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Linux Dedicated Server Solutions Offer Great Features and Resources with Room for Website Growth

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In today’s business world, it is nearly impossible to survive without some sort of online presence. Whether your online business is your primary source of income or just a lateral consideration, it pays to have efficient and reliable web hosting. Your company website is where customers from all over the world will go to learn about and purchase your products and services. Your website needs to be accessible around the clock, day in and day out. Your website also needs to be able to accommodate any number of customers at all times. Linux dedicated hosting provides the highest uptime and performance in the hosting industry, which makes it the number one choice among businesses of all sizes worldwide.

Whether you are a small company, a large-scale corporation, a web developer, or a private user looking for the most reliable and affordable web hosting for your website – Linux dedicated server hosting offers unparalleled reliability coupled with cost-effectiveness. A recently published JaguarPC article, Effective and Affordable Linux Dedicated Hosting Solutions for Businesses of all Sizes, explores how Linux dedicated hosting can enhance your online presence and how websites can benefit from migrating to a Linux dedicated hosting platform. If your thriving website requires maximum uptime and performance, Linux dedicated hosting delivers what you need and much, much more.

Enjoy unparalleled server uptime and reliability with Linux dedicated server hosting

Linux dedicated servers are known for their top reliability and performance resulting in almost zero downtime. This is essential for businesses and individuals who profit from their websites as even a short amount of downtime translates to lost revenue. But in order to make the most of the outstanding reliability of the Linux platform, a reliable and redundant hosting infrastructure is required. JaguarPC guarantees uninterrupted operation of customers’ Linux dedicated servers by providing a top notch redundant network system without a single point of failure, continuous power, redundant backup systems, and 24/7/365 network monitoring. With this infrastructure in place, JaguarPC customers can enjoy 100% network uptime resulting in maximum availability of their websites.

The Linux platform offers a level of functionality, flexibility, and speed that surpasses most competitive hosting platforms. With Linux dedicated hosting, website owners have the ability to make full use of the great features that the Linux platform boasts. JaguarPC gives Linux dedicated server hosting customers complete freedom to choose from a range of Linux operating systems, control panels, and applications to install on their server. JaguarPC expert technicians can even install most of the popular Linux applications for free including Apache, ProFTP, OpenSSH, PHP, GnuPG, Qmail, Exim, and many more. For customers who want to concentrate on their business rather than their server, JaguarPC offers affordable full server management services alleviating the burden of having to hire an in-house IT department.

JaguarPC offers top Linux dedicated web hosting services for blazing fast website performance

Whether you have a website that has been around for a while or you are about to embark on your online endeavors, the most important thing you need in order to be successful is reliable web hosting. JaguarPC offers reliable Linux dedicated hosting services to businesses of all sizes, web developers, and private users who need more resources to power their websites. JaguarPC Linux dedicated servers provide blazing fast website performance regardless of your website’s size and purpose. Be it a corporate CRM website, a multi-user blog, a large online storefront, or a media-sharing portal, Linux dedicated servers from JaguarPC provide the hardware and software resources to ensure smooth operation of any website with plenty of room to grow.

From free initial server hardening and security to free R1Soft enterprise backup software, the widest choice of OS, control panels, and software, and a free JaguarPC exclusive client dashboard – JaguarPC Linux dedicated web server hosting offers the ultimate in flexibility with a multitude of features. JaguarPC is committed to providing enterprise class servers and services including round the clock proactive network monitoring and excellent customer support for the most reliable, stable, and efficient online experience.

JaguarPC’s knowledgeable staff has more than 12 years of experience so our customers can rest assured they will always get expert assistance whenever they need it, quickly. On top of that, JaguarPC offers a competitive price on all Linux dedicated server hosting plans so what you get is an affordable and super reliable hosting solution that will last your website for years to come.

To learn more about super reliable JaguarPC Linux dedicated hosting solutions, contact a JaguarPC service representative today at 1-800-659-9585.

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