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Jan 08, 2008
Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Happy New Year! Wait.. that was so last week. Well, I hope the New Year is finding you happy and healthy so far! Before I go any futher, I should apologize for introduce myself: My name is Tracie, one of the latest newcome...

May 31, 2007
Email Spammer Arrested

Robert Alan Soloway has been arrested in Seattle according to this Fox News article. Soloway is supposedly one of the top 10 email spammers in the the world. He has been charged with mail fraud, wire fraud, e-mail fraud, ...

Jan 31, 2007
public forums – the good, the bad, the ugly

So its no mystery that we have a great community here. And Ive never hid behind anything or shy away from public postings, even ones not in this forum. This can have some great benfits, I get to know some people on a personal...

Jan 29, 2007
Questions About Adsense

Jeremy Schoemaker (aka ShoeMoney) a well known Internet marketer, and host of a weekly radio show Net Income is going to have a Adsense rep on his show Tuesday night. The show will be featuring recent changes to the Adsense T...

Jan 29, 2007
Microsoft Continues to Lose Market Share

According to a recent article on CNET News Microsoft is losing in the battle among the big 3, (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) Search Engines. A report on December Internet traffic from ComScore Networks showed Microsoft losing half...

Jun 12, 2006
fsck, not a curse word but sometimes worth cursing!

First lets explain what "fsck" means in geek terms. The system utility fsck (for "file system check" or "file system consistency check") is a tool for checking the consistency of a file system in unix and its clones. You can ...

May 03, 2006
The node load

Recently we have begun to deploy just a very small portion of our overall marketing plans into action. However minor the end result was far beyond expectations. With barely a fraction of our marketing budget in play we set ou...

May 03, 2006
is every free open source project a good news?

May be, but I have my doubts. Having an open source web application running on your site can become a security nightmare or may eventually cause a high maintenance cost in the long run. Example: you have just installed a r...

Apr 26, 2006

Well Ive been out of the office and busy a bee the last few days. This time there is no silly software or service announcement, no its much greater than that. On monday apr 24th, at 5:08pm we welcomed a new member to our fami...

Dec 21, 2005
Hello Jag folk!

This is our first test post. Lets go blogging!

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