company and the services we offer. In many cases, our clients are asked by vendors or suppliers about their hosting company, and this provides them with the opportunity to give a referral and also be rewarded for recommending our services.

Getting Started

Getting started as an affiliate with JaguarPC is simple, easy and just a click away. When you activate your hosting plan, you will log into the Client Dashboard, which allows you to manage all aspects of the service. In the client section, you will see a link in the menu that is titled Affiliates.

Clicking on this link activates you affiliate hosting program, and also provides you with access to banners for your site. Our clients find reading through our blogs and talking to our staff can also be effective in determining the most effective ways to provide potential referrals with the information they need.

Each type of referral will earn a set amount. Most referrals, including web hosting, reseller accounts, Cloud services, VPS or business hosting will provide you with sixty-five dollars per referral, while a dedicated server referral will earn you one hundred and fifty dollars, which is just our way of saying thanks.




Keeping Cloud Servers Secure

By Jag Jan 20, 2016 1:54 pm


Has your business reached the clouds yet? Countless business professionals use cloud servers in their daily home or work life. This advanced technology offers various benefits, including:

• Constant data accessibility
• Zero down time
• Continued information distribution
• Scalability of resources
• Dynamic provisioning

Cloud Safety
Despite the many benefits offered by cloud technology, it also poses certain security risks coupled with cloud backup. You are not alone to be hesitant in adopting cloud solutions. At JaguarPC, we know when it comes to security, the importance of control over your cloud infrastructure is crucial.

Security Features
JaguarPC webhosting experts say it is vital to make sure a cloud system uses strong data security features. Your cloud system must be designed to utilize antivirus programs, encryption controls and other features that help protect data. Cloud servers must also use the right security controls to ensure that all data moves back and forth as needed without the risk of others gaining access into the data. A firewall may be added to a cloud server in most cases.

Backup Availability

The backup setup that your cloud computing system uses must also be checked. The enterprise backup solution can be set up directly on the cloud server – but you may have to do it manually. You may want to use your own server or something similar to a portable hard drive or a secondary cloud server. There’s no guarantee that your cloud computing system will have a backup support system, so this will likely be your responsibility.

Regular Testing

At JaguarPC, we strongly recommend testing your cloud on a regular basis. Testing might sound like a minor issue, but it can make a major difference. In particular, you need to test your cloud to see how well it is performing in conjunction with its security setup. Ethical hackers can be hired to test the security of your cloud system.

Data Access
We advise businesses to use many data access accounts and permissions as possible. If every bit of data in your cloud computing system was accessible to everyone in your business, then it would be rather easy for your data to be distributed or even stolen. Therefore, have your system work with several data access accounts at the same time, which can include individual accounts that have their own sets of permissions.




Managed Website Hosting – IaaS / SaaS Solutions

By Jag Dec 29, 2015 2:47 am



When choosing a webhost for your website, it's important to consider not only the type of site you are building, but the extent of your technical knowledge as well. If your budget allows IT personnel, then your choice comes down to price, but if you are about to embark on building the site yourself, you will need some technical know-how. Choosing and installing an operating system is only the beginning. You will also need Apache or Litespeed, and security software, and you need to be comfortable at the command line as well.


Know Your Comfort Zone

There are alternatives to building the site yourself, and at JaguarPC, we offer Wordpress design packages that are tailored to different levels of management comfort. While packages vary from host to host, the most comprehensive website hosting packages include installing and updating your OS, mail servers, web services, MySQL, name servers and FTP. They also offer all the security you need, and 24 hour monitoring including administrative services. You will need to have a quality design loaded into a easy to manage content management system (CMS) such as Wordpress. Once your site is ready and hosted you will need to have ongoing maintenance and effort to maintain the integrity of the software, hardware, and the never ending battle with search engine optimization (SEO). This is the kind of package you want if your time is tight, or your comfort level with Unix or its many variants is low.

