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Reap the Benefits of JaguarPC’s New Services and Expansion

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Hello to all of our Current and Future JaguarPC Clients,

It is going to be another busy season here at JaguarPC. I spent a good part of the winter down in Atlanta planting more than a few new seeds for the company. The expansion at Reap the Benefits of JaguarPC's New Services and Expansionour data centers in Atlanta let us move into an entirely new cage area where my team and I installed new servers and cabinets which vastly expanded and improved our capabilities to better serve you. The benefits of the expansion should be apparent to everyone by now. Many accounts are now migrated off of older servers and they are now operating on the new ones we set up throughout January and into February. I also made the decision to add an enormous amount of NAS (Network Attached Storage) which allowed JaguarPC to enable the newest version of our backup software across most of our fleet of servers.

While I was delighted to get the new servers installed and everyone moved onto the new systems, the new backup software has me just about as excited, if not more so. The new backup software version will vastly improve our restore methods and times while continuing to bring all of you restore times and services that are beyond the scope of anything that has ever been offered before now. Our customers can take advantage of a new range of restoration services and plans for you own data protection and backups. Make sure you look into the purchase of one of these plans. Although full datalockbox services are not available on all types of servers at this time, backup services for PC’s are now supported. I am already looking forward to the next version of the software being able to support all types of servers.

In addition to a data center expansion and new backup services be sure you look into your cPanel setting if you are on a shared or reseller server.  CloudFlare is now enabled on these servers and the setup is free and it takes only a few clicks to get it setup through your cPanel. I strongly encourage you take advantage of this service which allows you to improve your site’s performance and security. VPS and dedicated users can contact CloudFlare for installation instructions and our technical support team is here to assist you if you have any trouble enabling it yourself. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of this addition to our servers.

All of these changes will allow JaguarPC to continue to bring you the best that hosting has to offer as we enter into a new season where these seeds of change will blossom into a vigorous and revitalized time for all of our customers. The expansion projects at the data centers have been a huge success and I’m pleased with the progress our staff has been able to implement throughout the last few months. Please, take some time to explore the topics of this newsletter to see how JaguarPC is offering to make this one of the best and brightest seasons that we have seen yet.

Greg Landis CEO Enable CloudFlare for Improved Security and Site Performance JaguarPC has partnered with CloudFlare to help you utilize new technologies to improve your website performance and security. Shared and Reseller plans can easily take advantage of the CloudFlare option through your cPanel interface. VPS and Dedicated users need to only sign up on the CloudFlare site to get more detailed installation instructions. It is free and easy and a new advantage that JaguarPC is bringing to you.

New DataLockBox Services and Backup Plans
Free daily backups are one of the many services that JaguarPC provides to you. But, we still encourage you to keep copies of your own data. Server failures can cause corrupt data and we may not always be able to retrieve your latest updates. Our new backup datalockbox services could be the solution for you. Our newest version for backup solutions is being implemented across our fleet of servers. The new version allows JaguarPC to offer you new backup features.

Let our Dedicated Managed Server Plans Free You of Tedious Tasks
You don’t have to be intimidated by the more complex details that many may think are involved when using a dedicated server. Our managed services can keep your server secure and updated which gives you more time to manage your business and/or the website assoicated with your dedicated server account. You can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server when you use our managed services which give you two hours of administration time each month. Look into our bargin bin for dedicated server deals. It may be the perfect time for you to make the move to a dedicated server plan.

Our New Version of Backup Software Vastly Improves Restore Times
One area in particular that JaguarPC has been working hard to improve is our overall restoration times when servers fail. We have now enabled the newest version of backup software for hosting providers across most of our server fleet. We have also put together a dedicated backup team and added an industry backup expert to our team. This new solution will eliminate high restore times and provide better and more streamlined services to get your servers back online without hiccups and extended delays.

Did You Know?
Every year over 100 million hard drives fail. While JaguarPC takes every precaution to ensure that your data is safe we still strongly encourage you to keep an offsite backup copy. You can easily obtain backup protection services from JaguarPC. Our backup services won’t let you down when tragic events destroy your data. Your data can be your income or the sum total of years of efforts. The prompt recovery of your information can be priceless. Let us help you find a method that will preserve your efforts and hard work. Contact our sales team today to learn more about what options are available to you.

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Learn more about JaguarPC hosting, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit today.

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