Linux Dedicated Hosting: Affordable & Powerful Solution ~ Jaguarpc Linux Dedicated Hosting: Affordable & Powerful Solution ~ Jaguarpc

Linux Dedicated Hosting: the Affordable and Powerful Hosting Solution from JaguarPC

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Dedicated hosting is the ultimate hosting solution, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability, coupled with deep customization possibilities. Customers opting for dedicated hosting can harness the full power of a web server, without the inconveniences that are inherent with cheaper hosting solutions, such as shared web hosting or virtual private server hosting.

For high traffic web properties or in the sectors where non-stop availability is vital, dedicated hosting is the only solution that delivers consistent results. Not all dedicated solutions are the same though, and perhaps the biggest difference is the selection of the operating system used to run the web host. Linux dedicated servers are running a Linux OS flavor (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora Core, Suse, etc.) while Windows servers run Microsoft’s Windows Server solution.

There are two main reasons you should consider choosing a Linux dedicated web hosting solution over other operating systems: affordability and capabilities. Below, we will go through these benefits in more detail.

Affordability – Why are the Linux dedicated hosting plans more affordable than other solutions?

The economic aspect of selecting a Linux dedicated hosting solution includes initial and recurring costs, plus other associated expenditures, such as the cost of compatible software. Regardless if you are working in a small startup with limited funding or in the big budget IT department of a large company, you need to carefully balance the performance requirements with the associated costs. Let’s break down the costs of using a Linux dedicated host:

Setup costs: Many Linux dedicated hosting services providers offer free initial setup of your server. Make sure to check if you have to pay any fee for the setup of your server or for the transfer of your website from another host.
Monthly costs: These include the fee you pay each month for your Linux dedicated web server. Linux dedicated web hosting services are generally cheaper than Windows plans as Linux is an open source operating system that can be installed on any machine free. The Linux dedicated hosting providers pass on the licensing savings to you, meaning that the monthly cost of a Linux dedicated hosting plan is significantly smaller than the costs of a Windows plan.
Compatible software: Most of the software that is designed for Linux is open source, and therefore free to use. If you opt for a Linux dedicated hosting plan, you will probably spend less money on applications such as administration tools, security tools, and development frameworks. By contrast, most Windows compatible software is commercial, which increases the hosting costs in the long term.

When drawing the bottom line, it is obvious that Linux dedicated web hosting makes more sense in terms of cost effectiveness.

Capabilities – Is Linux dedicated hosting as capable as other hosting solutions?

The short answer is a definite “yes” as Linux dedicated hosting is extremely compatible. Linux dedicated servers are as powerful as other solutions, and many experts consider Linux dedicated hosting as the ultimate hosting solution in terms of capabilities. But why are the Linux dedicated web hosting solutions so valued?

Full customization: The source code of Linux is freely available to anyone interested in modifying it or analyzing it. The same is true for most of the open source software designed to work for Linux. If you need to make in-depth customizations to your dedicated host, there is no other solution than to choose a Linux dedicated hosting plan.
Extensive administration options: when you rent a Linux dedicated server, you get full access to every configuration option of the machine, including root access. Seasoned system administrators know and love the fine-grain control and extensive flexibility offered by Linux.
Security and reliability: Linux is well known throughout the hosting industry for its high level of security. Thanks to their rock-solid architecture, Linux dedicated servers can run for years without rebooting, and have built-in protection against malware and attacks.

JaguarPC’s Linux dedicated servers are the best choice for high-grade web hosting

At JaguarPC, you will enjoy the benefits of hosting your website on a high-grade Linux dedicated web server. JaguarPC has a long-time collaboration with its partners, which enables the company to offer the very best technical solutions at prices that beat the competition. From the SuperMicro web servers, to the state-of-the-art networking infrastructure, JaguarPC harnesses technology for your benefit.

The Linux dedicated hosting solutions offered by JaguarPC stand out through the wealth of features, packed in affordable packages designed for all types of customers, from small business to the largest multinational operations.

To learn more about JaguarPC’s Linux dedicated web hosting solutions or to order a plan, visit or call 1-800-659-9585.

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