JaguarPC Van

Managed Solutions

If managed solutions are right for you, then the next step is choosing a website hosting company that is not only reliable, but has the latest hardware and technology. Superior, cost effective and quality hosting means you are up around the clock, and supported by a staff that is experienced and security certified. JaugarPC is certified with Trust Guard, and we recommend looking for their seal of certification when choosing your host. Certification means your customers are protected when making purchases, and their privacy is ensured.


Management via cPanel

cPanel is a control panel in a GUI format that lets you manage your servers, accounts and software applications. It's easy to use, and provides single click management of styles, languages, email and mailing lists. Security is built in, and it allows you to set the tiers of access to your website for both administrators and end users. You may allow your administrators to add or change content, or your end users to change colors or fonts on their own browsers. Cpanel is a must for ease of management.


Website hosting doesn't need to be complex, and JaguarPC suggests knowing your management comfort zone before purchasing a package.




Why Choose Cloud VPS Hosting?

By Jag Dec 14, 2015 12:15 pm

kaboompics.com_Man holds digital tablet in his hands

Cloud VPS Hosting is simply a virtual private server shared by users; the setup is much the same as a shared physical server hosting multiple accounts. Virtual private servers host fewer users than their physical counterparts, and with cloud technology redundancy ensures data access through a seamless process that stores data across an array of physical servers. This redundancy, which is an integral part of cloud virtual private servers, protects against hardware failure or other outages that can affect your access to data.

Cost Flexibility
You only pay for the services you need, and not the services of an entire server. Changes are easy to make, and it's scalable because the platforms used in this type of hosting are easy to adjust. The simplicity that enables you to adjust on-demand services keeps your costs low because you only use services when you need them. JaguarPC has a slider on our website that shows you how easy it is to adjust the services and cost of the hosting you need from day to day.

Setup and Support
Setup is easier with Cloud VPS than with a physical machine because your setup is customized to your needs, and an easy to use control panel lets you manage your virtual environment and apps as well as monitor its performance. Managed solutions are also available with cloud virtual private servers, and at JaguarPC we suggest a hosting service which will set up and manage your server for you. Support is an important feature, and you should expect an experienced staff to be available around the clock to answer your questions and help you with services.

Fast data access and stability are key features in cloud VPS, and it can support both Windows and Linux. This type of server systems allows for one hundred percent uptime, and security is monitored by certified professionals. Redundancy provides a resilient and robust data system with easy access from anywhere in the world on any type of device. Updates are automatic, and JaguarPC recommends this type of hosting for high traffic websites.

Complete solutions are available with powerful and secure hosting, and it's a cheaper solution than using physical private server. Whether you need private or public hosting, cloud virtual private servers offer you the flexibility and customization you need in a hosting service.




Why Your Business Needs Dedicated Web Hosting

By Sabrina Jul 09, 2015 2:57 pm

Dedicated Servers

The pressure is on for businesses to move to cloud web hosting, but cloud isn't for everyone. There are still a high number of businesses that want to remain on or move to dedicated servers because their business has inflexible operations, they are inexperienced with cloud hosting or they have basic business needs that perform better with a dedicated server business solution.

Dedicated servers are an excellent choice for expanding small and mid sized business operations. Dedicated server web hosting is particularly well suited for SMB's because of its ability to be customized to suit particular performance and security needs that higher level businesses demand. So... why should you consider dedicated web hosting?

Exclusive Server

Cloud is to an extent a shared service and heavy volume can slow it. Dedicated servers will only ever see the volume of your business's information and traffic which gives businesses the ability to have the full run of a server without any concerns from any other users on the system.

Your business and your business alone on the server means that only you will be utilizing the processor and memory resources within the system. Your business level server will be able to perform at optimal levels with no concerns for any other demands on it beyond your own. The absence of any shared factors make dedicated servers one of the most secure and reliable types of hosting service.

