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Hybrid Servers are Customizable Solutions that Provide High-Level Flexibility, Security, and Reliability

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As your website’s complexity grows and the volume of web traffic increases, you may discover that conventional server hosting options are no longer sufficient to meet your online needs. You may also find that running resource-intensive applications requires highly reliable web servers with large resource assignments and fast, frictionless scalability. If that’s the case, it’s time to start looking for upgrade options that expand beyond the limitations of a standard shared server hosting solution, but with the flexibility, security, and reliability of a dedicated server solution. The simplest and fastest option is to upgrade to a hybrid server.

You may be wondering what hybrid servers can do and whether you need one. Or perhaps you have outgrown your standard server hosting plan and need something more powerful, but you are not sure whether a hybrid server is right for you. In this article, we examine what hybrid servers are, how they work, cases where using a hybrid server hosting solution makes sense and the reasons a hybrid server may be right for you.

What is a hybrid server and how does it work

A hybrid server is a combination of virtualization technology with the scale and power of a dedicated server. Hybrid servers allow you to take advantage of the performance and stability of enterprise-class servers with the conveniences of a VPS. Stacked with great features, support, flexibility and a massive amount of resources, hybrid servers ensure a higher level of performance and responsiveness in addition to a significant increase in speed.

Each hybrid server comes with a guaranteed amount of RAM, disk space, and bandwidth and is securely isolated from other users on the machine. Unlike a traditional VPS node with 15, 25 or even 40+ other VPS accounts on a system, a hybrid node features a strictly limited number of accounts on any particular hardware node. This allows for a much higher CPU share and much better overall performance.

In a hybrid server solution, Virtuozzo technology is used to create isolated, secure virtual environments on a single physical server providing better server utilization and preventing applications from conflicting. Each hybrid environment performs like a stand-alone server with full root/administrator access for custom configurations. And hybrid servers can be rebooted on-demand and have users, IP addresses, processes, system libraries, and configuration files, just like a dedicated server, but without the higher prices.

Cases where using hybrid servers makes sense

Hybrid server solutions are ideal for large websites and businesses that require more than a traditional VPS can offer, but do not want the expense of a full-fledged dedicated server. You will find that a hybrid server is able to meet the growing requirements of your website or business, especially if you are considering moving to a dedicated server. Although hybrid servers and dedicated servers are different in terms of form factor, hybrid servers are able to offer resource and reliability levels that are similar to those of dedicated servers, at a considerably lower price.

Hybrid servers can also be used at the enterprise level to ensure security, reliability, availability, and a higher performance for any company’s network infrastructure. A company handling large amounts of data can enjoy the convenience of employing a hybrid server to quickly reallocate infrastructure and other web-based elements of its IT and business operations. This ensures an efficient and streamlined process for data migration.

When you utilize hybrid server hosting, you are ensured that your website is secure, robust, and will operate at peak performance. Due to its great flexibility and adaptability, as your web traffic grows and your online needs change, the hybrid server will adjust to handle your needs. Also, if there is a need to upgrade your hybrid server, you can make adjustments without having to manually upgrade the whole system. This guarantees that your website receives the highest level of uptime possible since each upgrade is done with just one click of a mouse.

Top reasons a hybrid server may be right for you

A hybrid server hosting plan allows you to build a solution to meet your individual online needs while significantly reducing capital expenses. If you find that standard hosting solutions do not fit your website or infrastructure needs, a hybrid server may be an ideal solution for you. Here are some of the reasons a hybrid server might be the right solution for you:

  • Reliability. With the use of hybrid server services, you will experience reliability at its best. You will benefit from enterprise class hardware that ensures optimal website performance and availability for your web applications.
  • Flexibility. Full root/administrator access, almost 100% control over the system configuration and the ability to install any server wide software to fit your needs, will take your web hosting experience to the next level for a fraction of the cost of dedicated servers.
  • Security. Since hybrid servers provide you with your own isolated environment, you do not need to worry about other websites that may be compromised. A web hosting provider will manage your hybrid server and ensure it is properly secured.

There are many more reasons hybrid servers may be the best option for your growing website needs. By combining the strengths of both dedicated servers and virtual private servers, hybrid servers offer a reliable and robust server solution that is cheaper than dedicated servers, yet more powerful than a standard VPS hosting package.

Get the power of a dedicated server with the convenience of a VPS with JaguarPC hybrid servers

JaguarPC’s managed hybrid servers are super powerful yet affordable VPS servers. Our managed hybrid servers have both advanced features and complete redundancy and are offered at an affordable price. We have designed our hybrid servers using powerful hardware nodes featuring Quad-core Processor Servers with RAID 10 configurations.

Each JaguarPC’s hybrid server comes with a guaranteed amount of RAM, bandwidth, and disk space and is fully isolated from other accounts on the server. Five free IP addresses, free server management, free initial software installation, free WHM/cPanel, and superior 24/7 support are also included with each of our managed hybrid servers.


Start maximizing the benefits and reducing the costs of dedicated servers with JaguarPC’s hybrid server solutions today! Order one of our hybrid server plans today or visit www.jaguarpc.com for more information.

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