5 Reasons Your Business Needs to Be Online 5 Reasons Your Business Needs to Be Online

5 Reasons Why You Need To Get your Business Online

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Are you keeping up or getting left behind in world of digital business and e-commerce? In today’s emerging Global economy you as a business owner can reach a much more vast audience and market for your product or services. You aren’t able to do that effectively unless you have an online presence. Clients expect to see you online and if they don’t they may simply begin to do business with one of your competitors. A website, an e-commerce platform, a social media page or a combination of all three will help your business grow and reach new audiences and customers around the world.

How Will Putting My Business Online Help Me?
The benefits of having your business online are many fold. If you don’t have an online presence for your business then you are missing out on more business. It is actually easy to get a website design and hosting as well as set up an e-commerce presence with all of the tools available to you today. A website makes it easier to showcase your products and services a well as keep in contact with your clients. You can build relationships with existing customers and reach out to new ones. Your brand will also be able to achieve a wider range of exposure.

Why Do I Need Web Hosting For My Online Presence?
If you have decided to put your business online then you will need web hosting services. While shared web hosting will be enough for a standard site you may need a larger account if you are going to have a good bit of traffic on your site. Some businesses also require a higher level of security setting such as dedicated IP’s and SSL’s. If you are on a shared server it is easy for other users to “hog” resources and minimize the performance of your site which can affect overall customer satisfaction. The high page load speed times produced by more robust business web hosting or VPS hosting plans are generally a better decisions for business. Business and e-commerce sites may also need special setting that shared hosting can’t provide due to its standardization of certain features.

Is It Expensive to Build a Website?
Websites are more affordable and easier than ever to create with platforms like WordPress which has emerged in recent times. 20% or more of the websites on the internet are now created by using the WordPress for websites. A simple website usually costs about $100 a page. Many designers are capable of creating an attractive and high performance website at rates that won’t eat into your budget and you can start small and add more pages and features as your website helps your business grow. If you think the cost is too high then consider the cost of not having a website. The loss of sales from a global scale, which a website can provide, is much higher than the potential growth of sales that your business could experience once it has an internet presence on a global scale.

Why Should I Use Social Media On My Website?
Social Media channels continue to grow in popularity. Social media allows you to market your brand and products across a number of vast networks. If you have a web presence then you are able to reach out via social media with your products and services as well as provide information that directs users back to your website. Vice versa, users who see your social media badges on your website will be inclined to follow your channels and be more engaged with what you offer and the information you provide. Social media allows you to gain new business when potential future clients stay engaged with your brand and services and it also provides a venue where current clients can contact you as well as promote your product which provides you with free advertising and marketing.

Mobile Market
Nearly everyone has a smart phone and they are using it to search for businesses that are online. Sales through mobile phones and other mobile devices have climbed by nearly 20% in recent times. When you put your business online it is imperative that you choose a website design plan that will display your website across all types of devices. If you are on the Internet with your products then you have a foot in on the mobile market. Ask your designer to make sure your site is attractive and engaging on mobile and you will be able to attract a whole new segment of buyers for your products and awareness for your brand.

Three out of four people will head to the Internet to find businesses that offer the product and services they are seeking. An online presence will enhance your business opportunities and exploit new markets which may have never heard of your business before. The possibilities for your business and services will expand and possibly explode once you embrace an internet presence and begin to engage the global and mobile market place.

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