Values of Dedicated Servers

• Exceptional Security
• Fully Isolated
• Managed Service for Superior Support
• Reliable with High Uptime
• Bandwidth and Space to Grow

Managed Dedicated

Business that have grown large enough to need the level of resources, security and performance that dedicated servers offer are generally very busy. Eventually, as your business grows you will have to admit that you just can't do it all. Managed dedicated plans allow for your software and security settings to be upgraded, installed and receive professional administration services.

You can't be an expert in every aspect of your business. Managed dedicated hosting plans can give you back time to address more pressing business matters. Managed server plans allow your operations to have the advantage of a team of professional IT experts on hand when you need updates or assistance. Businesses with managed plans can give investors, partners and employees the assurance that IT systems are not only in good order but also in good hands.

Dedicated Advantages

A properly configured dedicated server will have outstanding performance and a single dedicated server with RAID 10 will usually out perform more costly and complex systems. Business can't wait and dedicated servers are known for some of the highest levels of performance for applications and programs. An entire server under your control gives your business the ability to scale resources as you see fit while giving you a professional and reliable platform to create websites and applications.

Growing business are expected to meet the needs and demands of their customers and clients. Dedicated servers are an excellent choice that have been overshadowed by the demand for and the buzz around cloud web hosting. While you may be intrigued by what the cloud offers it simply may not be the right choice. Dedicated servers provide the highest level of protection, system isolation and system resources possible from hosting and that might be just what your business needs to achieve and maintain success.

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Your navigation could be killing your eCommerce sales and traffic. A good navigation strategy is central to the success of your website because confused visitors will drop out of your site quickly. Your website is the leverage you have to reach out to shoppers and visitors it becomes the most important marketing tool you have, so make sure it is helping your visitors get to where they need to be once they’ve arrived. 

You want to ensure your visitors are converting into leads and customers by providing them with an easy way to shop and navigate to the areas they are trying to reach. Here are 6 website navigation tips:

Slim Menus

Everything that is important about your website is connected to its navigation. Trying to fit it all into one area can have big drawbacks. Realistically, you should have no more than seven menu items in your navigation scheme. Lean means focused and a menu loaded with options can have a big negative impact. Navigation that shows your main services or products and is descriptive as well as concise, works best.

Descriptive Menu Items

When Google and other search engines crawl your site your descriptive menu items will be indexed. If you are only using a general or generic term your site will be lumped into that mix. It is advisable to create terms that are more specific to your product or message. They will index better and drive the right traffic to your website. Products and services that are too general will apply to far too many types of businesses. Making you navigation terms descriptive will help with bad clicks and bounce rates.


Pitfalls of Dropdown Menus

If you nest all of your categories in a dropdown menu but your visitor doesn't mouse over it then they may bounce because they don't see what they want offered. A simple navigation menu with descriptive terms will direct your user to a page where you can present more sub items. This page can be designed to engage and convert the visitor over sending them running because they didn't mouse over all of your menu items.

Importance of Order

Navigation follows the psychology that the first and last items that appear will be the most effective. Your traffic's attention and retention are going to be the best for items that appear at the beginning and at the end of your menu. Your most important items need to be at the beginning and end of the menu and the least important items in the middle.

Include Search

If you menu fails  and your dropdowns are overlooked an ambitious and determined user will head for the search bar. Search can be a highly valuable item especially on an eCommerce site. It should be included near the top of every page on your website.

Content and Social Media Items

Your blog and social media links can be critical to helping your conversion rates. Engaging your audience helps build lasting relationships and over time can become key to continued business and traffic growth. Visitors and shoppers that like your social media and web content are more likely to become loyal to you, return more often, refer others and have higher sales totals. Links to these areas should be considered an integral part of your site navigation.

