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Did you know JaguarPC was established in 1998? We are a hosting company providing quality, non-oversold, reliable hosting solutions at an affordable price. Our services are backed by 24/7 professional customer support, stellar hardware, uptime and money back guarantees.

Secure hosting is a must when it comes to running a business website. Whether you operate an e-commerce website or a promotional site for your company, it’s Secure and Manged Web Hosting Plansimportant to go the extra mile to ensure you and your customers are protected. Hosting through a reputable provider guarantees sensitive information is kept safe from prying eyes – keeping you in good legal standing and building customers’ trust. Managed hosting services are even more beneficial and time-saving – particularly for business owners who are inexperienced with server configuration.

All of the Best Plans
There are numerous types of hosting plans that offer secure, dependable services. If you’re on a shared hosting plan, you may want to consider upgrading your services for added security. Business owners often start out with shared hosting. However, shared hosting leaves much to be desired in terms of data protection – which is crucial to online businesses. VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting solutions offer greater protection, as well as resource scalability. As an experienced hosting provider, JaguarPC can help you choose the best secure hosting solution.

Routine Security Updates
For business owners, unmanaged hosting can be a challenge. If you don’t want to secure and manage your server, managed hosting is probably for you. Managed hosting is a stress-free solution to maintaining server hardware and software, including security programs and patches. Rather than having to purchase and install new and updated security systems, your hosting provider will take care of the hard work for you on a routine basis. Keeping a server protected takes time and knowledge. However, managed services make it easy for anyone to enjoy the latest hosting solutions.

e-Commerce Solutions
If you regularly process transactions via your website, you probably understand the importance of keeping clients’ information safe. Dependable hosting is a must for the protection of clients. JaguarPC offers  e-commerce hosting solutions that  include SSL Certificates, shopping cart add-ons, and other features online business owners need to keep their customers’ information safe. You’ll have the tools you require to meet the PSI DDS, and avoid losing your privileges as a business owner. Regardless of the hosting plan you choose, you can expect reliable, secure service at a price you can afford

If you're looking for web hosting services, be sure to choose a provider that understands the need for reliable, secure managed hosting. Contact JaguarPC for more information about how managed hosting services can make your business more secure. or call us at 1-888-338-5261 We have the IT and web hosting solutions your business needs. 


The right hosting plan can make all of the difference when it comes to building an online platform for your business. Secure, managed e-commerce website Business e-commerce hostinghosting services are often perfect solutions for business owners who are looking to get a stronger foothold in their industry. Hosting with minimal downtime is an important tool in the online business owner’s arsenal. Reliable providers offer an assortment of managed services, which give website owners the freedom to focus on other important business-related tasks.

Greater Reliability and Resources
If your company is growing, you need a hosting solution that won't hinder your progress. Many online businesses make the mistake of continuing to rely on shared hosting, even after they've expanded their online presence. While shared hosting is reliable enough for small startups, it's usually problematic for expanding e-commerce businesses. Sharing resources with innumerable other users often creates problems with uptime, as well as security. Through JaguarPC, you can purchase the ideal hosting plan for your growing company, such as dedicated, hybrid, VPS, or cloud hosting.

Managed Hosting Services
Many hosting providers offer different levels of managed services, which are ideal for busy e-commerce website owners. Instead of having to manage hardware and software, business owners often find it easier to rely on experienced hosts to do it for them. E-commerce website hosting doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re interested in semi-managed, managed, or managed plus, you’ll enjoy dependable services without the headaches of manual administration. You’ll have the freedom to scale resources as necessary, without having to make any on-site configurations.

Consistent Uptime
Without reliable uptime, enhancing and growing a company is more difficult. The world of e-commerce is highly competitive, and it’s important to keep up with other businesses in your field. Companies are always on the lookout for new ways to get ahead of the competition. One of the best ways to boost credibility and exposure and get in favor with potential customers is by delivering consistent uptime. Internet users typically give websites only a few seconds to load before they click away and search for another similar site. If your hosting services leave much to be desired in terms of uptime, you’ll lose profitable opportunities.


