Businesses need fast, secure, reliable and affordable web hosting plans. Businesses need fast, secure, reliable and affordable web hosting plans.

Business Web Hosting: Fast and Secure

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Businesses generally need more resources for their websites over a standard blog or a simple presence that many websites provide. Those who have businesses see more traffic, have a greater number of pages and may also  have applications such as e-commerce or client database systems running which all have a need for a Business web hosting for Security and Performancegreater number of resources. Choose a business web hosting plan when you order and you will receive the benefit of a free domain, enhanced security settings and server performance that provides a fast loading website which will overall help the visibility of your business website.

Performance and Daily Backups
Business web hosting plans at JaguarPC offer 600% more resources over shared severs in order to meet the needs of serving your page to the Internet at a pace that meets the expectations of you and your clients. Our beefy Quad core Xeon servers are blazing fast and they will deliver your website without hold ups and time outs that can plague business on shared servers. Businesses need to know their site is fast and their data is safe. Daily backups are included for business web hosting so if your other copy becomes corrupt or a mishap occurs you will know the data you need for your e-commerce store, your client database or even the content of your website is safe and available to restore from the seasoned web hosting professionals at JaguarPC.

Business web hosting plans are designed with security in mind. If you are running a site that holds sensitive information, requires user names and passwords or even has the ability to capture leads then you will want to make sure that the information on the server is secured. When you enable your own SSL certificate your site will be much more secure and sound against the numerous types of hacks and attacks that occur across the internet. You will also have the designation of HTTPS for your website which ensures visitors that they are providing information to and using a business that not only understands the importance of security but has puts measures into place to protect that information. The more credible and safe your website is in the eyes of visitors the more often they are likely to return and purchase products or use your services.

cPanel Business Web Hosting
JaguarPC uses the industry leading control panel for web hosting on a business plan. If you have advanced skills or if you are just starting you will find that cPanel has everything you need to simplify and streamline your web hosting management and maintenance task. cPanel includes Softaculous which has over 300+ free scripts. Scripts will allow you to make your website more functional, efficient and provide added features for you and your users. You will also enjoy the benefits of a free site builder which will allow you to add the scripts from Softaculous along with the added protection of CloudFlare and SEO features from Attracta.

Business web hosting plans offer the best security, site building and performance for site owners that demand the features that shared hosting isn’t always able to fulfill. If you are just starting or looking for a better hosting plan for your endeavors then business web hosting is designed for your needs. Contact our team, [email protected], to learn more and to have your detailed questions answered.

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