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VPS Web Hosting: Customized Hosting for Increased Power and Performance

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Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is the bridge between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. With VPS webhosting, website owners have the freedom to configure a complete virtual server based on their specific needs, same as dedicated server hosting, while sharing the costs of the physical server with other website owners, same as shared hosting.

The main benefits VPS hosting provides for websites include security – both physical and network, performance under high traffic conditions, and flexibility with present needs and future growth. This article explores each of these topics in detail and also examines the importance of expert technical support, competitive VPS hosting pricing, and the different VPS hosting options available.

Are VPS hosting plans secure?

As with every type of web hosting, the security of VPS hosting plans depend on the quality of the hosting provider’s data center and the safeguards built to protect data in all circumstances. Important considerations to confirm before purchasing a hosting plan include:

  • Routine server backups to protect your website and data.
  • SSL and SFTP, both necessary for safe data transmission.
  • Network security from malicious attacks.
  • Physical protection from natural disasters and emergencies.
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions (like heating and cooling) for optimal performance.

Virtual hosting is safer than shared hosting since each VPS-hosted website operates in isolation with its own disk space, applications, and operating system. The vulnerability associated with sharing disk space is eliminated with VPS web hosting as malicious programs or scripts have no access to the separate virtual accounts.


How does VPS webhosting ensure high performance?

Performance, usually measured by fast loading times and constant uptime, is determined by many factors. A website with VPS hosting has its own allocation of disk space and bandwidth, usually much greater than with shared hosting, thereby increasing performance. A VPS hosting website owner may then use these resources to configure his website with the specific applications and software that will lead to optimal performance.

The high traffic of other websites on a server that greatly slows down performance with shared hosting does not occur with virtual private server hosting.

Flexibility – VPS hosting gives you all the choices

Selecting operating systems, applications, software and scripts is one of the most beneficial aspects of VPS web hosting. You may choose the best resources for your website in terms of reaching your audience and optimal performance, the same as when purchasing a dedicated server, but at a lower price. If you wish to test out new software on your VPS hosting account, it does not affect the rest of the server. You may build your website based on experience of what works best. As your website grows, VPS hosting scales easily to support growth and readily transfers to a dedicated server when the time comes to upgrade.

How much does VPS web hosting cost?

With shared hosting, the least expensive of any web hosting service, and dedicated server hosting, in many cases over 30 times the price of shared hosting, how does VPS hosting compare? VPS service costs around 2-5 times the price of shared hosting, giving you the power and control of a dedicated server with a much smaller price tag. The cost of shared hosting can be inflated to reach far more than the price of VPS web hosting when you take into account web visitors’ dissatisfaction with downtime and crashed servers that many websites experience with shared web hosting, resulting in lost revenue and damaged reputation.

What VPS hosting options are there?

Different web hosting providers offer different types of VPS web hosting. Linux VPS hosting, Windows VPS hosting, managed VPS hosting, and VPS reseller hosting are all available options. Each business and website has different needs and areas of expertise. The operating system and applications you want on your website will affect the type of VPS web hosting you choose, as will the time and knowledge you have for managing and monitoring your website hosting. The best option is the one that supports your business now and one that will accommodate future growth seamlessly.

When you hit a snag, get the answers you need

A vital element of VPS webhosting is expert technical support available 24-7-365. Wherever in the world you are located, and whatever time it is, your VPS web host provider must respond quickly and thoroughly to resolve issues and ensure your website is running smoothly. If the web hosting provider has resources available so you can increase your website hosting skills and knowledge, that helps immensely. Then you need not rely on support staff for ongoing issues. Regardless of your level of expertise, reputable web hosting providers have technical support staff available at all times for all questions.

High performance VPS hosting with JaguarPC

For performance, security, and reliability at an affordable price, look to JaguarPC VPS hosting services. JaguarPC VPS web hosting is built on top-of-the-line technology with constant monitoring to maximize performance at every level. Both Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting are fully managed at JaguarPC so you can concentrate on building your business. With ongoing development to keep your web hosting cutting edge, JaguarPC guarantees uptime and guarantees satisfaction. Submit a ticket or call JaguarPC’s responsive support staff at any time of day or night for questions, issues, or anything related to your VPS web hosting account.

The JaguarPC website has extensive information available so you can increase your web hosting knowledge including tutorials, quick-start guides, control panel manuals, a knowledgebase, and active community forums. Contact a representative today to learn how JaguarPC’s VPS hosting can help your website grow.

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