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Solid Windows Web Hosting is the Key to Long-term Online Success

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Your online success depends on many factors, including the technical implementation of your website or web application, its design, the marketing strategies used to promote it, and the quality of the web hosting account. When it comes to web hosting, most people are faced with two main options – Windows hosting services and Linux hosting services.

The differences between Linux and Windows hosting are substantial, and choosing the right hosting solution is made more difficult by the fact that both operating systems have specific software ecosystems, comprised of applications, database servers, and web services that are designed to work optimally on either Windows Server or Linux.

To simplify the challenge of selecting a specific operating system for your shared hosting account, read JaguarPC’s recently published article, Benefit from the Latest Microsoft Web Technologies with a Windows Hosting Plan, which presents in detail the web technologies that require a Windows hosting plan to run properly – IIS, SQL Server, and the .NET Framework.

Quality web applications require the solid foundation offered by Windows Server with IIS and MS SQL

Every Windows hosting plan is powered by a version of the powerful Windows Server operating system. Windows Server does much more than provide an interface for the administration of the web server. Included in the operating system, the IIS (Internet Information System) is a web service utility, or in other words, is the software that delivers the web pages requested by a web browser. In a typical scenario, a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, sends a request to the Windows hosting web server, which is conveyed to the IIS. Depending on the configuration of the web application, IIS serves the requested page, which is then displayed in the browser window.

Why is it important to use Windows Server with IIS? IIS works optimally with the family of web tools created by Microsoft, which includes SQL Server and ASP.NET. Nevertheless, IIS works great with other technologies, including the popular PHP scripting language. The flexible compatibility of IIS is a unique feature specific to Windows hosting, and is a first choice for the web administrators who want to ensure long-term compatibility.

Another component that is essential for web applications is the database server. MS SQL Server is one of the most stable, secure, and feature-rich database systems, successfully competing with the open source MySQL. Additionally, MS SQL Server can easily be integrated with PHP or with ColdFusion, making Windows hosting plans the best option when flexibility is crucial.

Windows hosting services and the .NET framework

The .NET development framework is extremely popular with developers around the world, who love its flexibility and extensive feature set. Nevertheless, the enterprise area is the domain where ASP.NET is truly embraced as the ultimate solution for developing secure, heavy-duty web applications.

The web developers and system administrators that want to create and run .NET applications need to use a Windows web hosting solution. Windows hosting plans provide the best compatibility with the .NET framework, thus enabling the creation of complex, interactive websites that fully take advantage of today’s modern technologies.

Let JaguarPC provide you the best Windows web hosting solutions on the market


There is a multitude of Windows web hosting plans on the market, but rest assured that JaguarPC offers some of the very best. The Windows hosting services from JaguarPC offer generous hardware resources, combined with the latest software technologies.

If you are planning to install a .NET application, or just want to ensure that your host is compatible with all types of web apps, it is a good idea to get a Windows web hosting plan from JaguarPC. With competent technical and customer support teams ready to help you 24 hours a day, you can focus on your business and have the peace of mind that your website is in good hands.

Take a look at JaguarPC’s affordable Windows plans, or visit to order a quality Windows hosting plan today.

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