Choosing the right hosting solution can reduce many of the common issues businesses face. From streamlining disaster recovery, to boosting synergy, to Cloud Web Hostingminimizing energy costs, there are numerous advantages to cloud web hosting. Large and small businesses alike select cloud hosting for its managed features, accessibility and dependability. Cloud hosting offers a complete hosting solution without the hassles of manual hardware and software management. With a wide range of JaguarPC hosting options to choose from, you’re sure to find the ideal package for your business’s unique needs.

Efficient Disaster Recovery
Usually, businesses put a considerable amount of time and effort into creating a smart disaster recovery plan. When companies opt for managed cloud hosting services, they don’t need to make special plans in the event of a crisis. Cloud hosting uses groups of remote servers and virtualization technology to make resources and software accessible via the Internet. Data is stored “in the cloud” rather than on a single device – ensuring information is safely transferred from area to another in the event of a power outage, fire, flood or other disastrous occurrence.

Stronger Collaboration
Promoting team synergy and collaboration is one of the best ways to strengthen a business of any size. Cloud web hosting can be viewed as a form of collaboration technology that allows colleagues to work simultaneously on projects, despite being separated by miles. As an Internet-based service, cloud hosting gives employees the freedom to work from any device that’s connected to the Internet. Colleagues aren't restricted to working from one place, and can access important information from their laptops, smartphones, tablets and PCs whenever necessary.

Save on Energy Costs
As well as being convenient, storing information in the cloud is also an energy efficient option. In addition to being costly and time-consuming, maintaining on-site servers racks up energy bills. Cloud hosting reduces the extra strain on resources by delivering software and updates via the internet. You won’t have to take extra steps to reduce energy usage, because you won’t be burdened with any on-site hardware. Instead, we’ll provision your services for as long as you need them – adding all necessary upgrades along the way.


As an e-commerce business owner, keeping your clients’ data safeguarded at all times is likely one of your top priorities. If you haven’t already, setting up a SSL SSL Certificates for E-commerce and Business(Secure Socket Layer) Certificate is highly recommended. Through JaguarPC you’ll gain access to a wide variety of add-ons for online businesses. SSL Certificates are must-haves for e-commerce websites, as they reduce the likelihood of identity theft and keep customers’ data safe and sound during transactions.

What is an SSL Certificate?
An SSL Certificate ensures the authentication of  data traveling between a web server and a browser. SSL Certificates create secure, encrypted links between point A and point B – ensuring sensitive information is kept safe from prying eyes. Your business’s information, as well as some of your personal information, is needed to obtain a valid certification. After you sign up, you’ll receive a private key, which your server will use to create encrypted links to your customers’ browsers. Once your Certificate is in place, you and your customers can rest easy knowing you’re protected.

Role in e-Commerce
In e-commerce, SSL connections are absolutely essential. If your business regularly processes customer information, it’s important that you take steps to safeguard your visitors from hackers, phishers and identity thieves. In fact, not taking steps to protect your customers’ info can result in legal penalties and loss of privileges per the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Through our e-commerce hosting services, you can obtain the SSL Certificate you need to protect your customers’ privacy, as well as your rights as a business owner.

Put Your Customers at Ease
Nearly 30% of the world’s shoppers use the Internet to purchase products and services. Many Internet shoppers are familiar with SSL Certificates, and prefer to avoid sites that don’t offer secure server-to-browser connections. Typically, it’s easy to tell whether or not a site is protected by an SSL connection. For instance, a green address bar or lock in the left-hand corner signifies that a website’s Certificate is valid and active.

Our hosting packages for businesses include SSL Certificates, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of them for your benefit and that of your customers.


Your data is important. It may be the case that you are using offsite or onsite backups or a combination of the two already. You know how important your Data Storage and Backup Servicespersonal files from your laptop, desktop or smart phone are but, are you paying as much attention to the files and data you need for your website? While JaguarPC offers daily backups as a courtesy it may not always be the case that all of your files are available via this method. If you aren't' using the benefits of JaguarPC's data backup services you could be vulnerable to data loss which in the end could cost you time, clients and your reputation.

