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Did you know JaguarPC was established in 1998? We are a hosting company providing quality, non-oversold, reliable hosting solutions at an affordable price. Our services are backed by 24/7 professional customer support, stellar hardware, uptime and money back guarantees.



5 cPanel Secrets and Tips

By Sabrina May 22, 2015 9:06 am

cPanel Secrets

When you choose cPanel web hosting you are deciding to open a treasure trove of hosting goodies and many already know and love the stability and overall performance of cPanel on Linux servers.

While even beginners know cPanel will efficiently take care of their own web space, domains and email, there are several overlooked secrets lurking in the background. When used, the below tips will take your web hosting experience to another dimension. Our top 5cPanel Secrets are:


Backup with Ease

Don't wait for disaster to strike. Use the database and file backup feature in cPanel and you won't have to worry about a fiasco. Hosting accounts that are under 500 MB can take a full backup. Click download or a full website backup and your site is safe. If your site is over 500MB, you will have to perform two backups, one for your database and one for your files, but it is still the same simple process.

Some sites offer backup plugins, but be weary. While these plugins make it easy for frequent backups, it's best to do this trhough cPanel.


Image Management

You can find a HTML Editor in cPanel’s File Manager Interface, upload the image, and get it properly tagged and displaying on your website. If you need to edit images, then go to the advanced area and look for image tools. Once here you can change the image size, the file type and even create thumbnails in the directory.


Disallow IP Addresses

If you notice a number of pesky visitor's IP addresses, then cPanel makes it easy to change your setting and deny access. Follow these steps to block an IP on cPanel:

1. Choose "security"

2. Click the IP deny manager

3. Enter the offending IP addresses.

4. Presto, no more nuisance visits from that IP


cPanel is Mobile

You can download an app which puts many of the control panel functions you need to use in hand no matter where you are. You will have access to basic FTP, Email administration, server status and a few other everyday tasks you demand from cPanel. Check the cPanel site to see where you get the most recent versions of the app.


Set a Secondary E-mail

It is handy to set up notification from cPanel, but you do need to add an additional email address. Since cPanel uses your registered email as the primary, you will need to navigate to preferences where you can update your secondary email. In case the primary email is unreachable you will still be able to receive notifications and updates. This is very handy in the case of support issues and lost passwords.

Since all the buttons and Icons in your cPanel can be overwhelming, it is good to know what to look for and be aware of a few bonus features you will want to activate.

Make sure you add Spam Assassin, Attracta and CloudFlare at the least.

cPanel bundles the most compatible and effective tools into your control panel which takes the guess work off your hands. Hopefully one of these cPanel secrets help you take better advantage of all the great tools it offers.

JaguarPC can help you get started with cPanel web hosting plans. Contact our team or call 1-888-338-5261 and we can help you move to a better way of managing your website.




3 Biggest Benefits of Cloud Web Hosting

By Sabrina May 19, 2015 10:25 am

Benefits of Cloud Web Hosting

While some are hesitant to enter the cloud era, many small and mid-sized businesses have already made the move due to the flexible, reliable and scalable nature of cloud hosting.


Because cloud hosting services let you focus on your business, being confident that your website is running smoothly and operating at the best levels for your immediate needs. Rapid deployment, high performance systems and reliable managed services offer a level of web hosting that rises above traditional hosting plans.

Here are 3 huge benefits of cloud web hosting:


Setup In a Snap

Cloud hosting plan setup is near automatic. Once you have your logins, you can sign into your account and immediately begin to use the resources. You will find many cloud hosts also offer managed services so that when you need adjustments your hosting provider can help you. Automatic security and software updates allow you to reduce your own IT costs and eliminate the need to add your own software and hardware.

Simple setup along with automatic updates and scalable features mean that your IT support and employee costs could greatly be reduced. A little extra per month to add a cloud hosting plan for business efficiency could save you substantially month after month, year upon year.


Scalable Resources

Everyone knows that you are billed for electricity based on your use. Cloud hosting operates the same way. If you know you are building an application that is just starting out but will be growing then cloud web hosting is the best choice.

