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What to Look For In a Managed VPS Hosting Plan

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If your website is currently being hosted in a shared hosting environment and you find yourself exceeding CPU and disk space quota, it might be time for you to move up to a more powerful and resource-rich hosting solution. A managed VPS server could be exactly what you need to empower your website and build a stronger online presence. Our recently published article, Utilize Managed VPS Hosting Services for More Speed, Power and Control, provides information about what managed VPS hosting is and the managed VPS hosting features you can use to enhance your website.

Who can benefit from managed VPS Hosting?

Virtualized hosting technologies have evolved considerably over the last few years, making fully-managed dedicated-like servers a popular web hosting solution for developers, e-commerce site owners and businesses of various sizes. With dedicated RAM and CPU, hosting your site on a managed VPS server provides a valuable increase in the power, speed and performance required to run large websites and business-critical applications.

Managed VPS web hosting is ideal for any webmaster not familiar with server management or someone who lacks the technical knowledge to keep their web server operating smoothly. Having a managed hosting provider to handle your VPS servers and choosing the best managed VPS web hosting plan will ensure that you can focus on managing your business, not your VPS server. You can spend more time running your business without having to worry about learning new technical skills.

Three things to consider when choosing a managed VPS hosting plan

Since there are many different options available with VPS hosting, it’s important to know exactly what you are looking for when selecting a managed VPS hosting plan. There are several important factors you should consider and evaluate before you choose the type of managed VPS hosting plan that best suits your specific needs.

  1. VPS hosting types. The first thing you should do is evaluate which type of managed VPS hosting you need. You will find that most VPS hosts do not specify if their plans are fully managed, partially managed or unmanaged, so it is important to make an inquiry with a hosting provider’s representative to find out exactly how much server management they provide with their VPS hosting plans. Fully managed VPS hosting is ideal since it provides you with proactive management and support at all levels. Make sure your VPS host covers the management, monitoring, administration and maintenance involved with keeping your VPS server running optimally.
  2. VPS hosting plan pricing. Shop around to find a managed VPS hosting plan at the best price available without sacrificing performance. When you find a VPS managed host that meets your needs, compare prices and see which one offers the most value for your money. Since each managed VPS hosting plan has different features and capabilities, you should only compare plans with similar features. Managed VPS hosting is a more expensive option than unmanaged hosting, so if you find a plan that sounds too good to be true, make sure to confirm that it really is a fully managed VPS hosting service.
  3. Managed VPS hosting features. The most important features of a managed VPS plan to consider are bandwidth and disk space. These features will impact the capabilities of your website the most. Other features you should compare are control panels, backup system, CPU and RAM allowances, and uptime. And check to see if your VPS hosting provider offers the latest in control panels and has the ability to backup your server.

Make sure you consider all of the above factors before selecting a managed VPS hosting plan. Doing so will help you acquire the power, control, reliability and flexibility you need to build a successful web presence.

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With industry-leading software, the most powerful hardware nodes, automated infrastructure, 24/7/365 managed services, offsite backups and expert support team, JaguarPC delivers first class managed VPS hosting services to meet and exceed all your managed hosting needs.

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