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Web Service Improvements Your Website Can Feel Now

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Our services are changing. Why and how? Let’s take a closer look at what the new service improvements coming to JaguarPC.com are all about.

What are web services?

In the world of today, the rate of advancement of technology is striking; not only is technology helping to change the lives of people but also; it’s making the life more easy and comfortable. With the presence of the Internet and e-Commerce, it has become essential for every business to have its strong online presence to reach out to global customers. As more and more firms are entering the online realm, the competition between the web hosting services has gotten fierce overa couple of years.

Web services are a collection of standards and open protocols that are used in the exchange of data between different systems and applications. In JaguarPC Web Services are Cloud Hosting, Website Design, Backup Services, Application Hosting, Virtual Servers, Website Development, and Digital Marketing.

A Growth Driven Design:

Here’s how we escalate the performance of your site with growth driven performance:

  • Jag uses SSD drives to improve load speeds of your site’s content, layout and media and other files.
  • We deploy redundant clouds with Onapp Software to reduce the load time.
  • Our CDN (Content Delivery Network) improves speed and reliability.

•    Deployability – web services are helpful in a sense that they can be deployed even if the firewall was set up on the network, because of the community standards which are globally recognized, the security layers such as SSL are already built-in.

•    Reusability- this can’t be stressed enough as web services offer the re-usability of the program over and over again making it as close to zero-coding as possible. Reusability in web services also helps them in the deployment of legacy code in the form of Web service.

•    Usability- Web services are beneficial as they give you the freedom of choice to choose the web services you need for your specific web services.

•    Interoperability- web services allow you to be used outside of private networks. They let the programmers have the freedom of using the programming language of their choice. Web services have a better return on Investment (ROI) and have longer lifespans.

Why is it essential to maintain your web services?

Web services which include the maintenance of your business’s website are essential for the growth of your business. As your site is your window to the world and serve as a medium between you and your global customers around the world and help you to convey your services and your message to your customers. When you are running a business, with the expansion and growth of the business come to a lot of issues that you need to deal with. You must have implemented independent systems including the inventory control, CRM and others but as the businessbase grows, handling all the independent systems can be tiring and cumbersome and leads in an increase of staff to manage the systems as well. Here webservices come in handy, as they handle the interoperability pretty well between various applications and sets a common standard between applications of any platform to communicate.

What improvements have we made?

Provision of a top-ranked website can only be made possible when the improvements and upgrades with respect to the succession of the website is achieved regularly because if there is a certain user coming back to the website, he would be most likely to acknowledge his past experience with his current use of the web site and if he finds it be mundane in comparison with his last experience, then that negation in charts could lead to gradual regression; something that is not affordable in business industries.

At Jaguarpc, we continuously strive to give our loyal customers the best we can.Adding more hardware and software improvements to increase our capacity as well as the efficiency of the services we provide to you. 

  • We have hired many new faces and highly skilled personnel to support our growing footprint in Houston, Colorado, and abroad. Reducing wait times, extending extra phone support, live chat support, and fast response times across all mediums.
  • We’ve added SSD drives to most servers and arrays improve load speeds
  • Deployed new geo-redundant clouds with enterprise management software to give clients the ability to customize and deploy virtual servers on demand
  • Partnered with Google to deliver Google cloud products including Gsuite to business and enterprise clients
  • More RAID 10/50 backup arrays for faster recovery and growing data needs with more video growth
  • Added LiteSpeed for improved webpage load speeds
  • Deployed our Enterprise CDN across 100 pop locations worldwide for faster loading local cache setups
  • Double network redundancy adding infrastructure and providers to improve security such as firewalls, load balancing and to improve speed and reliability
  • Added vendors for greater options such as Plesk for Windows servers, CloudFlare, BoldGrid, Immunify, R1Soft, LiteSpeed and other software licenses
  • Software upgrades including but not limited to Cpanel, Idera, VmWare, Onapp, Microsoft, WHMCS, Softaculous, 
  • Customer portal development to make managing WordPress, Websites, Security, Design, and other aspects of website management easier.
  • Improved security to reduce exploits, reduce hacks, and restores. 
  • … and much more, with more to come

Software As a Service (Saas) & Service Based Economy

The general economy of the US is shifting towards service-based software’s. SaaS which is an acronym for “Software as a Service” is driving a lot of that, and those prices are steadily going up, look at CRM’s, and other products. null

In the past 10 years, changes in the U.S. economy have compounded with the modern usage of the internet to drastically alter the way that we, both as consumers and creators, package, deliver and even use services.The changes in the economy have steered most companies towards one particular delivery model: SaaS, or “software as a service.” Software as a service models are so popular that they now comprise about 95% of all service based economic functions.

 In the software as a service model, the service (such as software) is licensed out to the client via a subscription. The drastic rise in SaaS usage can be seen in all elements of the consumer element of society; simply think of how common it is today for people to have multiple delivery model services, such as service subscriptions for everything from streaming media content to grocery store deliveries and yes,even computer and mobile device software.

What model did SaaS supplant, exactly? Before the sharp rise in popularity of SaaS delivery models, the most common model you would find for software was “Retail software.” Retail software involved the purchase of one-time software that would be installed on your computer or laptop; sometimes retail software came with optional subscription delivery models, but on the whole, the primary delivery mechanism was through a retail purchase.

SaaS has become popular with software companies because it has relatively lower overhead costs, can reach a potentially unlimited amount of consumers, and can be easily altered with additional products, added services, or even higher prices, at the will of the company.

SaaS Rising Costs, Skilled Work, & US Economy

Ok, so the fine print section right? Yes, unfortunately if you’ve been using any sort of services over the past few years, then you’ve likely already noticed that prices just keep going up. What used to cost $5 now costs $9; what used to get you unlimited everything now is measured in real world limits of DATA usage; and so on. Your cell phone carrier now has limits on its data plan and costs more, Amazon Prime went from $69 to $129, Hulu, Netflix, Comcast, providers everywhere are adding data limits and raising rates. As the popularity of subscription-based systems increases, and the cost of labor in service based industry increases due to their high demand.

I’d like to say that won’t happen here but we are not immune and must adapt with the times. The changing economy, increase in the need for higher-paid skilled workers, and a rise in both the popularity and cost of SaaS has led to one conclusion: we have to raise our prices in order to continue delivering a level service at or above our exceptional reputation that clients have come to expect and love. The increase will affect some clients that have 10 year + old pricing structures while using some of the new technology and software that has gone up. We will still be the best value for the exceptional service, our guarantee!

So are all these companies just greedy bastards? Some, but no not really. This is the rebound and inflation of a growing economy where tech  and customer service makes the difference in winners and losers. Software as a service’s popularity and ever-increasing prices has changed everything about the creation and delivery of software—and not just for consumers. At JaguarPC, we provide secure website hosting services that require us to utilize specific software programs to create, operate and host our professional web services. Almost all of this software programs we need to provide our clients with our secure and professional website service have gone up in recent years on average 40%.

All of the major vendors that we frequently use–including very popular website software providers such as Microsoft, CPanel, Onapp, VMware, Plesk, R1Soft, Whmcs, and so on—have increased their prices consistently over the past few years. These price increase show no sign in slowing and, while we have absorbed them historically, that trend has to end. It was only this past summer that CPanel sold itself to a major investment group–but not before implementing a whopping 40% price hike this summer with 30 days notice and no options. This same investment group also owns Plesk, which saw drastic price increases year over year since they were acquired as well. They have also invested significant money into improving that product and have also acquired other software in our industry.

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