If you own a business that has certain sale events, live streaming events or other high resource usage time frames then the cloud can adapt. When you can scale your resources up and down you can cut operating costs and have the right resources in place at the right time. The scalable nature of the cloud gives you the flexibility you need when you need it most.


Redundant Servers

One of the truly unique features of Cloud web hosting is its redundant nature. In the past if your server went down, your site was out of commission.

But, with the rise of technology and the introduction of cloud services, redundancy is common place. Cloud hosting uses a number of virtual private servers. If one server goes down, another one will pick up the slack. Your website and its databases and files will simply be delivered from another server in the cluster. The centralized management of network services and servers ensures optimal operation with absolute minimal interruptions. True 100% uptime is achievable with cloud services.

JaguarPC offers expert and responsive support to help you with your transition to the cloud. If you have been using another hosting provider we will help you make your move with no headaches and no hassles. Our 24/7/365 technical support team is on hand via phone, live chat, email and ticket support to address your questions day and night. If you need answers about cloud hosting contact JaguarPC today at 1-888-338-5261 or We can help you with all of your general and detailed questions about how cloud web hosting can benefit your business almost immediately.




5 Signs It Is Time For You to Invest In A VPS

By Sabrina May 15, 2015 9:07 am

Signs It Is Time For You to Invest In A VPS

Have you been experiencing slow website load times? Are you about to throw your computer out the window? If you have been running into a lack of resources and an up tick in traffic then it might be time to invest in a VPS web hosting plan.

Businesses can quickly outgrow shared hosting plans when they experience the need for more resources to handle an influx of visitors, have advanced security settings requirements and specialized software needs. As your business grows so does your demand for more resources.

Slow Website

If your site is slow you most likely need more resources like bandwidth and disk space. VPS hosting allows you to use all the resources on your partition. You won't have to be concerned that a few heavy users on a shared server are consuming all the resources and causing your site to bog down and become slow. VPS hosting has generous bandwidth and storage. You will notice a big positive difference in how your VPS hosted site loads and responds to requests.

You Have Multiple Domains or Sub domains

A shared server will handle basic web hosting needs but as your business expands you will find that you may need more than one website. A VPS web hosting account can accommodate multiple websites and domains allowing you to create a greater level of exposure and to promote more than one business per hosting account.

If your website uses a good amount of dynamic content, then a VPS server is capable of delivering all of your sites at a much better speed and it will also allow you to expand considerably as it can scale with your needs for more resources and space.

You Need Specialized Security Settings

While a shared hosting account has security enabled it may not be the level of security your business website and you need. Once you have a VPS server you can decide on and set the limits for your own security parameters. While shared and VPS hosting plans will both screen you from security vulnerabilities, a virtual private server will provide a much higher level of custom security settings that are under your direct control. You won't suffer if others on your server are targets because VPS system isolation provides you an extra level of protection.

You're Looking for Flexibility

Shared plans offer a limited amount of resources and if other shared users are maximizing those resources then your site won't perform well. Shared hosting is generally a starting point for small sites and blogs. If you have a large and complex site with growing traffic then shared hosting isn't the best choice. Shopping carts, heavy dynamic content sites and video streams are not suitable for shared hosting plans. As your business website evolves, you want the best performance possible and a VPS can deliver advanced needs with incredible results.

Bigger Budget, Better Business

Online businesses need the advantages that a larger budget can deliver. Successful businesses will benefit from hosting plan upgrades. If your site is faster and has great delivery and performance then you will almost certainly see an increase in business, traffic and potentially sales. When businesses expand to VPS hosting the cost might initially be a little grater but over time the improvements a VPS allows you to make will create a more loyal and satisfied client base so that your revenue can grow.

Spending a little extra money on a VPS today can help you increase your revenue substantially over time.

Your business reputation could be at stake. Sites that load slow, fail to have enough resources on hand and have minimum levels of security in place are less attractive to visitors. The team at JaguarPC will ensure your transition is smooth throughout the process of moving from one server to another. If you need more information please contact JaguarPC today at or at 1-888-338-5261.


Back up your Data

When you manage an online business, neglecting backups simply isn't an option. One misstep and your site could be nonfunctional for days- losing you precious revenue and credibility.  You deserve the peace of mind that comes with routine, managed backups.