Superior Backup Services
You may have noticed that your current backup methods and services bog down your server. Our enterprise level backup services use sector based backups which increase throughput and reduce overhead. Your servers will be fully operational with minimal performance impacts during backup operations. More efficient backups allow for lower server loads as well. If you have been using traditional backup processes where copying files causes high server load then know that our Data Lockbox services use disk block level incremental replication. If you have come to the point of having to perform a bare metal restore then our enterprise level restoration service can perform quickly and efficiently to fully restore your server from the ground up and fast.

Optimal Control
Backups can be performed at anytime, even on busy servers. You can determine which files to backup, when to back them up, and how long to keep them. You can setup an agent on any server (Linux and Windows), workstation, PC or anything holding data you want backed up to our protected systems. You have web access 24/7 to login and restore files directly from the secure backup systems. Online restoration is available from any internet access point. So, you can perform you backups and restorations without the need for a central location. Multiple team members can perform backup and restorations leaving you more options to secure and restore your data. JaguarPC’s data backup services save you time and money by giving you complete control over your data and backup options.

Outstanding Security
The data lockbox and backup/disaster recovery services from JaguarPC are safe and secure. You will enjoy the benefits of end-to-end strong encryption. Your data is continuously encrypted while in storage and during network transmission using RSA keys. Decryption during a restore is only possible when the encryption key holder enters their pass phrase. This added level of protection ensures information is kept safe from prying eyes.

It is critical to the success of your business that your data is secure, continuously updated and available for a quick and easy restore in the face of a disaster. Contact JaguarPC today at 888-338-5361 or to learn about our enterprise level data storage and disaster recovery solution. We are able to meet your needs and create custom solutions that will work best for you and your business.


Do you need a hosting solution with the core benefits of dedicated server, but don’t want to lease an entire server? If so, managed virtual private server (VPS) Linux VPS for Business Hosting Solutionshosting may be the perfect fit for you. Regardless of your needs, you’ll enjoy consistent software, kernel, and security updates. Additionally you will enjoy  all of the benefits of a VPS, which include total system isolation and exceptional support services.

Why Choose Managed?
Many companies opt for managed hosting because it eliminates the need for costly hardware and software upgrades, as well as maintenance. For clients who are less experienced with the operations of servers, managed is usually the way to go. In many cases, web hosting providers – JaguarPC included – allow clients to choose the level of managed hosting they’re interested in, such as semi-managed, managed and managed plus. Whether you’d rather have a base level of VPS support services, or you’re interested in the full management package, there’s a managed hosting plan for you.

What is VPS Hosting?
VPS hosting is just one of many types of hosting available on the market. Essentially, a VPS is a virtual server that offers many of the advantages of a dedicated server . Like a shared server, a VPS houses data for numerous clients, but far fewer than exist on shared servers. However, unlike a shared server, a VPS partitions users’ information – creating isolated nodes. Also, you’ll never have to worry about overcrowding with a reliable provider. Trustworthy web hosts always allocate plenty of VPS server resources to responsibly avoid server downtime.

Perks of a VPS
Managed VPS hosting offers the flexibility and security that many dedicated server users enjoy. Despite being on the same server, users are 100% isolated from one another and don’t have to worry as much about security breaches as shared hosting users. Rather than using the same resources as other server users, you’ll have a portion of the server to yourself.  JaguarPC's  VPS hosting plans will offer you the freedom to set your own parameters for all of  your web hosting necessities, such as:

IT support levels
Preferred OS
IP addresses
Disk space
RAM & burst RAM

Why not choose a JaguarPC managed VPS hosting plan today? Contact or call 1-888-338-5261 to speak with a representative who can assist you with all of your questions concerning your needs for managed VPS web hosting.


Whether you’re building a reseller business, or are looking to improve your existing company, offering dedicated hosting services is a smart avenue to take. Resell Dedicated Servers Discounts Building a reseller business can be a challenge without a strong platform. Through a dependable web hosting provider, you and your customers will gain access to the best equipment, features and services. With white label dedicated servers and several service packages to choose from, you’ll have the freedom to supply reliable hosting, as well as build a recognizable brand.

Profitable Opportunity
Due to its various advantages, many types of companies – especially those with content-heavy websites – opt for dedicated server hosting. As a reseller, adding white label dedicated servers to your menu of services is a great way to expand clientele and boost profits. Through JaguarPC, you'll receive superior VPS or dedicated servers – giving you the opportunity to design your own packages, build a brand and upsell features. With a reliable parent company at the helm, reseller dedicated hosting has the potential to be a highly profitable business opportunity.