Website navigation mistakes alone could take your business down a very dark road. Your navigation needs to be sharp to create a very easy to use environment while maintaining search engine ranking to drive traffic. Check your analytics before and then again after making navigation adjustments to your site. It is easy to over complicate your website navigation. When you simply tweak a few fundamental areas you can watch your traffic convert and achieve a better reputation for your brand, produce bigger sales and gain a better overall visitor satisfaction rate.




Top 5 Maintenance Mode Plugins for WordPress

By Sabrina Jun 26, 2015 12:09 pm

Visitors to your website can be turned off by any number of items including maintenance. If you are updating your live and hosted website then users are more likely to return if they know what is happening. There are plenty of great maintenance mode plugins you can add to your website that will let your visitors know what's going on and when to return or where else they can go for more information. If visitors think your site is broken or is in bad shape they might not return but by placing your site and pages in maintenance mode you can easily alert them.

WP Maintenance Mode

Free high functioning plugins are always a welcome pleasure. WP Maintenance Mode will add a simple splash-style page that gives your website's coming soon page style. Its easy to use settings let you change colors, upload new images, add countdown timers, social links and contact forms. Once you set up the design, general and modules areas your "down for maintenance page" will be attractive and engaging without too much work on your end.


When you maintain and upgrade your site you will still want the benefit of knowing a few key statistics. Maintenance plugin has the Google Analytics functionality you need. You can enable "503 Service temporarily unavailable”, set a temporary page with authorization and edit it for your specific needs. A big brand presence website will benefit from adding a logo, changing colors and using a full screen background image. Even if your performing maintenance you can still maintain your brand image and look professional with a quality page that mimics your style.

Ultimate Coming Soon Page

Create a Maintenance Mode or Coming Soon Pages that works on any theme with the Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin by SeedProd. Use a good background, some basic content and add features to connect with your visitors over social media and through email. If you are ready to trick out your coming soon page this plugin has all the features you need to make it stunning with solid advanced options that make it fully customizable. It is built on HTML5 and CSS3 and operates smoothly on the latest coding languages for a full professional and well organized maintenance mode page.

Easy Pie Maintenance Mode

Let your users know you aren't down but you are hard at work with the simple to use Easy Pie Maintenance Mode plugin. You won't be bothered with any configuration or settings needs. You only have to install and activate it. Add your images and a few lines of simple text and your coming soon or maintenance page is good to go. This is a bare bones free plugin but it is fully responsive and you can add custom CSS to the preset themes.

Simple Maintenance

Keep your visitors informed and engaged while you get work done with the Simple Maintenance lightweight WordPress plugin. Decide which pages you want to update and activate the plugin. Its fully responsive HTML5 design won't leave your mobile users guessing where your pages have gone either. If you need something more customizable look at the Simple Maintenance Mode Pro plugin that gives you color, backgrounds, countdowns, e-mail capture abilities and search engine optimization.

You would be foolish not to use one of these plugins if your pages are down or your website is a work in progress. You can alert your visitors to come back soon, present them with a sharp visual experience while directing them to your social media channels and collecting email. You visitors will still be engaged and impressed even though you may have a major website overhaul in progress behind the scenes.




4 Tips To Spike Your Ecommerce Website Conversion

By Sabrina Jun 19, 2015 9:09 am


You've spent countless hours building your ecommerce website. It looks sharp, it has traffic and it loads fast. So, why is everyone leaving? A few easy-to-spot problems can fix your conversation rates. If visitors are making it to your site but ignoring your content or not purchasing your product, you need to identify the problem. Changing up a few existing areas can dramatically improve your returns.

Secure Your Ecommerce

Users will leave your site without buying unless you make it clear that the sensitive information your customers are going to pass through your site will be secure.  Adding a trust mark like McAfee SECURE and SSL certificates to your ecommerce web hosting will boost your customer's confidence. Clients who trust your website will be loyal to your brand and products. A SSL certificate adds HTTPS to your URL which Google does favor and will most likely reward with better results in the search engines. 