Malware and cyber crime are very real threats, as well as data center power outages and disasters. In the event you lose valuable data or your website becomes corrupted, you’ll have unlimited restore points to fall back on.


Easy, Seamless Backups

Through a managed hosting company, you’ll enjoy the security of knowing your files and data are kept under lock and key. For example, you have the option of adding backup management services to your packages here at JaguarPC. With the support of dedicated professionals in your corner, you can have confidence in the security of your data. Backup management services include:

  • Installation
    Regular updates
    Backup configuration
    Careful monitoring

Backup management is an essential tool for web hosting users – particularly those who own and operate online websites.


Make Sure You’re Covered

As a business owner, you’ve probably worked hard to create an attention-grabbing, informational website that stands out. Not opting for backup services is risky, as you can lose client information, content, product information and databases in the blink of an eye. Managed backups protect our clients from data loss caused by power outages, fires, floods and technical errors. Additionally, backing up your data is also a smart way to offset the problems caused by malware, identity theft and hackers. Rather than starting from scratch, you’ll have everything at your disposal.

Backup hosting

Immediate and Long-Term Advantages

Data backup services through reliable providers are designed for compression – meaning they take up minimal server space. Additionally, backups can be completed anytime and as often as necessary without disrupting server performance. As well as compression and performance, you’ll enjoy a breadth of other advantages, including:

  • Routine backups
    Total encryption
    Support for Windows & Linux
    Backups for servers, PCs and more
    Unlimited incoming/outgoing bandwidth
    Multiple restore points
    Easy-to-use GUI interface
    Off-site control

Managed backups deliver time-saving, efficient features that make daily backups simple and easy.

JaguarPC highly recommends managed backup services. Our trained experts offer backup management assistance with daily backup services – saving our busy clients time, money and unnecessary difficulties.

If you have questions or need more information on backup services then contact or 1-888-338-5261 for more information on how backup services can save you time, money and most importantly, data loss.




Why VPS Hosting is Crucial for Business Site Speed

By Sabrina May 08, 2015 8:54 am

Why VPS Hosting is Crucial for

Visitors and potential sales will leave your website if it is slow to load.

With every abandonment, you risk losing a customer forever which can be terrifying or small and midsized businesses. 

This is why new small and midsized business owners need high quality hosting to ensure their content is delivered fast and uptime is high.

Linux VPS hosting is an excellent option for growing online businesses that can't afford to have their site offline.  If you have been using a shared web hosting account and your business has expanded then it may be time to move up to a VPS hosting plan. As your online business grows so does you need for more online resources. VPS web hosting plans can help you accelerate your growth and expand to new markets.

Performance Benefits of VPS

Shared hosting may be hindering your business growth.

Many users share the same server and while shared hosting accounts are good for beginners they can have serious drawbacks as your business grows and you have a greater demand for space and resources. When business and e-commerce owners step up to VPS web hosting plan they can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated node where they have full access to all of the plan's resources and other user's activities won't affect the site performance or uptime which can be the case with shared hosting plans. You will also have your own IP(Internet Protocol) .

This will not only improve you and your visitor's security but it will also help you enhance your Ecommerce business abilities.

Launch Your VPS Hosting

Once you have signed up for your VPS hosting plan and added on your control panel you will be able to manage your business much better. Better still --managed VPS web hosting is included with your control panel.

Managed VPS web hosting lets you use your hosting account more effectively. Growing online businesses need the advanced security settings and the full resource allocation that Virtual Private Servers allow. Managed web hosting services will give you two hours of administrative support each month which can be a big additional benefit if you need support for updates on scripts and programs. JaguarPC provides exceptional technical support 24/7/365 to help you get the most from your VPS.

Proactive Assistance

JaguarPC delivers a full range of VPS web hosting support services that include continuous provisioning and data center monitoring. If there are issues with a server we know about before you do and take action immediately. Your VPS plan is security hardened when we provision your Quad Core VPS and software updates are automatic. We understand businesses operate on a global time frame and our staff is available by phone, ticketing system, email and live chat to suit your time frames and response time expectations.

If you have noticed that your business website is slow, or you know that you need more resources and space for your expanding online business, then a VPS web hosting plan should be in your future. If you have been thinking about moving your web hosting to a VPS hosting plan then JaguarPC can assist you. We offer free migration assistance and the support you need to move and update your hosting plan from your current provider.