Include Desirable Features
One of the most important steps in creating a reseller hosting business is selecting the types of services your customers will receive. Unlimited bandwidth, free email, unlimited databases and free domains, are some of the crucial features customers typically expect. Powered by LiteSpeed and CloudLinux, our white label reseller servers give resellers' clients an all-around better experience. Web hosting clients demand fast service and consistent uptimes – particularly when their businesses depend on server quality. With top-notch equipment and client-focused packages, you'll exceed your customers' standards.

Applications and IT Support
Knowing what types of clients you’ll be marketing to is part of choosing the correct reseller dedicated hosting plan. Dedicated servers are secure, scalable and reliable. These qualities make them ideal for:

  • High-traffic websites
    E-commerce web stores
    Content-heavy websites
    Mission-critical data storage and protection
    Website and application building

Dedicated servers can be used for just about any operation, which leaves a lot of room for technical error. Fortunately, trustworthy parent companies offer comprehensive IT support services to resellers. Understanding the technicalities of web hosting isn’t 100% necessary when you have the backing of a knowledgeable provider like JaguarPC.


Designing and developing a business website isn't always an easy process – particularly if you’re starting from scratch. Fortunately, tools are available for busy WordPress for Business Websitesbusiness owners who need a website, but don’t have a lot of time or money to invest in one. WordPress – a free, content management system (CMS) – is one such tool. The benefits of WordPress websites are many, but the site’s general ease-of-use, SEO-friendliness, and customization options are some of the most beneficial features.

Hassle-Free Design
Even if your knowledge of website design and development leaves much to be desired, WordPress offers a user-intuitive, simplistic interface. From novices to experts, anyone can use WordPress to bring their vision to life. All of the necessary tools are readily available to users – giving them the platform they need to add new blog posts, links, content, images and pages. Additionally, as an administrator, you can co-manage your website with other users. So, if you and your team share in the responsibility of keeping your website updated, you can create several user accounts with varying levels of authority.

Helpful On-Page SEO
One of the most important benefits of WordPress websites is that it makes search engine optimization (SEO) much less of a challenge. To ensure search engines categorize your website's content efficiently, it's a good idea to look at the simplicity of the coding. As an open-source website and blog builder, WordPress's coding is extremely easy for search engines to scan. This improves the chances of your website appearing on the results pages of relevant searches. WordPress also allows users to fortify their SEO strategies by using keywords, descriptions, meta tags, etc.

Complete Customization
Regardless of whether you're building a blog or promotional business site – or both – you'll have the tools you need to stamp it with your brand. Also, because WordPress is a CMS tool, you won't need to rely on website designers and developers to make simplistic updates on your behalf. Everything users need to customize their sites is readily available. As well as having total control over the content and layout, you'll have access to a full gallery of plugins to help boost productivity, visitor convenience and social media presence.


Statistics say that 78 percent of small businesses (companies with less than 50 employees) will be fully adapted to the cloud by 2020 — up from 37 percent in 2014. Small and mid-sized business owners that still have not converted to the cloud hosting could be missing big benefits. Cloud web hosting offers a cost Business Solutions in the cloudeffective & scalable business solution which has the added benefits of high security levels and disaster data recovery solutions. Cloud systems are the wave of the future and it is easy to see why more and more businesses are embracing it.

Cost Effective
As a small to mid-sized business you are always seeking ways to cut costs and improve revenue. The scalable nature of the cloud allows you to scale up and scale down whenever you like. Businesses benefit big when only the cost of current resource needs are necessary.  Businesses can rely on the cloud to have regular software updates and hardware additions from the provider leading to a reduction in IT administration and upgrade costs. Cloud hosting also allows your data to be available from any point across the internet. This allows for easy team collaboration when all designated employees have access to data. You can forget about having to contact IT administrators to access your data. Using cloud web hosting can eliminate these costs annually & substantially reduce IT costs overall.

