Choose a Reliable Web Host for the Best Uptime and Support Services Choose a Reliable Web Host for the Best Uptime and Support Services

Choosing a Reliable Hosting Service is Crucial to Your Business

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Most smart business owners use their websites and blogs to engage with their clients and showcase their products and services to potential customers. Yet, when it comes to choosing a reliable hosting service like JaguarPC, many business owners are paying more attention to creating their website’s content. Choosing a reliable hosting service is one of the most vital steps in the website building process.

When You Make the Wrong Choice?
From a business perspective, one of your biggest priorities is to maximize your profits. Choosing the wrong web hosting service can negatively impact your business’ income. When you fail to choose a reliable hosting service that fits your needs, a number of bad things can happen. Below are some of the results of choosing a bad hosting service.
1. Negative Effect on Your SEO Rank
One of the main goals of your website is to rank high in search engine results so that your customers can easily find you. This is going to be a hard task if your site is down. It could result in a negative effect on your SEO ranking when your site fails to report for a number of days. Most SEO experts also believe that a slow website can hurt your ranking as well. Choosing a reliable hosting provider with good uptimes and high quality hardware will almost always give your site a boost when it comes to SEO and rank.
2. Revenue Loss
If or when your site goes down, all the potential customers who typically visit your site will not be able to view your website. These potential customers will not be able to learn more about your company and the products or the services that you offer. What’s worse, if you are a company with an online store, you will lose money when your site is not up and running. Businesses will find that many host now offer business level web hosting plans so that eCommerce stores and large business sites can choose plans that run on the best servers and experience little to no down times.
3. Security Issues
Although there is no perfect solution to keep your website secure, a reliable hosting service will provide daily backups from a remote server for extra assurance that your data will be available in the event of a disaster, such as hurricanes and fires, minor mishaps  or if your live data becomes vulnerable or corrupt it can still be retrieved.  This makes it much easier to fully restore your website if it happens to get compromised. A reliable hosting service should also offer its customers 24/7/365 techincal support by phone, live chat and a ticketing system.

Making the Right Decision
When it comes to choosing a reliable hosting service for your website, you will want to understand the different hosting options that are available. Once you know which type of web hosting plan from JaguarPC will best match your needs then you can be assured that our 10x SLA uptime agreement and reliable services will be in place for you to have a satisfying hosting experience. Selecting between a  VPS, Cloud, Hybrid, Shared or Dedicated server plan type can be critical to your website’s performance and overall success. For example, if your business involves selling products and generates a large amount of traffic, you should probably consider investing in a dedicated server to host your site. This option may cost more upfront, but it will be worth it, seeing as your site will be equipped with a more reliable server that is capable of handling a large amount of traffic. Smaller business sites can benefit from business web hosting while mid-sized business may enjoy the flexibility of cloud plans which allow for growth and are cost effective. No matter what type of hosting plan you select you can know that it is backed by 15 years of reliable web hosting services from JaguarPC.

If you need additional information about which hosting plan is right for your business needs then please reach out to us at: [email protected]

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