Contact JaguarPC at or call 1-888-338-5261 to learn more about how VPS hosting can help you and your business.


Do you need the full scope of hosting features for your business? Quality web hosting services give businesses a strong platform they can use to establish niches in their industries. With a trustworthy hosting provider behind you, you’ll gain access to the features and extras you need to take your business to new heights. Business Web Hosting PlansJaguarPC’s managed business hosting plans are designed to be cost-effective, inclusive, and stress-free. From unlimited bandwidth and parked domains, to included Softaculous and CloudFlare, you’ll have all of the resources you need at your fingertips.

Hands-Off Server Management
Managed hosting is one of the many perks available through quality business hosting plans. For inexperienced, busy web hosting users, managed hosting offers a convenient, time-saving alternative to do-it-yourself server management. Rather than having to maintain and update on-site hardware, experts will do the hard work for you. With managed hosting services, you’ll enjoy 100% uptime, server monitoring, cPanel hosting, and the services of on-site data center professionals. In the event you run into technical issues, hosting providers can resolve the problems for you quickly and efficiently – allowing you to focus on other technology business-related tasks.

What You’ll Receive
To boost productivity, business plans need to be fully-loaded in terms of features and extras. As a growing company, you and your employees require access to a vast pool of resources. For an affordable monthly rate, you’ll receive the solutions you need and more through JaguarPC. Some of the features and additions rolled into your business hosting plan include but are not limited to:
Unlimited disk space
Free daily backups
IP addresses
SSL Certificate
Free RvSiteBuilder
Included domain name
cPanel Pro
Unlimited FTP

Dedicated Customer Service
For worthwhile hosting providers, responsive, helpful customer service is a must. As the client of a highly-rated web hosting provider, you can feel confident in the knowledge that your questions and concerns will always be addressed in a timely manner. You have a business to run, and a dependable hosting company can boost your business’s capabilities with managed, client-focused packages. Trained, knowledgeable professionals will help your company succeed through dedicated services and personalized support. Our IT team works day and night – 24/7/365 – to deliver top-notch support via phone, email, live chat and ticket system.

Businesses need high quality web hosting. A poor hosting choice could affect the success and the bottom line for your business. Contact JaguarPC  at or 1-888-338-5261 for more information about the best web hosting plan for your successful business.


Do you need a hosting solution that supports content-heavy, high-traffic websites? Solid-state drives paired with virtualization technology deliver a hosting solution that offers speed, scalability and elasticity. No matter how demanding your needs may be, SSD hosting can exceed them. To get the comprehensive and VPS SSD Web Hostingstable provisioning you need, choose a company with years of experience in the hosting industry. JaguarPC’s SSD VPS hosting packages and services are second to none, and offer an assortment of helpful core features and add-ons.

Swift Data Location
SSD VPS delivers unmatched speed and dependability – which makes it ideal for websites that attract large volumes of traffic. Even content-heavy websites load at the speed of light with SSDs. The same can’t be said for conventional storage solutions – which have to rotate to access data. SSDs’ input/output operations per second outperform SATA and SAS by about 1,200%. The most beneficial feature of an SSD is the fact that its 100% solid. SSDs lack moving mechanical parts, and can locate data immediately without causing delays.

First-Rate Equipment
Virtual private server hosting, coupled with high-powered RAID-10 drive arrays, delivers a hosting experience akin to a dedicated server. As an experienced, industry-leading hosting provider, JaguarPC doesn’t skimp on the resources available to our clients. Each Quad-core Xeon VPS node is outfitted with a generous amount of RAM – giving you the platform you need to succeed in the demanding world of online business. Like dedicated hosting, you’ll have the freedom to manage your resources at will. You can scale up or scale down – depending on your business’s needs and goals.

Assortment of Hosting Features
If your website is content-heavy and generates dense traffic on a daily basis, SSD hosting is probably ideal for you. SSDs are designed for speedy data location – making them the perfect solution for businesses that aren’t satisfied with the response times of their websites. Our SSD VPS plans offer a wide range of features and add-ons, including but not limited to:

  • Additional SSD
    Choice of operating systems
    Client dashboard
    SSL Certificates
    24/7/365 server monitoring
    Daily backups
    Root access

You’ll enjoy the convenience of personalized features, as well as improved customer satisfaction through faster site loading times.