Small businesses can operate with the knowledge that their data is secure in cloud systems. If you are resisting a move to the cloud consider its multi-layered approach to security. Many critical elements such as encryption, key management, strong access controls and security intelligence actually improves data security in cloud servers. Cloud web hosting allows for greater data security due to its redundant nature and continual security updates allow for vastly improved systems to protect against hacking vulnerabilities. Cloud hosting offers greater protection from ever emerging security threats from a seemingly unending sources of new hacks and threats. The latest software updates will be automatic & your system stays secure without intervention from your own business resources.

Data Storage and Disaster Recovery
It is important that mission critical data for your growing business be stored on cloud based services. The days of storing and backing up your data onsite are gone. Onsite data can become the victim of fire, theft and natural disasters. If your data is stored on a cloud based system then it will be more secure and you will be able to retrieve it from any location. If you forgot the file you were going to work on in the evening from home you won't have to run back to the office. Cloud data storage allows for near instant restoration and retrieval from the internet so that one file or your entire data bank is available to you 24/7/365 from any location where you have internet access.

It is the time for small to mid-sized businesses to move to the cloud. When you are making your data more secure, available across a wider range of locations and it is more cost effective than it is a no brainier for your business to move its data, hosting and disaster recovery solutions into the cloud. Contact or call 1-888-338-5261 so that we can help your business move into the future of web hosting, data storage and disaster recovery solutions.




Offsite Backups: The Best Data Insurance

By Sabrina Jan 20, 2015 1:20 pm

If you have been hosting your website and running a business for a period of time then you probably already know how important it is to have a good backup copyOffsite Data Backups of your data. Data backups can be crucial to you recovering your images, databases, client lists and other content and information that is critical to your website and your business. You can insure your mission critical data will be available when you use offsite backups. The basic difference is that on site backups are stored by you on your USB's, DVD or external hard drives while offsite backups are stored outside of your business and in servers that are Internet based. Each has it own advantages but there are several major benefits for offsite backups.

Onsite Data Storage Disadvantages
The major disadvantage of onsite storage is that if you experience an event at the place where you store your data it will be lost. Fire, theft and even device failure can leave you without any of your critical information. Offsite data storage and backups for your important information mean that your data is safe from events that can plague on site storage tactics at your place of business.

Offsite Data Recovery
Offsite backups have benefits that some businesses and website owners overlook. Backups which are offsite allow for access from any location across the internet & you can also share your data with multiple locations. When you invest in a third party backup solution it will give you multiple options to keep your data safe. When you have backups stored on a hard drive other than your own and access to that data at anytime from any point of access from the net then you have the best means in place for total data recovery. Online backup services help keep your backups current. You will no longer have to be concerned about keeping your own backups current through your onsite systems and methods.

Onsite Disasters
Everything to do for your business should be backed up in case of an emergency. You want to have access to everything from your company’s financial records to client lists, which will enable you to rebuild should anything happen. Theft, fire, power surges, natural disasters and other system failures can result in you losing data that is critical to the success of your business. Onsite data storage and recovery solutions can leave business owners scurrying to retrieve their information before a tornado strikes, a flood rises or a wildfire sparks. Not unlike business insurance, offsite storage of your data can provide a level of protection that you can put into place before a data destroying event happens. If your business information is stored offsite, then your entire office could experience a data disaster event and you would still have access to the valuable files you have stored at a secure and technologically sound offsite backup location.

Keep your Data Current
As a business owner with an onsite data backup system in place, you may be happy with the process. As your business grows, are you confident that you are making sure that your backups are performed regularly? One busy week where you failed to take recent backups could lead to more lost information than you ever imagined. Offsite backups allow you to connect to the Internet and schedule regular backups like clockwork. As an active and successful business in fast paced times your information could be more secure by using a backup system that does it all for you. Offsite backups free you from the worry of losing your data and give you a piece of mind that your data is scheduled to update and remain current with nothing having to be done on your part. Embrace a better and safer way to store and restore your data

JaguarPC offers a comprehensive data backup plan and disaster recovery solution at an affordable price. We can help you design the best offsite plan to suit your needs. Offsite backups will prevent data loss due to device and disks failures, theft and natural disasters. When you choose an offsite data backup and disaster recovery plan you are choosing a more sound backup system than you have available with your onsite systems.


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