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JaguarPC Achieves 15 Years As a Web Hosting Provider

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JaguarPC Web Hosting ProviderJaguarPC is celebrating 15 years as a globally renowned hosting provider. JaguarPC is a leading hosting provider for shared, virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting), cloud and dedicated hosting plans. Since it’s founding in 1998 it has been serving as one of the best providers for web hosting. 15 years of service means 15 years of experience which gets passed along to clients so that JaguarPC is able to offer a high quality reliable hosting experience at an affordable and competitive price. JaguarPC serves hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide, many who have remained loyal clients since the company’s beginnings.

Over the course of the past year JaguarPC has continued to provide its customers with the best technology the web hosting industry has to offer. Several major upgrades have added more power, resources and plan options along with improved network capabilities. JaguarPC continues to remain on the leading edge when it comes to web hosting technology and accompanying customer support needs.  The priority at JaguarPC has always been to maintain a strong focus on customer satisfaction. The support technicians at JaguarPC hold industry related certifications and have come to the company with years of experience directly related to the industry.  Customer service representatives treat customers with care and concern to bring clients a level of service that strives to go beyond the assistance levels that other hosting providers offer.

JaguarPC’s commitment to providing a high quality hosting environment has allowed it to become a well respected and  known web hosting brand which has remained one of the top independently owned hosting providers despite a very competitive market which sees less and less diversification from a few major providers. “15 Years in the hosting business is a monumental achievement. While many other hosting providers have been taken over by larger companies, JaguarPC is still independently owned and operated. It is a real treat to know that we are more than capable of maintaining a pattern of growth and success where other independently owned hosting companies may struggle. I am more determined with each passing year to continue to operate JaguarPC as an independently owned hosting company and an American business which I can one day pass onto my own kids,” says Greg Landis, CEO at JaguarPC.

JaguarPC has grown from a one man two server operation in 1998 to the world class hosting provider it is today by ensuring that its customers receive a hands on approach to client care coupled with the best technology that the industry has to offer. JaguarPC has diversified its plans and services over the years to become a top hosting provider of shared, VPS, cloud, hybrid and dedicated hosting services as well as domain names and a wealth of other hosting related products that compliment its line. JaguarPC in its 15 years has expanded to data centers located in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and even the United Kingdom. These varied locations throughout the world allow customers to receive the best connections and the most rapid delivery possible no matter where they are located. This approach allows JaguarPC to better serve a global hosting community.

“This past year we have seen an accelerated growth pattern due to our superior service model and our top of the line technology. Our teams have been modified over the past year to include highly qualified experts with hosting industry specific skills. These teams have the ability to formulate high quality responses and solutions at an accelerated rate,” says Greg Landis. While technological improvements are always a part of the agenda for JaguarPC the primary focus is client satisfaction which with advanced problem resolution abilities from JaguarPC’s side, create an enhanced level of satisfaction for all customers. The goal is to offer the best technical and customer support that is possible and JaguarPC goes to all lengths to bring that level of excellence to its support teams.

JaguarPC’s philosophy embodies the idea that web hosting providers should not only supply the best available technology, but that this technology be provided at a fair and competitive price that is coupled with outstanding support and added hosting plan features that make its plans not only highly affordable but also an excellent value.
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About JaguarPC:
Established in 1998, JaguarPC is one of the world’s most trusted and experienced hosting companies. JaguarPC delivers superior services to clients through its cost-effective, high-value services model. JaguarPC hosts businesses and personal clients from across the globe, including the world’s leading companies and governments in many countries. JaguarPC has maintained a level of superior client support for over 15 years and will continue its ongoing commitment to outstanding customer support and hosting plans that meet and beat client expectations.  For  support, call (888) 338-5261 or use the convenient support ticket system at
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