Web Hosting Technology Update

By Sabrina Apr 28, 2015 10:31 am

JaguarPC took a break from the office last week and enjoyed mingling with some excellent minds from a few area technology firms at the IT Summit Denver. While we rubbed elbows with a big crowd we took note of some cutting edge technologies which will lead to an even better web and VPS hosting experience for all Web and VPS Hostingof our clients. The IT community in Colorado is filled with professionals who are loaded with innovative ideas and are constantly pushing the limits of technology to explore new regions of insight that will bring gains to the web and VPS hosting industry overall. Colorado is becoming a premier territory for hosting technology innovation. Colorado even has some whispers that the new silicon valley is already here.

Highlights of the Day

Backup Products
In an age when data size and storage needs continue to grow more services and systems are needed to maintain data integrity, storage and recovery. Some online storage and backup services may not be as secure as you would believe. If you aren't backing up your data on a regular basis you are taking a risk you can't afford. Off site, secure and regularly scheduled backup services are necessary. 62% of businesses that have a data loss event or disaster fail entirely. It may be time for you to re-assess your own backup.

It would not have been an IT event of any worth without some good information on security and as Web and VPS Hosting professionals, we find that to be extra VPS and Web Hosting important. The malicious nature of some of the things that get done on the internet means security is one of the top priorities. Malware, spam, brute force attacks and other activities that target you and inflict damage are now more detectable than ever. The roles are reversing on security. While people are becoming more knowledgeable about threats they are also taking action to secure their systems and services. Advanced detection services allow for some real time tracking so that it is becoming easier to locate the point of the attacks and stop them. JaguarPC encourages all of our clients to use strong passwords and to be proactive with your online security practices.

IT Denver Summit also featured a full day of speaking events. One that really stood out was, "Harnessing the Power of Human Ingenuity." If you operate your business or website only across the Internet then you may be missing the integral part of people and their clever and adaptive nature. Systems can allow your business to get a good level of production but when the true interaction of people is added that success and productivity factor rises. Try to get out to a few events and meet in a physical form to inspire more innovation, productivity and collaboration that can all bring your business farther and faster and push you towards success.

Denver Convention Center
The Denver Convention Center is a beast on space. We all wanted one of the Segways that the staff were using to manage the distance. All the same the architecture of the building is truly amazing. It was a good modern look and feel that suited the advanced Internet technology event. The IT Summit Denver event was convenient to light rail so many industry experts didn't have the big commute. The combination of seeing technology in transportation, architecture and technology like Segways made for an all around inspiring day. The JaguarPC team will be spending the rest of the week reviewing and assessing all that we learned and explored in an effort to better optimize our web and VPS hosting services.

Hot Take Always
Aaron, one of our new team members came away with a nice gift certificate. He has plans to purchase some new technology to keep his sales efforts rolling. We Web and VPS Hosting want to thank the 911 IT teams of El Paso county and Teller county for their contribution. JaguarPC is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO and we have team members in Teller County. Thank you 911 for working hard to keep our services online in the event of emergencies.

JaguarPC brings the best managed VPS, shared, dedicated, cloud and Reseller web hosting services to our clients. If you need a type of hosting or IT service that you don't see offered contact us at sales@jaguarpc or 1-888-338-5261 and we may be able to provide the solution you need. We have been a web and vps hosting provider that believes in excellence in web hosting for over 16 years. Our level of experience and our demand for exceptional client care in our services and support means we pass only the best along to you.




Cloud Flare: It’s What Your Website Needs

By Sabrina Apr 21, 2015 5:06 pm

Congratulations to all of our clients who are already using the robust features of CloudFlare. If CloudFlare is new to you then it may be time for you to become acquainted and start enjoying the added benefits it will bring to your website. CloudFlare is an incredible platform that will improve the speed and the security of CloudFlare Web Hosting you website. It is available for setup on Shared, SDX and Reseller servers. If you are using any of these types of hosting plans you will find it in your cPanel. Sign into your cPanel account and look for it to get started. Dedicated and VPS users can contact CloudFlare directly. They will help you with the more advanced setup details needed for those server types.