Video Required

Your visitors want to be engaged. If they aren't, they will leave quickly. Give visitors something to do once they land on your page. Videos are known to improve conversion rates and the simple act of having a video gives visitors an option to take action. A video also brings in a human element for your merchandise. A simple video of a person will help humanize your brand. Show your face, your office and your products in a positive light and people will naturally love you and your conversion rates will skyrocket.

Make it Easy to Buy

Remove any reasons you can think of that would make a person not buy. Simple and pain free online shopping is really all the consumer craves. Have a couple of people run through your ecommerce store and tell you what bugs them and what they wanted from the shopping experience. Make it easy to shop and checkout

  • Offer Multi Payment Options
    No Hassle Checkout
    Easy Returns
    Free & Low Cost Shipping

Conversion Elements

The attention span of your average visitor is about seven seconds. If you don't engage them quickly then you will lose them and the potential to convert them. When visitors hit your site, let them know exactly what they need to do next. You want to make sure that your conversion elements and calls to action are above the fold. You will also want to make sure your call to action buttons contrast with your page. It isn't about the color but how they stand out against the rest of the page. Change your page elements and make them the first focus to strengthen their value and conversion rate.

Don't give your visitors a reason to leave, and DO find ways to get them to stay and buy. When you have a secure site that provides engaging content, offers easy checkout options and clear calls to action, then you should see improved conversions. Ecommerce is competitive but with a few refinements, your website and sales can explode. At the very least, improve your security by adding a SSL certificate. Contact or call 1-888-338-5261 to add more security and boost your customer confidence and loyalty which will ultimately bring you more sales and revenue.


How To Move Your Website to a New Hosting Provider

Have you be meaning to switch hosts because of down time, slow loading pages or bad technical support? Don't delay moving because of fear or uncertainty. It 's actually pretty easy to move your website. If you aren't happy with your current web host and you're ready to move to a new hosting company, then follow these guidelines. Migrating your website can help you with many of the problems you may be facing with your current host.

How to Migrate a Site

1. You will want to sign up for a new hosting plan while keeping your current hosting account. If you cancel your hosting plan before the move you, could lose your files and databases.

2. Find where your files for your website are located on your current host.

If you are using a database, make a copy of the database and your files. If you have any trouble with this, contact your current host and have them help you to make sure you have everything you need for the move. cPanel to cPanel moves are a snap.

3. Next, you will be copying or backing up your current website's files and database(s) to a folder on your local computer. Download all of your current files from your current host to your computer using the backup feature in your control panel. Protip: Be sure you also copy your .htaccess file which is sometimes hidden.

4. Next, it's time to also copy your database. Select the correct database for your site and export a compressed backup of your website's MySQL database. Once you have a copy of your database and all of your files, you can now import these into your new hosting account.

5. Your new hosts will have sent a welcome letter with your cPanel logins. Sign into cPanel, locate the backup tools area, use the file-upload box for full-site backup and upload the files and databases.

6. Make sure you grant the new database all privileges for usernames, passwords, and permissions associated with each MySQL database. This information will need to be entered into your MySQL databases interface in cPanel.

7. Once you have imported your files and databases, you will want to test your website. If you are satisfied that all of your files are displaying correctly and that all of your databases are operating properly, it's time to launch your site and make it live.

8. The last step is to change your DNS settings to your new host name. Your new DNS can be found in your welcome email you received when you signed up for new web hosting.

It will look like this:

Name server propagation, pointing your domain to the new host, can take 24-48 hrs. Try your website to see if it is active about every 8-12 hours. If your site isn't displaying within 48hrs after your change, then contact the technical support team at your new host to assist you.

After you see that your site is live on your new host,  run your testing once again. If you are satisfied that you have all the files and the databases are correct, then you can cancel your old hosting account.

Every website has its nuisances and complexities. If you are migrating to JaguarPC and you run into any problems during the process our technical support team is available 24/7/365 to help. Contact our team at: They will be happy to assist you with all your website migration questions.


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