Explore the Wide Range of Web Hosting Services Provided ~ Jaguarpc Explore the Wide Range of Web Hosting Services Provided ~ Jaguarpc

Explore the Wide Range of Web Hosting Services Provided by JaguarPC

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With billions of interconnected devices and a large proportion of the world’s population using the Web every day, the Internet has become synonymous with our modern lifestyle. We shop online, make friends online, we even find our soul mates in the virtual world. Yet it’s easy to forget that the amazing growth of the Net is made possible by an equally impressive development in web hosting technologies.

A decade ago web hosting solutions were pretty basic, but today consumers have a dizzying array of web hosting solutions to choose from. Finding a web host has never been easier, but the complicated terminology and the sheer amount of hosting services available leaves many consumers confused. In a recent article published in the resource center, JaguarPC sheds light on some of the most important types of web hosting solutions. JaguarPC’s article, Find the Web Hosting Solution that Answers your Needs and Fits your Budget, will help undecided customers understand what the particularities of each hosting service are when shopping for a web hosting services provider.

What particularities set apart the various web hosting services available?

Before introducing readers to the most important types of web hosting services, JaguarPC’s article goes through the characteristics that differentiate hosting services.

The amount of resources allocated to the hosting solution is the first major factor discussed in the article. From this perspective, web page hosting services range from entry level shared hosting plans to balanced VPS solutions and high-end dedicated servers.

The operating system plays a major role in choosing a web hosting service. Linux web hosting services are generally cheaper than Windows servers. Linux machines are typically not designed to host applications or websites built with Microsoft web technologies and programming languages. For example, ASP, .NET, C#, and Visual Basic can run on a Linux machine with the right software installation. However, Windows Server supports all major development frameworks, meaning that you can use a single web server to host websites built with different technologies.

Another aspect to consider is the intended use of the web server. Hosting solutions designed for businesses provide more resources and specific features that are not included in personal website hosting services.

Learn more about the main types of web hosting

The next section of JaguarPC’s article defines the most important web hosting categories that consumers are likely to encounter.

Linux hosting and Windows hosting are described in more detail, with emphasis on the main benefits of each operating system. Next, business web hosting solutions require more resources than personal hosting. In most situations, a simple shared hosting plan cannot ensure the performance needed for a business website. Commercial applications require the high uptime that only a powerful VPS or a dedicated server can supply.

Ecommerce web hosting is a specific type of business hosting that combines generous resource allocations with features required for running online stores including SSL encryption, pre-installed shopping carts, and support for payment processing services.

Finally, secure web hosts are hardened against outside intrusion attempts and attacks. Secure hosting is necessary for companies dealing with sensitive information such as user data or credit card numbers.

From discount web hosting to colocation services, JaguarPC is your hosting expert

With almost 15 years in the hosting industry, JaguarPC has acquired the experience and knowledge required to provide some of the best hosting services on the market. From cutting-edge Supermicro servers to an advanced R1Soft backup system, JaguarPC puts technology to work to ensure that every client gets the best possible hosting experience.

JaguarPC offers a complete range of hosting solutions, including affordable personal hosting solutions powered by Linux or Windows. For corporate clients, JaguarPC offers reliable and powerful business hosting plans, as well as ecommerce hosting solutions and secure hosting services.

To learn more about our hosting solutions or to order an affordable hosting plan, please call 1-888-338-5261 or visit www.jaguarpc.com today.

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