Enhanced Security
CloudFlare is the master when it comes to security They have effectively and efficiently dealt with some of the largest DDoS attacks in history. When it comes to comes to comment spam and overwhelming bot crawling along with malicious activities like SQL injections and Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, CloudFlare comes to the rescue. CloudFlare has the remedy when is enabled on your account. CloudFlare isn't a static service and it is constantly using the best technologies to discover ways to make your website safer from the ever emerging threats across the web. CloudFlare is also able to provide you with statistical data such as visits categorized by types into human visitors, threats & search engine crawlers. Your site will be more secure and you will be more knowledgeable about what is happening on the backside of your website.

Faster Websites
No matter what type of device you or your visitors are using it is important that it loads as fast as possible. Your site can load twice as fast, use 60% less bandwidth, and have 65% fewer requests while being much more secure when you use CloudFlare. Datacenters around the world are being used by CloudFlare. These data centers are able to route your site to the data center closest to your visitors. This means your site load time can be significantly improved. CloudFlare offers users a number of options which can be turned on or off to improve your website's performance based on your specific needs. Rocket Loader can minimize the number of network connections and ensure third party apps won't slow your site. Hops and latencies are diminished and your site speed can soar with the advanced technology and features that CloudFlare offers.

Reseller Benefits
CloudFlare can also give you, the web hosting reseller, the potential to drop your bandwidth and support costs while allowing you to let your clients know that their own site performance is being enhanced and that additional security measures are in place to protect them. Anytime you can pass on an added value to your own clients then they will be more pleased with your service and more inclined to take advantage of the services you are offering to them.

Enable CloudFlare through cPanel to enjoy optimized content features, delivery of your content to the data center nearest your visitors and enhanced security setting that continue to protect your site even as threats morph and diverge into new methods of attacks. CloudFlare analytics let you know what is happening on your site and apps integration will enhance your visitors' experience. Elevate your business and solve problems that have plagued your website in the past by simply enabling CloudFlare in your cPanel settings.

If you have questions or would like more information about enabling CloudFlare on your hosting account then contact our JaguarPC sales team or call 1-888-338-5261


Whether you’re building a reseller web hosting business, or need to accommodate growing website traffic, cPanel website hosting that includes WebHost cPanel control panel for easy web hosting management Manager (WHM) is stress-free and easy to use. Allowing for quick account configurations, server backups, and reseller account management, cPanel with WHM is a powerful administrative tool no web hosting user or reseller host should be without. You’ll have access to all of the crucial administrative tools you need to successfully manage your server, client accounts, and business website with little effort on your part.

Sever and Account Configuration
One of the most important features cPanel offers is easy, hassle-free server configuration. Using cPanel with WHM, you can change passwords, settings, and preferences to your specs – ensuring your hosting experience is always smooth and seamless. You can also make various changes to your account information, whether it’s changing an IP address, upgrading your account, or altering bandwidth usage. cPanel/WHM is designed to make server configuration and account management as simplistic as possible for experienced and inexperienced users alike. Our cPanel website hosting services allow for quick configurations without the hassle.

Scheduled Server Backups
Most online business owners are aware of the importance of backup services. It’s easy to lose data in the event of a security threat or natural disaster, such as a storm, fire or flood. Using your personal cPanel/WHM, you can back up your server’s settings and content as often as necessary. You’ll also have the option of performing manual backups on your own time, or simply scheduling automatic backups. This way, you can easily restore your server configurations and data with just a few clicks.

Reseller Hosting Solutions
cpanel/WHM is ideal for reseller hosting providers. If you’re interested in creating your own reseller business, you need the right provider in your corner - JaguarPC. With the help of our cPanel/ WHM hosting options, resellers can do any of the following:

  • Access the Reseller Center
    Manage reseller accounts
    Send emails
    Update account holders
    Check usage statistics
    Manage IP addresses
    Add/remove resources

Building your own hosting business from the ground up requires the right administrative tools. cPanel/WHM through JaguarPC makes life easier for both resellers and their customers by expediting account and resource management.


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