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Easy VPS Administration with JaguarPC’s Affordable Managed Linux VPS Hosting Plans

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Ever since VMware introduced the virtualization technology for the x86 processor architecture back in 1999, VPS (virtual private servers) have provided web professionals the opportunity to create fully isolated, mobile, and flexible hosting environments. The advantages of VPS hosting are numerous, from the relatively low costs, to the ability to use different operating systems on a single server and efficiently allocate resources on the fly.

Acknowledging the benefits of VPS hosting, JaguarPC pioneered VPS hosting services in the U.S., offering managed VPS hosting solutions from the early days of the technology. Today, after more than a decade of experience, the skilled server administrators working at JaguarPC know how to build and maintain stable and powerful virtual servers, including state-of-the-art managed Linux VPS hosting solutions.

To share its longtime experience with prospective customers, JaguarPC has recently published an article, Choose Industry Leading Administration Tools to Have Full Control over your Managed Linux VPS Hosting Solution, offering tips and information on VPS hosting administration tools and control panels that play a major role in the well-functioning of your managed VPS.

Ensure effective administration with cPanel and SolusVM from JaguarPC

As the article from JaguarPC highlights, it is important to use the best administration tools on the market to make sure that your VPS hosting account works flawlessly. The administration of the virtual private server is handled by a VPS control panel, such as SolusVM, HyperVM, or Virtuozzo Power Panel. VPS control panels let customers make various configurations to the virtual machine, change passwords, create users, and reboot or shutdown the machine. JaguarPC offers SolusVM free of charge for all managed Linux VPS hosting plans. SolusVM is one of the most popular administration tools for VPS, and because it is web-based, the control panel can be accessed from anywhere.

For customers who demand even more power and flexibility for their managed VPS server, JaguarPC provides the powerful Virtuozzo Power Panel from industry-leader Parallels. For a small fee, Virtuozzo is available to all managed Linux VPS hosting clients.

For web hosting related tasks, customers opting for managed Linux VPS hosting solutions from JaguarPC can use cPanel, Interworx, or DirectAdmin. The control panel is bundled with managing services, ensuring that you get a well-managed Linux VPS for an affordable monthly fee.

JaguarPC is on the cutting-edge of managed VPS hosting

In more than a decade of excellence in VPS hosting, JaguarPC has earned the praise of numerous satisfied customers. JaguarPC’s VPS hosting services blend high-performance infrastructure with the latest generation of virtualization technology, creating isolated, reliable virtual environments. A team of highly skilled technicians monitors the functioning of the managed VPS servers 24 hours a day, solving problems and tweaking the hosting environments for optimal results.

For a few dollars per month, you can get a powerful control panel solution from JaguarPC to control various aspects of your VPS hosting account. Plus you can get managed services for your virtual server at no additional charge. The managed Linux VPS hosting services include software updates, security patches application, hardware and software troubleshooting, and other operations that help customers get the most out of their VPS host.

To learn more about the excellent managed Linux VPS or to order a VPS hosting plan, we encourage you to call 1-800-659-9585 or visit

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