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Nov 07, 2012
JaguarPC – 2 Days to Save: 50% off RapidSSL Certificates

Secure your site with a RapidSSL Certificate from JaguarPC with our two day only 50% off promotion.* This offer is valid through Friday November 9, 2012 until 5 PM CST. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates are one of the...

Oct 18, 2012
JaguarPC Announces 50% OFF on ALL VPS HOSTING PLAN UPGRADES* for the next 48 Hours

All VPS Plus, Pro and Business plans are eligible for this unheard of offer. Enterprise VPS plan users can take advantage of the offer and upgrade to a Hybrid for 50% off**. JaguarPC is giving you the opportunity to beef u...

Aug 27, 2012
SSL Certificates, Secure Websites Equals Satisfied Clients and Visitors

SSL (Secure Socket Layers) are vital to you, your website and your visitor’s security. SSL certificates are small files that find a cryptographic key to your website details. The certificates are installed on your server an...

Nov 11, 2011
Why Choose a Windows Web Hosting Service for your Business

Without a doubt, the idea of a Windows server seems like a clear-cut decision for any business. After all, Microsoft’s Windows operating system is the most popular platform for home, small businesses, or enterprise use on a...

Nov 03, 2011
Grow Your Business with a Powerful Windows Hosting Plan from JaguarPC

As you begin the process of developing a web presence that can attract qualified visitors and convert them into customers, it is vitally important to choose the web hosting service that not only meets your immediate demands, ...

Jun 17, 2011
Solid Windows Web Hosting is the Key to Long-term Online Success

Your online success depends on many factors, including the technical implementation of your website or web application, its design, the marketing strategies used to promote it, and the quality of the web hosting account. When...

Jun 16, 2011
Benefit from the Latest Microsoft Web Technologies with a Windows Hosting Plan

One of the most important characteristics of modern websites and web applications is interactivity. Today’s Internet users like to participate, share their views, and express their opinions. By providing real-time interacti...

Jun 14, 2011
Choose JaguarPC’s Windows Web Hosting Plans for a Versatile Hosting Environment

For most websites, shared web hosting is the ideal hosting solution, being accessible for beginners, but still offering enough features to satisfy the needs of advanced users. With shared hosting services, several websites ar...

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