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Effective and Affordable Linux Dedicated Hosting Solutions for Businesses of all Sizes

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Businesses, large or small, wanting to establish their online presence need to be able to focus on the products or services they are promoting, without having to worry about information systems and technical matters. However, it is often difficult not to get sidetracked when facing difficulties with your server. Your website is what drives your online business. When your website is down, your entire online business is down, affecting your revenue and reputation. The good news is there are trusted and reliable hosting solutions to ensure trouble-free web hosting. The most trusted platform for web servers chosen by millions of users worldwide is Linux.

Both user-friendly and affordable, Linux dedicated hosting is the number one choice among website owners who need a well-managed and reliable hosting solution that requires very little attention, giving website owners freedom to concentrate on their business rather than their server. Linux dedicated hosting is also an ideal investment for businesses looking for a cost-efficient web hosting solution as well as those who want to embrace open-source technology in order to save money. Since Linux dedicated hosting services are offered by the majority of hosting providers, all you need to do is choose the right one in order to succeed.

This article explores Linux dedicated hosting, the features and benefits of Linux dedicated server hosting, and provides tips to help you make the right choice when choosing a Linux dedicated server hosting provider and plan for your online success.

Linux dedicated hosting offers unparalleled customizability

Shared hosting, no matter how good, has numerous inherent drawbacks that can limit your website reliability and customizability to a great extent. In some cases, shared web hosting is simply unsuitable for serious online businesses. To be successful, you need total control of your website as you want to be able to set your website’s features that are typically limited with shared hosting.

With shared web hosting, you have root access to your server. You are limited to the software and hardware that your hosting provider includes in your hosting plan and you have absolutely no control over what you install and how you configure your web hosting space. Your Linux-based website may not be able to thrive in a shared hosting environment as you cannot make use of all the great features that the Linux platform has to offer.

Businesses that take their online presence seriously definitely need to consider Linux dedicated hosting. As a result, their websites will be able to fully realize the power of the Linux hosting platform. With root access to the server, Linux dedicated server hosting gives webmasters the freedom to choose and install every piece of software they want from operating system to third party scripts required for their website and web based applications.

Thanks to the unparalleled customizability of the Linux dedicated server solution, webmasters get the ability to fully configure and fine-tune server software via a control panel of choice or via command line. Website look and feel can also be adjusted to exactly represent their corporate identity, which is impossible to achieve with shared hosting where you are restricted to a limited selection of website templates and scripts.

Enjoy superb website functionality with Linux dedicated hosting services


While the functionality of Linux dedicated web server hosting can be attributed to the ability to make the most of the server’s hardware, its outstanding compatibility also plays an important role. Linux supports a greater range of web-based scripting languages than any other hosting platform. Among some of the most common languages supported are Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby, to name a few. The Linux platform is also compatible with popular open-source SQL databases such as industry leading MySQL. When combined, these powerful components allow webmasters to create dynamic, data-driven, interactive websites.

However, only with Linux dedicated hosting can webmasters get the ability to fully utilize these great capabilities of the Linux hosting platform when building their websites. Shared hosting services lack the advanced customization options, while Windows hosting does not provide support for many Linux-specific technologies.

Linux dedicated hosting provides limited support of Microsoft technologies so Linux hosting is not recommended for those businesses and individuals who need functionality from Microsoft products. Open-source and free, the Linux platform was never intended to support Microsoft products – its primary goal is to provide support for the vast number of open-source tools and applications. To date, the Linux hosting platform really excels at supporting thousands of available open-source applications and web based software.

The most common configuration used in the Linux hosting world is based on the LAMP server, consisting of a selected Linux OS such as CentOS, Fedora Core, or Ubuntu and open-source components such as the Apache server, the MySQL database, and the PHP programming language. This comprehensive combination makes Linux dedicated server hosting plans quite powerful, offering a high level of functionality and performance on par or exceeding Microsoft’s hosting platform offering consisting of Windows Server, IIS, MS SQL, and ASP.NET.

Linux dedicated server hosting provides superb stability and security

Linux dedicated hosting has earned its reputation by providing incredible stability and reliability.  With proper configuration and top-of-the-line hardware, the Linux hosting platform can run for long periods of time without needing to be rebooted for maintenance or technical issues. Primarily, this is because Linux has the ability to harness processing power from the server on which it is installed, producing unrivaled performance.

New and emerging technologies even allow running a Linux dedicated server without any reboots by applying necessary kernel patches on the fly, while the server is running, resulting in zero downtime. This is something that Windows servers cannot do as they usually require a reboot at least once a month after applying security patches and sometimes even after installing a simple application.


For average users, the occasional crash or reboot of their home computer is not a big deal, but for corporate or ecommerce websites, even a short downtime caused by a server crash or reboot translates to lost revenue. Not only that, downtime that leads to website unavailability can and may cause a negative effect on a company’s reputation which equals to lost prospective customers.

Therefore, the Linux dedicated server hosting platform is indispensable for businesses that require superb stability and availability of their websites as it provides maximum uptime. Linux dedicated hosting is also much more secure and a lot less prone to viruses and malware than Windows hosting. To date, there have been no major distributions of either viruses or malware for the Linux platform, while thousands have been discovered for Windows.

JaguarPC offers powerful, cost-effective Linux dedicated server solutions for businesses of all sizes

The open-source Linux platform allows businesses to save on software licensing fees so the money can be used toward getting a more advanced hardware configuration for a corporate website. JaguarPC offers a range of affordable Linux dedicated server hosting plans for businesses of all sizes with a broad selection of operating systems, control panels, and applications to choose from. With full server root access, experienced webmasters and IT professionals will definitely appreciate the level of control you get with JaguarPC Linux dedicated servers.

For businesses that want to save money on in-house IT departments, JaguarPC offers affordable managed services that include full server management. That is like hiring a team of full-time expert technicians for a fraction of the cost of an actual IT department!

All JaguarPC Linux dedicated hosting plans feature a comprehensive client dashboard developed by JaguarPC for quick access to client account management, tech support, support center, billing, and many other features hosting customers use frequently. JaguarPC offers 100% uptime and proactive monitoring with all Linux dedicated web servers so our clients can rest assured their websites are up and running at all times.

To maximize the security and reliability of our clients’ websites, JaguarPC provides an exclusive Data LockBox service powered by R1Soft Enterprise CDP solution for instant backup and restore of clients’ critical data. JaguarPC’s knowledgeable staff with more than 12 years of tech support experience is available 24/7 to answer your emails, phone calls, and support tickets. So if you require top-of-the-line hardware coupled with cutting edge software and truly dedicated support for your thriving website, look no further than JaguarPC.

To learn more about effective and affordable Linux dedicated hosting solutions from JaguarPC, contact a service representative today at 1-800-659-9585.

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